“Psychology of Majora’s Mask”

KyleJanuary 29th, 2013 by Kyle

Any psychology majors in the house? Or any psychologists/psychiatrists? Even if you just have a passing interest in psychology, I think you’ll be interested in an article from The Why Button about the psychology of Majora’s Mask, specifically Clock Town.

I’ve always had a thing for psychology, so the title sounded promising to me. I did not however, expect an intricately detailed experiment to be laid out in the article. Needless to say I was impressed. I won’t spoil anything from the article, but suffice it to say that Wade Westfall, the article’s author, spent a lot of time playing Majora’s Mask to write this. Be sure to take a look! But be warned: this article is huge, so make sure you’ve got time to read the whole thing! So on that note, you can check it out here!

Source: The Why Button

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  • http://www.facebook.com/flappywhacksbigdicksociety William Jones

    What I loved so much about Majora’s Mask is how greatly it broke free of the
    established Zelda format. No Triforce, no Ganon, Hell! It didn’t even have
    ZELDA, really! Just a fleeting cameo. The story itself (if one does a full
    walk-through and simply appreciates the story-telling element) it still had the
    “save the princess” objective, but the damsels in distress were Epona, lost out
    there somewhere without her master, and Tatl, lost and alone without her
    brother and her best friend. The “save the world” element was stronger than
    other titles (with the exception of Skyward Sword) because this was one Link
    didn’t HAVE TO DO. Termina was a different dimension entirely. He could’ve got
    his ocarina, found Epona and f—kin’ left, but he stuck it out not only to save
    Termina, but to make so many people’s lives better, to save the Skull Kid from
    the power that possessed him, to reunite Tatl with her brother and…above all,
    to repay the Mask Salesman the favor of saving him. It was a beautiful story,

    • http://lulles.deviantart.com/ lulles

      Wow, it sounds dumb, but I never thought that he could just gotten his ocarina back and left. I guess he wanted to keep his promise he made to the Happy Mask Salesman of getting Majora’s Mask back. That, and he wanted to help the people of Termina because he’s that nice of a guy.

  • BEN

    tht was a instrestin article i wish he would explored other areas to though and very long took me almost a hour to read i agree with him on mostly everything and i like how hes doing it like a first reaction more than as we know the majoras mask is the final boss yea great hob hoever wrote tht but they seriousli “shouldnt have done tht

    • http://www.facebook.com/linus.lehmann.5 Linus Lehmann

      Mocking BEN with bad grammar can get you killed. You Shouldn’t have done this.

      • BEN

        um i am ben bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye hikukkik jnndfkn hjdksjjd

        help mee…. it seems you have a reservation im glad you did tht bye bye bye

        and my keyboard is glitchy srry

        • Tails doll

          but do you kill people i dont think so i win and i have proper grammar you think you so scary no b****

          • BEN

            now you seriously shouldnt have done tht you better get rid of all your zelda games tails dolly

          • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99


          • BEN

            i dont understand what your saying

          • Ratchet25

            Look who’s talking

          • BEN

            hippocryte i am srry for misunderstanding hmm now who the hell is tails doll cause im killing him or her

          • BEN

            oh and linkfan 99 your awesome and i was referencing how the players txt boxs were all messed up in the ben conspiracy which is fake but i do love tht creepy pasta ikana was already scary now this

        • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

          *I *I’m *that *sorry


          • tingleberries

            you better be careful, BEN’s going to come for you.

    • Ralph Wiggum

      Me fail English? That’s unpossible.

  • baileygirl99

    I like the thumbnail you used :-) its funny, and it makes sense XD I would read the article, but I don’t have time, so sorry if I wasted comment space!

  • Pikachu

    I have been Scared of Zelda Majora’s Mask ever since I heard the BEN Story. I heard last year. I haven’t Played it since.

