Skyward Sword on Sale at Target for $20

DaveyJanuary 31st, 2013 by Davey

…until this Saturday. For $19.99 at every Target, if you haven’t already, you can pick yourself a copy of Skyward Sword. Though Nintendo has a reputation of never putting first party games on sale (unless a re-release comes along, such as the Nintendo Selects series), Skyward Sword seems to have found its way to the sale isle.

Some of the copies even still have the limited edition soundtrack that shipped with the original copies of the game. Though this is probably why Target is doing this promotion, all that really matters is the thumbs up your wallet will give you if you go out to buy a copy.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the jump for more information!

February 2 is magical date when the sale ends. That’s only a few days away, but you can probably find some time to sneak over to the store and nab yourself a copy. Unfortunately this sale is only available by going into the store, and not online, but that shouldn’t be a big deal for most. You’ve been waiting long enough. There is no excuse.

Additionally, the game will still give you a 50 coin boost on Club Nintendo. If there aren’t enough incentives here, I’m seriously doubting your status as a Zelda fan.

Will you be getting a copy before the sale ends? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Cheap Ass Gamer (via Destructoid), deviantART

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  • Demise

    For me, there aren’t enough incentives. Why should I buy a game I already have? :P

    • Hero_of_Skyloft

      Why should you buy a game your already in? :P

    • Valolceraptor

      I don’t imagine that people who own the game are the target of this sale…

      • linkypete

        Are the TARGET of this sale! very punny, because this is from target.

    • CourageBringsSuccess

      There could be several reasons; a back up disk, wanting a sealed copy for a collection, taking advantage of a rare sale.. All depends on the person!

      • TheMaverickk

        Not to mention that you can always sell it off later for profit if it’s a collectors edition.

        A collectors edition with the controller goes on eBay for like $60 still.

  • TheRizardon

    Now all I need is twenty dollars!

  • Chad

    Awesome! Target battle line form up!

  • Terry Generet

    Why are the special things always in places where I don’t live :(.

  • Nikki

    I already own the game, so I don’t have an incentive to get another one.

  • JuicieJ

    That’s a steal for such an epic game. Nice.


      It is an epic awesome game I love it so much I beat it then deleted my game and beat it again until I beat it like 4 or 5 times NOT LYING

  • Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule

    Would not buy again.

    • toonlinkuser

      Come on. SS was my least favorite 3-D Zelda game (by far). But I do not regret purchasing it. It’s still Zelda.

      • linkypete


        • toonlinkuser

          What was so brilliant about SS compared to other Zelda games?

          • JuicieJ

            It refined a lot of tried and true ideas and added in new ones, maybe?

          • toonlinkuser

            To me, SS felt too bland. The Sky was abysmal, Skyloft felt… strange, and the overworld was just a straight line to the dungeon, and then a straight line to the next dungeon. Items like the beetle and bombs were great, but others were the same or worse off what he have seen before. The game peaked in the middle with a fantastic 3rd and 4th dungeon, but became less interesting in the end. The time mechanic in the desert was great, but it needed to be expanded much further (like a full game). The music had a lot of nice sounding tracks, but never felt epic or adventurous. The final boss battle had some off the most incredible graphics I have ever seen, but the rest of the game had dull colors and you couldn’t see very far without it becoming really blurry (I know this is done on purpose, but I don’t like it).

          • TheMaverickk

            The game may have been a bit on the linear side, but overall every field was way more fleshed out and engaging compared to recent Zelda titles, especially Twilight Princess. Not to mention the game isn’t any more linear then Twilight Princess either… which was literal hallways from one province to the next.

            The items were well designed and thought out, and are used through out the entirety of Link’s adventure. No item is dumbed down, or forgotten about in later dungeons.

            The Time Shift stones are used for three dungeons, and that was plenty. It didn’t need to be stretched past that considering the whole “time travel” thing has been done enough in the Zelda series already. The focus of Skyward Sword was Link’s sword and how you use it, and the game delivered that in a solid manner.

            The visual style was supposed to be impressionistic, it achieved that. If you didn’t like it, you didn’t like it. But the colours were vivid and varied through out the entirety of the game, from the ambient Skyview Temple to the dark and moody underworld.

