Phantom Ganon’s Painting Recreated by Fan

GuestJanuary 20th, 2013 by Guest

The Legend of Zelda series has seen some amazing boss fights over the years, but if there’s one that sticks out for me, it’s the fight against Phantom Ganon at the end of the Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time. If you want to come out of that one alive, you require both skill with the controller and the ability to discern the boss’ patterns; and let’s not forget that it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing in the series. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so–crafty Zelda fan Esquizoid3 has paid tribute to the clash between Link and Ganon’s terrifying phantom in his own way. How, you ask? Hit the jump to find out!

We all remember the paintings that Phantom Ganon rode through–the identical scenes of an ominous forest path leading to a creepy castle, bordered by dead, creepy trees. Esquizoid3 has taken it upon himself to recreate this painting to be mounted on his wall.

Using a screenshot of a painting as featured in the original Ocarina of Time, the much-more-talented-than-me Zelda fan initially outlined the key features of the artwork–the castle, the pathways, the trees, and the moon. He then watercoloured (I think, don’t kill me if I’m wrong) the night sky with a dark blue, before adding the silhouette of the evil castle and, finally, the pathway and the trees. Sticking to the source material, he even managed to find a frame that looks eerily similar to the one featured in the game.

The end result is an amazingly accurate recreation of the unforgettable painting from one of the best boss fights in the Zelda series. As much as I’d love to have one myself, I’m not sure that I’d be totally comfortable with it anywhere near me–I’m sure that I’d be constantly checking to make sure that there wasn’t a black-clad horseman riding down the path!

Below is the painting as featured in the game and the replica created by Esquizoid3 for comparison’s sake. He’s also recorded the step-by-step process on his Imgur page. What do you think? Would you run screaming like me, or would you love to have such an amazing recreation in your gaming den? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Imgur

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  • Manny Gaia


  • Darkgreyfire

    Good job with the recreation, looks just like it. Now we need Nintendo to have a point in the next Zelda where we sneak into a castle at night, down a dark path covered by dead trees. That way there is a purpose to the painting, and we can connect it all full circle.

    • Roth

      Absolutely. It would be an excellent location for another multi-world adventure having to do with the Dark Tribe or something. The Phantom Fortress, a shadowy stronghold plunged in the gap between dimensions…

    • Midnafan

      I can picture them doing that. Or having something more subtle, but i can’t think of an example of what that’d be, :/

      • Cmaster

        hehe, you can PICTURE <- them doing that?

        • clemens909

          Hahahaha it took me a little while to get the arrow :D

          • Midnafan

            i don’t get it… ?:/

        • Midnafan

          Dungeon Gamers and their puns…-_-

    • zombie_eat_flesh

      Luigi’s Mansion-esque setting?

    • Mike Sauer

      Well, little did we know in the following years we’d insert Luigi’s Mansion into our gamecubes, and have the story open up on the mansion in almost the exact same way.'s_Mansion).jpg

  • Jam9t3

    The guy who made this better be prepared with a Fairy Bow…

  • orome the huntsmen

    I would always be careful if I had a picture like this at my house… aiming at it with a bow and arrow.

    • guest-Strong Bad’s assisant

      but then…why would you shoot a beautiful painting that a phantom comes out of…I mean, what if it were “The Scream”?

  • TSarcen

    Coincidence! Just finished the forst temple an hour ago! Looks great!

  • Root Cmd

    I always wandered what it represents.. =/

  • Jordan S.

    Is it possible that the picture simply represents the forest temple itself?

    • Midnafan

      that is actually a really good point, considering the place is designed a lot like a castle. It always kind of reminded me of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. :)

      • LinkInMyHead

        It doesn’t look like the Forest Temple 100%, so maybe there’s some sort of parallel thing at play here?

        • Midnafan

          the place is pretty warped at times, that would make sense.

  • Rob

    Time to replay OOT!

    • Midnafan

      I know, i was thinking the same thing since i just finished Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. But I’m still working on my 100% playthrough of SS, and if i don’t beat Pokemon White 2 soon it’s gonna end up on the list of my games that took me years to finish (i really can’t get into that game…) :'(

  • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento


  • Midnafan

    You know, I loved OoT3D, it was probably one of the funnest games I’ve ever played. But there were quite a few parts that I was a little disappointed because fans had made them out to be more than I found them to be. This boss is definitely on the list, I really didn’t find him that impressive, as well as the entire water temple. now, i understand it was notably easier in OoT3D, and I was using a guide :P but I found Shadow Link and Morpha both to be immensely disappointing. Morpha was easy, I just had to get it into the corner and it was done for, and Shadow Link (although I had the Biggoron Sword :P) was nowhere near as memorable as I had hoped. literally three hits and the battle was over. :/ Don’t get me wrong, the game as a whole was amazing. It’s just some of the parts most beloved by other fans were lost on me. :(