    • Alexlgamer

      well BEN isn’t in the game so why are you worried? i honestly never understood what made people think that BEN is in the game he’s bloody not the author of BEN even said it was fake

    • BEN

      dont wrry i wont attack you just go to lavender town for me heheheheh
      youve meet with a terrile fate havnt you

      • BEN

        srry i lost sense of grammer since i was killed of by tht hacker

      • BEN

        oh and dont wrry hes not real and even if he is its not the tails doll it wont kill you just play it what doesnt kill you makes you stronger

    • http://lulles.deviantart.com/ lulles

      The author of the story said it was fake, so why are you worried? Just play the game. If you don’t, you’ll be missing out.

  • Pikachu

    I shouldn’t have wrote that. Gulp!

  • Pikachu

    I shouldnt have done that!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003298020387 Alan Da Cruz Nascimento

    lul that a fucking feelings man. /)

  • majoras mask

    instresting a emo scen looking guy likes zeldadungeon okay then

  • Makarthekorok

    I don’t mean to be rude, and I love Majora’s Mask, but I felt the article was poorly written overall, went too in depth in useless areas, and avoided the meaningful content of the game. When people try to dissect complex games like Majora’s Mask it doesn’t usually work well. One topic at a time works, but trying to explain away the entire game at once is ridiculous. Was the tear that fell from the moon symbolism? Yes. Did the rain on day 2 symbolize sadness? Maybe. But was the rain due to the happiness of Majora? What? That makes absolutely no sense and is in no way implied. Just because something could be the case doesn’t mean that it is, or even that its implied, and Nintendo didn’t write 30-page explanations of the symbolism in their stories. Its a good story with a heck of a lot of hidden content and deep, even sad, truth. But this is not a good summary of an amazing game’s complex story, and if you really want to understand the complexity of the game, you should just play it.

  • Chysp

    Slightly insulting for this to be called psychology (it’s misleading about what we actually do and actually damages the field). I’d say this has much more in common with literature analysis.

    MM is the best game in the series for me – I loved the non-linearity and the greater emphasis on side quests. So many epic moments (alien invasion, Anju/Kafei…)

  • Chewbacca

    I think I would have loved this article, except for the fact that it is impossible to really play dumb about the characters if you have already played the game. Any sort of inference you make is skewed, whether you pretend it is or not. I’ll say it’s a nice effort but not really psychology.

    Now if my boyfriend or someone else who has never played Zelda before and knows very little about the MM game were to do the same thing, THAT I would enjoy.

  • En_annan_Martin

    I had totally forgotten that Link is transported back to the clock tower when the moon crashes down.
    The article got me to thinking of a quote by Stephen King; “Hell is repetition”. He also let Roland experience this at the end of the Dark Tower, that ends with the first line from the first book. He goes back to where the reader first met him, yet something has changed. He can’t remember anything that happened in the books, but he has the Horn of Eld, that he didn’t have at the beginning of the first book.

    Whether or not Link has any memories of his experiences we, the players has those memories, and while many things disappear from the inventory as we are dragged back to Day 1, some things are still there.
    Could it be that this game is in the wrong timeline after OoT? What if it should be placed in the Hero defeated timeline and Termina is Link’s Hell and Purgatory he has to go through before his soul can move on?

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  • LOTF

    Compare to “Lord of the Flies” when Jack puts on that face paint and becomes a vicious little savage vs before he had the face paint he couldn’t even bring himself to kill a pig for meat
    Also, many mobs in history have covered their faces to conceal their identities. The KKK, even though claiming to be proud of what they were doing, covered their faces with masks so they could not be identified. And Joseph Smith Jr., founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, was often attacked by -and eventually killed by- mobs who covered their faces in black paint. Also, on the internet, people are more willing to do things they wouldn’t do in person, especially if they can remain anonymous. (Just look at any web-jerk posting hateful content. They wouldn’t do that in person because they’d get their reputations ruined and probably be beaten black and blue)

  • LOTF

    Forgot to add to my last comment, putting on a mask is almost like becoming someone different.

    Skull Kid Wasn’t “possessed” by Majora…he became Majora. It starts out as “Oh I’m just skull kid in a mask being a jerk” but as shown in the telescope day after day, he slowly begins to BECOME less like Skull Kid, and more like Majora. He wasn’t possessed, he was transformed. However, removing the mask quickly undid such transformation.

    You could also compare to Link and the masks he uses.

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