            The game overall was well designed, with very few aspects un-realized…. the sky should’ve been a bit more developed, but no Zelda is perfect (Wind Waker’s long sailing segments, Triforce quest… still an amazing game though.).

            I have a lot more issues with other Zelda games then Skyward Sword.

          • The Avatar

            I do disagree on one point and that is the items. The Slingshot was incredibly useless, and I can only clearly remember using it to bring down the occasional vine, the whip was only prominent in the Ancient Cistern and the same can be said for the Bow to a certain degree(but then again, the akward aiming will discourage any further use anyways) and the Double Clawshot was so underused it felt almost insulting (yes, even more so than the whip). The only three items that I remember consistently using were the Goddess Sword(which should go without saying and is almost depressing that I have to include it on this list), the Beetle and the Bombs. Nothing outside of those three items is ever used.

          • TheMaverickk

            The slingshot is useful for those of us who wanted to stun enemies, and the Beetle was too slow to do that. Play through the game at a harder difficulty, with as few hearts as possible and you will appreciate it. Not to mention the amount of arrows you can carry is not so many that you can rely on it solely.

            I’m personally not one of the ones who had trouble with the controls of Skyward Sword, and after a short time it became natural. The Bow & Arrow is really about distance and taking enemies out from afar. It may not have been used in as many puzzles in Skyward Sword (with most switch hitting relegated to the Beetle) but it’s combat usefulness was still high. For example protecting scrapper as he hauls that water up Eldin Volcano. Not to mention instant killing Beamos which is a huge step up, especially when fighting multiples.

            The clawshot is used for all the most standard things, maybe not as well utilized as it was in Twilight Princess’ City in the Sky. Still it’s used in plenty of area’s, from Skyloft, Eldin and Lanayru. To be honest even if the the clawshot is not pushed to it’s limit, it’s still spread around and used through more of your adventure in SS.

            The gust bellows is also used through out the Lanayru Mining Facility, and the Fire Sanctuary, not to mention the dragons quests.

            It may have few practical uses, but it’s still used more then a single dungeon, and hey at least you can affect enemies with it as well.

            If you need me to start listing off literal examples I can, but the smaller inventory of Skyward Sword ensured you relied on those items more. Not to mention that their practical uses outside of their dungeons is far greater then those of some of the other Zelda titles.

          • JuicieJ

            Dude, I swear, you must be my clone, or something. You always have the exact same thoughts on Zelda as I do. XD

          • TheMaverickk

            Maybe we are clones who knows, it’s just nice when people appreciate thoroughly analyzing how a game is designed. I pay attention to all the details.

            The whip could’ve been expanded… but I mean you can use it on small enemies to kill them, which is more use then both the dominion rod and gale boomerang of Twilight Princess.

            Also believe it or not it’s used on a lot of switches even after the Ancient Cistern…. and when I start thinking about it I do remember using it to swing across some chasms in later area’s.

            Still of course it could’ve been used more (it should’ve been used to instantly harvest crafting materials from enemies in my opinion). It was like a more offensive grappling hook from Wind Waker…. but sadly the grappling hook was thoroughly used from the time you receive it until the end of the game.

            Overall though most your inventory isn’t forgotten. Even just by toning down how many arrows you carried helped keep the sling shot useful, and made retrieving arrows something worth doing. There were many a time in the Fire Sanctuary where I resorted to using the slingshot to trigger the water plants, as opposed to valuable arrows.

          • Kayumi Soshi

            For me, SS was the best Zelda game because of the well-developed characters and story. I like my video games feeling like a movie (Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid), so the story-focus of this game was just my style. I loved how they finally played around with big personalities with Zelda and Link.

          • CourageBringsSuccess

            Couldn’t agree more, character development is such a great quality to have in any game. Skyward Sword is arguably the most immersive title, in my opinion!

          • TheMaverickk

            Controls, enemies, inventory items, dungeons, character development, plot development… among many other things.

        • Brandikins11

          Stop being butthurt, he is entitled to his opinion. I loved the game but do you see me going caps lock on him?

      • Ness1985

        Same, my least favorite. Actually, I hate it with every part of my being…why? Take too long to explain, it just wasn’t for me. At least it came with that very nice Wiimote.

  • Emma Mix

    What a steal! But is it worth waiting to play the game until a year after its release? No way. Maybe a week.

