Majora’s Memes – Inaugural Post

KyleJanuary 8th, 2013 by Kyle

Welcome to the inaugural Majora’s Memes! A weekly feature where we present you with the laughs related to Zelda we got from Memebase and other such places! Zelda is a pretty memetic franchise, spawning such hits as “I am Error!” and “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This!” And given its popularity, it’s a given that several posts from Memebase would be Zelda-related. Hit the jump to see!

To begin with, we have this post from wolfcry1996. On its own, it’s a painting of a sad Link sitting down, but it’s made hilarious by the addition of a picture of Anne Robinson, host of British game show Weakest Link and her catchphrase “You are the weakest link.” The side caption drives the joke home with the caption simply reading “Goodbye.”

There’s also this hilarious image of three of Nintendo’s biggest execs: Shigeru Miyamoto, Saturo Iwata, and Reggie Fils-Aime, as Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf respectively. They’re even standing in a triangle, making the addition of a Triforce only natural. Thanks so much to bluelytning for this!

Next, we’ve got this awesome picture of an epic reimagining of Link courtesy of uniqueLegend, who originally created the picture on her deviantART account. An anonymous Memebase user posted the image to Memebase and titled the post “Taking Breaking Pots to a Whole New Level.” It’s a distinctly Assassin’s Creed-esque take on our favorite hero.

A comment from MajoraMan on my last post; “The Legend of Poses” said it best:
Link: “Hey zelda, want to hangout or go on a date or something?”
Zelda: “Sure! just rid the world of all evil by harnessing the power of the gods and going on various quests, then we can do whatever :D
However, this image posted to Memebase by an anonymous user also sums it up nicely. If you ask me, the ‘okay’ faces at the bottom are funny, but I think it would be better without.

Sometimes NPCs just say the darndest things, as this next image from Teh_wb points out. It depicts Mayor Hagen of Hyrule Town telling Link about his mask collection and how they “see everything about his private life.” The masks sure don’t look too happy about that!

Source: Memebase

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  • Awesome

    Hahahaha great article! Meme’s are always fun…..especially when they are Zelda related

  • CrimsonLoftwing

    That last picture. 0.0

    • ePik Min


  • Jam9t3

    lol I couldn’t stop laughing at the last one!!! Poor masks lol I wonder what they must have to witness to look that miserable!!!

    • Jordan DiPalma

      …That’s a ruined wall, not buildings.

      • Jam9t3

        Really? I can’t tell, to me it looks like broken houses with roofs.

        • Jordan DiPalma

          Just look at the size of the bricks… those would be some pretty freaking huge bricks if those are houses.

          • Jam9t3

            Oh I didn’t notice those bricks, I thought they were wooden houses broken up and burned. lol thanks for pointing that out.

  • Cmaster

    Memes. Funny.

  • DeaderHand

    Reggie looks better that way.

  • linkypete

    YOU are the weakest link.

  • soul

    AC-Zelda mashup HAS TO BE MADE!!!

    • zombie_eat_flesh

      Quick! E-mail Ubisoft about it!

    • Thunderlite421

      Link the Assassin: the most badass fantasy character ever.

  • lulles

    May I ask who’s the artist who drew young Zelda?

    • soul

      For what reason would you have to want this information?

      • lulles

        Because it’s a beautiful drawing and I’d like to see more works from the artist.

        • soul


        • soul

          btw, it’s uniqueLegend

          • lulles


          • soul

            I have no idea what I posted

        • soul

          the picture was posted anonymously on memebase.

    • Anonymous

      The original artist and picture source is:

      Warning: The artist has some NSFW pictures in his gallery.

      • lulles

        Yeah, I looked it up on saucenao and found it :)

  • soul

    I can just picture the scene when Link uses the helm splitter to leave a V-shaped split in a Templar’s head.

    • soul

      For what reason would you have to want this information?

