Limited Edition “Modern Myths” Shirt

JordanJanuary 24th, 2013 by Jordan


Need some new Zelda memorabilia to add to your wardrobe? Maybe you would like something unique and clever that most people have not seen before? For a limited time this week, has an ancient solution for you! Their featured “Shirt.Woot” for today is a wonderfully designed shirt that combines the beloved characters of Zelda with the distinctly ancient style of Greek pottery.

Jump inside to see!

As you can see, this unique design features the Triforce as though it were a piece of Greek pottery. Each of its three bearers is depicted in their respective section in the distinct silhouette that is reminiscent of that era. The artist even went so far as to add cracks!

If you would like to wear this cool piece of work, you will need to act quickly; it is only available this week. You can head on over to to purchase the t-shirt for yourself for only $15!


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  • Clem

    If only I had twelve dollars today :(

    • Jordan DiPalma

      At least you have a Wii U! (I’m assuming your picture is, well, you…)

      • Clem

        Lol yup. It’s a large part of the reason I’m broke though! But I regret nothing, it’s worth every penny.

        • Jordan DiPalma

          Agreed. I’m sitting on a pile of scholarship money that’s more than I need and thinking “Save money, buy Wii U, save money, buy Wii U… dang, college is hard.” Whenever I finally break down and buy the thing I’ll probably regret nothing but the inevitable drop in my grades.

          • Clem

            I just graduated college last year, so I hear you. Maybe, if you’re in a financial pinch, it’s worth waiting ’till some more good first-party games are released since we are sadly still experiencing the inevitable game drought that accompanies the launch of any new system!

  • Lon Lon Lady

    That’s pretty cool looking!

  • itsameluigi1290

    This shirt is cool.

    Off-topic, Bowser, for whatever reason, has been crowned as the best video game villain ever. Seriously? Ganon/Ganondorf could wipe the floor with Bowser. I’ve done it in Brawl, anyway. No idea if Eggman’s on the list, though…

  • Dakota Zouzias

    I might run home and buy this later. Can’t beat a 12 dollar t-shirt online.

  • Emma Mix


  • Waker of Winds

    Cool, but I’m not sure I like Link’s hat.

    • baileygirl99

      Me neither, but it’s still a cool shirt.

  • baileygirl99

    That’s a pretty cool shirt! I love the rupee coming out of the broken pot :-)

  • Lamassu

    It’s not available for today only. Shirt.woot shirts are available for at least a week or longer after their first day. The only difference between today and any other day in the future is the price. After midnight cst, the price goes up to $15.

    • Jordan DiPalma

      Oh, thanks for that. I misread the site.


    neat.can i just paint i giant yellow smily face over ganon? hes too ugly to look at.

  • Hector

    It looks pretty cool.