  • Hero of Time

    Why can’t there be a Target here so I can get Skyward Sword?


    wow. i would get that if i didnt already have it and have beaten it.

  • kal

    I never got around to buying SS, so I went and picked it up this morning at Target. $20 with the music disc included. Lucky day for me. Thanks for the heads up!

    • JuicieJ

      Enjoy the game!

      • kal

        Thanks :)


          Its an awesome game so you know by the way mases does the walkthrough for it

    • trippytriforce

      I did the the same, music disk and all. wont get around to playing it for awhile though; i’m playing all the games in order and i’m at a link to the past right now.

  • herooftime127

    It’s too bad i spent 50 bucks on it. Oh well I’ve already beat it twice.

    • Rob

      So did I but, it was worth it.

  • Tingle

    Live in Washington State, and it’s not at my Target… lame.

  • Alberto Mani

    Already got my Collector’s Edition, so I am good!

  • Scimatth7

    I managed to grab one of the last two, with the music CD as well! Thanks for the notice

  • MiniJen

    darn! i want to get ss for a friend for her birthday, but i don’t even have $20!!! i need some cash -_-

  • Ness1985

    Least favorite Zelda in the series, come at me fanboys just because I have a opinion you don’t like.

    • Random Person

      It just gets SO much praise and I don’t really get why. I don’t like the design of Link, I didn’t think the bosses were that great, there’s no sense of adventure, I mean you’re never really that far from Skyloft. TP was better in almost every way.

      • TheMaverickk

        Why is it no surprise that someone who loves TP hates SS.

        • Random Person

          Did I ever say I hate SS? No. It’s good. Just not as good as everyone acts like it is.

          • JuicieJ

            Skyward Sword may not be the best Zelda to date, but it improved on all of the issues that have plagued modern Zelda and flat-out fixed some of them. Where Twilight Princess was unpolished, Skyward Sword excelled.

          • TheMaverickk

            Sorry when you say something like this;

            ” I don’t like the design of Link, I didn’t think the bosses were that great, there’s no sense of adventure,”

            Doesn’t sound like you thought it was a good game. Sorry if that was supposed to give me the impression you thought it was a good game.

        • Dylan Mandalore Prouty

          And, as for you, I love both of the games. If you don’t like TP, then you obviously didn’t play it. It was amazing.

          • TheMaverickk

            I was not responding to you, if you look at the little arrow next to my name, it says “Some Rando”. So I never said you hated SS.

            As for Twilight Princess I’ve played it about 3 times. It’s a good game, not amazing though. Lots of problems with the game design in that one. Not getting into it. I’m really tired about talking about that.

          • ZELDASTUFFS


      • Dylan Mandalore Prouty

        I disagree with you in those aspects, but I do undertand where you’re coming from with the “you’re never really that far from Skyloft” thing.

    • carter

      Some fans get really carried away, if someone says one flaw about zelda most of them freak out. Most don’t realize you can not like something about a game and still be a fan. Without criticism the developers would have no idea what to improve, so criticism is actually something fans should do to make future games better. Without criticism there would be no improvement. My problem with skyward sword is that the motion controls made the battles to easy.

  • Mister

    Remember a year or so ago when Target listed it as being on sale? But it was a mistake and while the price tag said it was on sale for about $20, really it was on sale for $40. I bought it for $20 anyway because they screwed up. :)

    • Mister

      Sorry, it was K-Mart.

  • Nevan Lowe

    I’m not sure. I am a real Zelda fan, but I really want a Wii U, so I can play all the new Zelda games that come out on that, like the WWHD and Zelda HD. Not sure.

  • somebodynow

    ehh.. don’t own a Wii or Wii U, not a hugh fan of motion control, so I will pass.

  • Dylan Mandalore Prouty

    It was twenty dollars at Walmart a few weeks ago…

  • Vicky Lynn

    Having two young kids and a husband who hates that I play video games means I couldn’t justify spending 50 bucks on a game, not even Zelda. Thank you so much for letting people know about this sale. There wasn’t even a sale sign on the game at Target. An employee in the electronics dept. didn’t know about it till he took it out and scanned it for me. It even had the music CD inside. So happy!

  • Marcos Hernandez

    so many gifts to other people :D

  • jared

    My wii is fucked up, (I never hacked it) but it can never ever update past 4.2… as as needs 4.3 I’ll never play it, :'(

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