Skyward Sword “Main Theme” Rock Cover

TimothyJanuary 17th, 2013 by Timothy

We don’t usually tend to find many song covers from Skyward Sword yet this rock cover of the game’s “Main Theme” is a stunner. This cover composed by YouTube user LennartAlsing showcases him playing a Kramer Focus 3000 guitar to perfection with his strumming and chord changing an unbelievable talent!

You can take a listen to this rocking cover of Skyward Sword’s “Main Theme” after the jump!

Source: YouTube

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  • Ender44

    Why wasnt this song in the game?

    • Krillus

      It was?

  • HeavyMetal

    awesome!!!! rock on bro!

  • Someone

    Get the Indigo-Go’s! We found a big hit here!

  • baileygirl99

    That was really good! A about 1:00, is he wearing his headphones over his eyes?

    • zombie_eat_flesh

      Yep. A pair of headphones where his eyes should be.

  • itsameluigi1290

    The Legend of Zelda: The Guitar of Electricity.

    That’s all I got :/

  • Mseevers95

    When Goddesses created Hyrule they filled it to exploding point with FUNK!

  • The Unicorn Hanger-Outer

    Ballad of DA goddess gets FUNKEHHHH!!! I love this song too! }:D

  • √ĀinetheDragon


  • DrZafi8v


  • Bethany Jessi Powers

    nice do you not love to sit back relax nd liten to rock zelda music?

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    Awesome cover.
    Maybe Nintendo could try having some electric guitars.

  • bluecometsparkle

    how does the piano give a different voice? anyway this is cool. so awesome