    • IgosDuIkana

      Fight Dark Link with stock master sword and shield without taking damage or dying. Trust me hardest battle in the game. There is a method, but it took me awhile to find it, also try 100%-ing any zelda game without ever looking at a guide, which is what I do with evry game I play. Kinda defeats the purpose to look at a guide in my opinion. Ice Palace in ALTTP go learn the root of the whole puzzle aspect to the water temple. Beat that without a guide and tell me its overhiped and ill believe you. Have fun friend, if something is too easy of not interesting enough try it a different way. Also no sarcasm or any type of animosity intented incase I seemed offended or something :)

      • Midnafan

        again, i really loved the game. even with a guide, i still found it to be immensely fun, even moreso because i wasn’t as frustrated or confused (altough that still came with the mini-games) and i was able to obtain everything in the game to use by the time i finished. the closest i’ve ever gotten to getting everything without a guide was TP, but it was only the first half of the game and only because i had started over so many times i had memorized the first half of the guide. :'(

    • PRDX4

      Really though, these tactics can be used in the original, so I don’t see the problem.

      • Midnafan

        well, not only did i never play the original, but tactics weren’t the problem. maybe my tactics ruined that part of the experience for me, but it was just i didn’t find those parts of the game as memorable or exciting as i heard they were before playing. tactics didn’t really have much to do with my problem. :/ and don’t get me wrong, i loved the game, it was absolutely fun to play, those parts just weren’t “amazing”.

        • PRDX4

          True, but I never really found Morpha or Shadow Link memorable either. I just don’t think you should blame the game and yell at those who falsely built you up and let you down.

          • Midnafan

            I’m not yelling at anyone or anything though. If anything, I’m blaming myself. I (emphasis) simply did not find that part amazing. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t, or that people are completely and utterly wrong. I apologize if it really seems like I’m trying to blame everyone else for my experience (which I’m not) I was simply expressing an opinion. :’/

          • PRDX4

            Whatever. Zelda fans are Zelda fans!

          • Midnafan

            Thank you…so much…for being nice to me… everyone else just keeps hounding me… now i know better than to mention guides around other gamers.. bunch of meanies. :'(

          • PRDX4

            If you’re on my side I don’t care.

          • Midnafan

            i don’t really know what side you’re on, but thank you for not being an ass like some people :D

          • PRDX4

            LOL But I meant the side of liking and playing Zelda. Or Nintendo. Or both.

          • Midnafan

            Zelda and Nintendo ftw :P


      Well you were using a guide, so how do you expect a dungeon to be fun? And Dark Link is much more challenging with the Master Sword.

      • Midnafan

        i found most of the dungeons to still be fun, even with the guide. in fact i usually find them funner because i’m not as frustrated so i can enjoy the place a little more. and i’m aware he’s harder with the Master Sword, i just didn’t think he’d be so pathetic with the Biggoron Sword. :/

    • HandThriceToTheFace

      Yeah, that’s what happens when you leech off a guide instead of figuring
      out how to beat the bosses yourself, or, in fact, using guides at all
      for any game you haven’t already played the main questline for, good job on doing that ;) Maybe
      things would have more of an impact if you’d spent 3 seconds thinking about that decision- just a thought.

      learned though, right? Wrong, very wrong. Wrong wrong wrong! Here’s what
      you do- when the original Mario is re-released in glorious HHHD in
      2030, be sure to come back and say “LOL everyone said that I’d have to
      restart and that it was sooo hard, but I never had to restart because a
      guide told me I could jump on a turtle thing and get infinite lives! LOL
      it was a little disappointing. the game’s good though ^^ I just don’t
      see why people would think you’d have to restart, it was lost on me :(”

      Imagine the results! (Again, you liked the game though LOL)

      Imma play this game I’ve never played before and use a guide LOL, it’s like how I
      always read only the end of a mystery novel it’s not like I’ll miss out on
      something right? LOL

      You: Hey guize, I found these two bosses other people hold dear and enjoy to be sooo underwhelming! It was sooo disappointing and not what everyone made it out to be, I mean I was using a guide and leeching strategies of people who have played the game 5 times but gosh I didn’t think it would be THAT disappointing!

      Well gee, I just don’t know. You know what, you’re right. Those bosses were just way too easy.

      • Thrice ;D

        Oh whoops, forgot my wink at the end.
        Those bosses really were just way too easy ;)
        There we go! ;D

        • Midnafan

          please stop mocking me. >:(

      • Midnafan

        ok, besides the fact that you have come off as a total ass, how many times do i have to say it: i was expressing a freaking opinion, not fact, not truth, not anyone else’s freaking business other than what i felt about a single part of an otherwise amazing game. so what if i used a guide? it’s how i like to play, and i don’t do that for everything mr. assume-he-knows-everything-when-he-doesn’t-know-shit (Kelly Clarkson anyone?) and for another thing, i didn’t get to play the game until i was 15 (1 year ago) so as you can imagine, i had already heard about nearly every inch of the game from perusing through websites, because all that stuff was general knowledge by then (who the hell can avoid spoilers on a game over 10 years old? -_-) so honestly, it didn’t matter whether i used a guide or not, because little was going to surprise me. i simply used it to ensure i got everything in the game (and thus got everything out of it without having to spend several years on it like a usually do. i didn’t use it to cheat, or to purposely sabotage the experience (i can still replay it and enjoy it just as much), and i’m not a f*in ditz like you portray me to be. that’s what probably po’s me the most about your comment (as i understand a lot of people have gripes with guides). i don’t appreciate being mocked. so why don’t you freakin mind your own business instead of giving me more crap that i’ve already heard from a ton of people that are actually way nicer than you. good day.

