Majora’s Mask: Guitar Cover EP

DaveyJanuary 2nd, 2013 by Davey

Over the course of a few days in December, YouTuber jam2995, or Jake,¬†uploaded a four part EP which covered the end of Majora’s Mask on guitar. Though short, all of the pieces are done very well, and it’s evident that Jake put a lot of time into the EP.

Can you guess which Majora’s Mask¬†tunes are included in the selection? I’ll give you a hint: two are ocarina melodies. Hit the jump for a listen!

The first piece is a great cover of the third day Clock Town theme. Not only does it consist of guitar playing, but also ocarina, violin, and melodica parts, too! All well placed and well played.

The other three pieces are the Song of Time, Final Hours, and Oath to Order. All of which are as great as the first. If you got a few minutes, I highly suggest you check out the rest of the music on Jake’s channel. There are plenty of other video game music covers, too, including a few Zelda themed ones for those who are inclined.

What did you think? Tell us in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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  • adleZ

    Wow, this must be from the the Indigo-gos hit album :D

  • Kabro006

    Awesome to say the least but its a shame that most covers are made into rock music. Though thats just my opinion. I have an electiric guitar and acoustic guitar but play the zelda songs i can on the acoustic beacuse it sounds better in my ears.

    • Midnafan

      i can understand that perfectly. i like it simply because it seems to add more emotion or passion into it, making it more than just a background song. I really like songs that are powerful in the sound of their music, and while i don’t like rock as a genre, i think it works here. :)

  • Cmaster

    that’s. really. cool. :D Good Job Jake keep jamming.

  • 2bmc

    OH MY JESUS NOT ANOTHER METAL COVER. and he got my hopes up! The Clock Town cover started off all acousticy and awesome and then all of a sudden BAM. ugh. Honestly, its cool sometimes but when EVERYBODY does a metal cover of Zelda music… no. Simply putting distorted electric guitars and drums in the background is not creative nor interesting. Wish there was some more original thought rather than just Zelda dubstep and Zelda metal covers.

    • Linkfan99
      • lon lon cow


        • Linkfan99

          You… You’re not the real thing! FAKE!!!

          • WolfLink11


    • BMBGuitar

      I’m not sure you’re aware of how much work goes into making one of these; it’s more than just distorted guitars and drums. Just because it’s not in your taste doesn’t mean you have to bash it. Respect our taste in music and we’ll respect yours.

    • Midnafan

      i actually really like it for this song, it works well, and haven’t really heard it used in much else. :/ while i can’t say i like either dubstep or metal in their purest forms, you have to admit, adding Zelda to them makes them a lot better :)

    • The Hylian Monolith

      I thought they were actually awesome, and considering that I hate metal music, that’s a big compliment from me. If you hate it that much, then look for other stuff. It’s out there, ZD’s just not posting it.

      • 2bmc

        I wasn’t commenting on how much work goes into it, and I love metal music myself, seriously. I am a guitar player of 11 years and this takes time a dedication to put something like this together. I was commenting at the fact that I thought it was relatively unoriginal in my humble opinion. It is extremely well done, and I do know how difficult it is to put something like this together, no question the musicianship was great. I was just looking for something different.

    • chuchuslayer

      some parts weren’t metal and don’t bash it just cause you don’t like metal also look up majoras mask cover theres lots that aren’t metal ZD has just been mainly posting metal covers.

  • 2bmc

    wow Final Hours is solid. one of the best covers I’ve seen.

  • maskedkid

    well 2bmc, check out time’ end majoras mask and theophanyremix.

  • baileygirl99

    That’s good! Lots of work must have gone into it! Bravo guitar/ocarina/violin/melodica dude!!!!

  • Zelda’s Brother

    - claps – Bravo.

  • rambler77

    pretty good job, for more Majora’s Mask music, go to concertoldham song of healing on youtube

  • Zzen

    they are wearing symphony of the godeses T-shirt

  • dominic halsey

    great job

  • Midnafan

    clock town theme? i swear i’ve heard a similar guitar cover, but i couldn’t really distinguish much else, the majority sounded like clock town :/ what was that one keyboard/wind instrument at 2:27? Still, great music, i actually really like the electric guitar. :)

  • chuchuslayer

    all four were AMAZING

    • Lupine Hero

      Was it your intention to post this twice?

  • chuchuslayer

    all four were AMAZING

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