Nintendo World Store to Hold Hyrule Historia Launch Event

JohnJanuary 10th, 2013 by John

With just under three weeks to go until the publication of the English version of Hyrule Historia, excitement over the long-awaited book is steadily growing across the world. The demand for the Limited Edition of the book has been so overwhelming that according to some customers, many pre-orders were cancelled due to extremely high demand for a book very limited in quantity. In response to this hype, the Nintendo World Store in New York has announced that it will be holding a Launch Event on the 25th of January to commemorate the release of this landmark publication. Hit the jump to find out more!

Not only will the Standard Edition of the book be available to purchase on the day (which is four days before the official launch of the book) but it will be the only location in North America to also have the rare Limited Edition available to purchase as well. In addition to this, fans will also get the chance to participate in a costume contest, along with other Zelda-related activities for fans to enjoy.

The pre-orders for the book are on a first come, first serve basis so you’re recommended to get there early if you wish to purchase a copy for yourself. The event will be held at the Nintendo World Store in New York City between 6pm and 8pm EST, so make sure you get there early to avoid disappointment.

But what do you think? Are you going to be attending to get your copy early? Are you perhaps disappointed that you won’t be able to attend if you’re too far away form New York? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo World Store, via GoNintendo

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  • furrysnail

    FIRST COMMENT (for this post and my first comment on anything XD)

    • Emma Mix

      In your first comment, you should always post on a theoretical article, that way you can make up 2 or 3 theories, back them up and most importantly LOOK EPIC. lol

      • furrysnail

        im not a butthead emma XD(kidding)!!!

        • Emma Mix

          lol I just mean try to look smart on here it’s fun– use big words :P

          • The Unicorn Hanger-Outer


          • Emma Mix

            Theoretical, meaning to consist of or pertain to theories of some kind. A theoretical article, in the case of Zelda Dungeon or a similar website, would be an article that assesses storylines within one or more games in a franchise and pieces them together to create a rather believable, yet unofficial theory on the background or history of that storyline.

            Those are my favorite kinds of articles by far.

  • Chris

    I live in the Québec province in Canada :( if a similar event was staged in Montreal, I would SO go there! But in New York City, sucks to be me… It’s a 10 hour drive to New York City from here… I pre-ordered the limited edition on and got screwed by them because they actually did NOT have any limited edition, only got them for pre-order in North America. But hey, at least I got my regular edition pre-ordered since day 1 (since August). Anyways, I’m looking forward to the event for the people living in the region. Regardless whether we can be there or not, we’re all Zelda fans and always will be!

    • Dan

      I’m still crossing my fingers I don’t get the dreaded canceled e-mail from Mine was in the same day that orders were made available for the limited edition, so i’m pretty optimistic that I will obtain the gem.

      Sorry to hear about your situation, It would of been nice for Amazon to at least convert you to the US North America site. Pretty crappy business if you ask me.

      • Chris

        Haha, yes I do think it’s total crap. And I DID contact both and and asked if an order transfer was possible, and they both told me that they are all independent from eachother completely. As if a stupid transfer was not possible. I tried pre-ordering it from while it was STILL available for pre-order on for pre-order, but I didn’t pre-order it from the latter because I thought it would cost extra due to customs fees… So yep, that’s where I landed, in an Amazon pile of shit :P lol

  • metalligimp

    I’m in Maine so a bit far from New York for my budget…but it was pre-ordered for me as a christmas present :-)

    • +Skyward Strike+

      Same here. Only thing is I’m in florida and my dad used to go to NY alot. Unfortunetly, I do not think I will be able to go.

    • HyruleHistory10

      Same here and i ditto the maine….. why cannot they do it in portland…. isnt it big enough….

  • Jam9t3

    No one hate or dislike please but I would like to clearly know what Hyrule Historia really is, I mean I have known about it ever since it came out in Japan but is it all just artwork and such? Is it all to do with Skyward Sword only? I would appreciate if someone would make it clear :)

    • +Skyward Strike+

      It’s really about the history of the legend of zelda. It has some very interesting things in it and I personally have a copy coming in the mail on the day it comes out. One of thethings is it has a official timeline!

    • Darkgreyfire

      It has a lot of design drawings leading into games, the actual history of Hyrule, the making of processess, and I also hear some zelda manga inside.

    • John

      It’s mainly divided into four sections; firstly about Skyward Sword and an overview of the story, the world, and concept art of the characters and enemies, secondly there’s a chronology of the entire history of Hyrule along with the official timeline, thirdly there’s concept art from all of the games in the series and finally there’s a Skyward Sword manga to finish things off, as well as special messages from Anouma and Miyamoto. Hope that clears things up for you.

    • Linkfan99

      Ummm… Not to be mean, or anything, but why don’t you just look it up.

  • Nina

    I live in Brazil, very far away from NY :(
    And I really want a Hyrule Historia copy :((((

  • Tarquil

    Cannot wait! I should have it by the 27th

  • Emma Mix

    I’d love to come, but being in Hawaii and being 14, that’s a bit difficult :P

  • Error

    Sounds like a great event! I pre-ordered mine on Amazon the day they started accepting pre-orders. With all the coverage this title has been getting on Zelda sites for more than a year you’d be hard-pressed to find a Zelda fan who has no idea what it is or when it’s coming.

  • GoldenGengle64

    Gosh I love Nintendo World… I went there two summers ago while my family was visiting friends in NYC. We actually made two different trips to the store, ’cause there was so much I wanted to buy:) If you’re ever in NYC, do not pass this place up.

  • Daver

    My book is pre-ordered since half of august.

  • Nikki

    I’m too far away from New York to be able to attend, or else I probably would. Am looking forward to my copy that I had to (preorder again) from Barnes and Noble!

  • LinkyKins

    It’s in New York?! Why?! Why do I have to live in Arizona?! Why?! :(

    • Time’s Champion

      I second this.

  • ஜெ

    என்னை ஒரு ஜெல்லி கண்டறிய

  • blueocarina

    definitely going, anyone else live around the area?

  • Linkfan99


  • baileygirl99

    Can’t wait for mine to come in the mail!!!! I want it to come SOOOO BAD

  • Princess Zelda

    I wish they would come to northern IN or southern MI…

  • Reidlos Toof

    I find the fact that the Nintendo World Store is in NY while the NoA HQ is in WA mind boggling. You’d think if they wanted to put it in a huge city they’d put it in L.A. rather than going to the other side of the country. It’s unfortunate that I will not be able to snag a copy of the limited edition for the simple fact that I think the subtle brown on brown cover art looks MUCH classier than the gold on green.

    • The unicorn Hanger-Outer

      Sorry to be a noob, but what’s NoA HQ? I want to know cuz I live in WA. Thanks

      • FenderGuitars777

        The Headquarters for Nintendo of America. Basically their office building(s).

    • CourageBringsSuccess

      I’d imagine it would be to expand their boundaries a bit. New York City is an incredible place! On a side note, it wasn’t always Nintendo World.. It used to be strictly Pokemon, I remember going a lot when I was younger.

  • shadowlink13

    FINALLY something in my area

  • tito

    I would love to go but i live in california. Maybe if I get a plane ticket. For some more Zelda news go to

  • littlemissgleek

    Good thing it comes out on the 24th here :D

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