        • Thrice (╥﹏╥)

          I… I’m sorry. I’m just friendless and it’s excruciating so I take my pain and misery out on the internet. w-will you be my friend? Guess not…

          Now that that’s over with! Did those spoilers you read meticulously include strats on defeating bosses and tell you, out of nowhere, to use the Biggoron Sword for the Shadow Link miniboss? Hm? I don’t know how many times *I’m going to need to make it clear for you but I couldn’t care less about whether you thought the game was good or not, or your opinion. Nor was I ever against using a guide for finding collectables or sidequests-

          Silly little you used a guide for the main portion of the game (read only the main questline and dungeons) before actually beating it and somehow expected not to be underwhelmed at some point, all to blog your oh so frivolous decision as though you’re somehow shocked it happened.
          And yet after reading my post, and despite knowing that, somehow you came to the conclusion that I was defending the game.

          And you were the one who called yourself a ditz.

          • Midnafan

            ok, if your apology was serious you just freakin’ blew it out of the water because i have no problem calling you an asswhole now. i wasn’t expecting anything you over assuming jerk, so quit acting like i don’t know what the hell i’m doing! i never came to any conclusion, and you are the one who’s acting like i don’t know shit. the only conclusion i can come to is that you need to get that stick out of your ass and leave me the hell alone! what do you care about how the hell i play, and if you don’t care about my opinion, leave it the hell alone. stop making an ass out of yourself, leave me alone, and get a freakin life instead of trying to convince me you know anything about what i was trying to say, which i wasn’t even trying to say anything! i wasn’t try to tell people what i say is truth, i wasn’t trying to blame anyone for anything. hell, mentioning the guide was a freakin disclaimer that my opinion isn’t a big deal. why should YOU care about what I do with games I pay MY money for. and in case you haven’t noticed, this site (ZD) is half news and half GUIDES! if anything i was using the resources of my favorite website. >:(

          • Thrice (╥﹏╥)

            Thumbs up.
            You’re totally right…
            …You still keep being hypocritical but that doesn’t matter anymore.
            I’m just using my sorrow as a reason to make others miserable.
            I just want friends, but I know why I don’t have any.
            I’m sorry.

          • Midnafan

            i don’t really see how i’m being hypocritical, as i don’t consider having fun the way i want to have fun hypocritical, but thank you for finally letting this go. if you want friends you might not want to start off so harsh and condescending (please take that as friendly advice :)) sarcasm is funny with your friends, but it’s a bit rude with strangers, alright? :) i’m sorry for calling you names, i was just frustrated because i don’t like to be wrong. so let’s just settle that nobody’s wrong but nobody’s right, it’s all a matter of opinion and having fun with the greatest video game series on the planet. so let’s end it with that. :D

          • Midnafan

            It’s funny, I was looking at an old literature assignment and this quote made me think of you: “Even if we don’t understand each other, that’s not a reason to reject each other. There are two sides to any argument. Is there one point of view that has all the answers? Give it some thought.” -Pokemon Black/White Versions :)

  • itsameluigi1290

    See ya guys, I’m gonna run right in there and have a vacation! WOO HOO– *Smacks into painting and goes into coma*

    • L Lawliet

      And class, that concludes today’s lesson about why the honor (and ability) of jumping into paintings (for whatever reason) should only be bestowed upon plumbers named Mario.

      • baileygirl99

        And phantoms named Ganon.

      • itsameluigi1290

        Best. Reply. Ever.

  • Grace Catherine Williamson

    That is awesome! I’d have that in my house :)

  • Lexi Z

    The recreation (probably flash from camera) but it looks a lot brighter to me….

  • Crono A7X


  • Jongameaddict

    Makes me think of Luigi’s Mansion.


    i gotta ask why the hell link is facing him in the goron tunic i mean you dont even get that that early in the game unless you save up a ton of ruppees and go buy it but still why would you do that? the game gives it to you anyways
    in any case great article and an even greater job on that painting i just brought out that thing cause it bugged me

    • pizzaman

      You can do the Fire Temple before the Forest Temple. Arrows aren’t required at any point in the Fire Temple.

  • bs8814

    Wow it looks great. In proper light I bet it would look better, it looks much better when it is darker and the flash isnt screwing it up

  • sonofazora

    That is SWEET!!!!

  • baileygirl99

    That is cool, but it would be better if it had Phantom Ganon in the picture

  • Emma Mix

    That’s a pretty great recreation. Just one prob. In the original, the trees were closer/denser, and so the moon was a lot more hidden. Other than that, this is a great piece!

  • pizzaman

    I always thought that was the road to Ganon’s castle in OOT.