Kyle Landry Performs Ocarina of Time Medley

TimothyJanuary 7th, 2013 by Timothy

Professional pianist player and teacher Kyle Landry has stunned his supporters and viewers with a spectacular video showcasing his ability to play an Ocarina of Time medley to perfection. His piano playing is fast and flowing providing the listener with a beautiful Zelda-themed atmosphere to reminisce in and reflect on the different elements of Hyrule experienced in the much-loved title. Kyle performs compositions such as the ocarina warp songs, “Gerudo Valley”, “Link’s House”, “title theme”, and a few others in this amazing medley.

Interested in taking a listen to this Ocarina of Time medley? Hit the jump and be prepared for some of the most fantastic Zelda composition-playing to have ever reached your ears!

Did you enjoy this special Ocarina of Time medley by Kyle Landry? Please share your thoughts with us below!

Source: YouTube

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  • S. Mario

    I want the sheet music for this. It looks incredibly fun to play.

  • GOROHUG!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow… awesome…

    Did anyone else notice the cat messing around in the background, by the way?

    • The Unicorn Hanger-Outer


  • Kyle01

    WOW, that is Amazing :))

  • Casey

    That’s Beautiful. I made an electronic cover of The song of storms that’s not nearly as good as this, but I’m going to leave it here because relevance.

  • Asilcharity

    Anyone notice the LoZ:OoT game cartridge on the piano?

  • Lupine Hero

    Ocarina of Time is my least favorite 3D console Zelda, not counting WW, which I haven’t played yet, and I’m not a huge fan of its soundtrack, either. However, this is possibly the best piano medley I have ever heard in my life! Well done, Kyle!

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      You should play WW. Without reading everyone else’s reviews of it. And build your own opinion of it. Which will probably be that it’s the best. But don’t read that last sentence since I just told you to not read what other people think of it… Ah, well. Play it on Dolphin or something. Shutting up now…

    • bluchu

      Too hard for you?

    • baileygirl99

      you make me sad when you say that D-:

  • Turtles!

    Beautiful job in this medley. His original compositions are also very nice too. :)

  • PennyLane71

    How beautiful, made even more so by the obvious love he has for the game. The cat is also super cute.

  • LINKn logs

    Such passion. Very well played sir, very well played.

  • baileygirl99

    he looks as though he’s slouching…oh well! doodley doo! and I love how his body movements changeith the song he is playing! I do it too ;-D did anyone see his cat playing in the backround kitty cat!! anyway, this is one of my favorite piano covers! It’s AMAZING!!

  • Heroine of Time

    As soon as I start thinking I’m a pretty good pianist and I should write my own medley…

    …someone like this shows up… XD

    This is by far one of the best medleys I’ve ever heard. And… oh my goodness, he’s such an incredible pianist. There’s so much expression and emotion in the music… it’s beautiful.

    His fingers are moving so fast that at first I thought he wasn’t actually playing it.

  • Jarbatooth56

    If you think this is cool look at this video he did
    It sounds really good especially at 1:50

  • Linkfan99

    Did anyone else notice the piano?