      • soul

        I hit the wrong reply button and replied to my own comment X3

  • Waker of Winds

    The assassins creed, definitely.

  • baileygirl99

    those are funny! I can’t choose just one favorite, but my favorites are the one with Zelda and the Friend Zone, and the last one XD those are funny!!

  • firecrb

    Hyrule Creed

  • Connor Spiotto

    These aren’t exactly memes…

    • Kyle

      True, but Majora’s Memes rolls off the tongue better than Majora’s Memebase, and we didn’t want to give the impression that we’re only picking stuff from Memebase.

  • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento

    Maks: Oh God Why. heueuhehueuuhe

  • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento

    How I always says: If all else fails use fire. heuhehuheuhe

  • Emma Mix

    None of these were crack-up hilarious, but they did make me smile. I really liked the AC-LOZ mashup drawing… That would make a really great game. *hint hint* NINTENDO *hint hint*

  • Heroine of Time

    I’m so proud of myself for having seen all of these because I check the Video Games Memebase every once and a while. The only one that’s new is The Minish Cap one, because that was apparently posted one day after I last checked it.

    Hahahaha, the Minish Cap one made me laugh quite a bit, too… XD

  • Veriun

    I don’t see what’s so funny about the “friendzone” one. Zelda isn’t obliged to do Link any special woman favors. :|

    • Cathaseigh

      But you know, at least go on a date or something. Link wasn’t exactly asking to on those quests, you know? Besides, out of the three things guys really want, sleep and hunger aren’t usually played out in video games. Well, except for in Cooking Mama :D

      • Veriun

        Zelda does not have to go on a “date” with Link.

        Zelda did not ask to be kidnapped/in trouble, just as little as Link asked to get thrown into adventures. If anything, Ganon/Ganondorf/the game’s villain is the one who should be doing Link favors, if any.

        • Kris

          What about Shrek, the princess didn’t have to kiss the ogre/ the knight who saved her. But she did. Also Link is probably socially awkward anyways, hence the lack of speech, so he probably wouldn’t want a date anyways

          • Veriun

            Because that was the princess’ own choice? She chose to do it. She wanted to.

            The notion that because the (active) hero saves the (re/nonactive) princess/damsel in distress, he is somehow ENTITLED to a kiss/a date/whatever is a conception that needs to die already. Everyon tells her “don’t get kidnapped/in trouble”, no one tells the villain “don’t kidnap/cause trouble”. Then again they usually end up dead at the end of the day, but still.

          • ZeldaFan<3

            I’m pretty sure in most, or even all of the games, Zelda asked Link to help her. She could at least have given him a reward of some kind.

    • Rid The Dragon Master

      So let me get this straight.

      By your logic, killing an endless army of monsters, creatures that could rip your head off without even trying, and the king of all evil, all for a girl you’ve only met once or twice that you loved that much is no reason for the girl to at least give him a kiss?

      If you’re a chick, I don’t wanna know what guys have to do to impress you.

  • Naomidee

    The last one made me LOL.

  • Valoo

    There’s often some good Zelda stuff off 9gag, the other day there was a picture of a Dead hand made of snow entitled “Oh God it’s real”. there’s loads more even better stuff so see for yourself :)

  • TerryLionheart

    Masks in the last pic: please kill us now…

  • Princess Zelda

    Ohhh, Assassin’s Creed Link . . . MUST BECOME REALITY!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas Durand

    Ha love them all!

  • Hero of Time

    “You are the weakest Link.” Link: :'(

  • Guest

    I’m quite surprised nobody realized that the Zelda and friend zone picture is obviously a reference to yuno gasai from mirai nikki

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    Hylian’s Creed: The Assassin of Time.

    • ianciti .

      hells yeah

    • Axew22

      Get on it NINTENDO

  • Levian VII

    Only a Master Assassin can wield the Master Sword…

  • Linkachu72

    i have now read all of the majora’s memes as of september 12, 2013.I AM VICTORIOUS!