Hyrule Historia Launch Event at Nintendo World

DjinnJanuary 30th, 2013 by Djinn

Ever since it was first announced over a year ago fans have been wanting to get their hands on the Hyrule Historia. Well now that it has been released in North America the Nintendo World store in New York held a launch event celebrating the release. Fortunately YouTube member KirbyGCN17 recorded the whole thing for those of us who did not get the chance to go. In this video we get a brief glimpse of the decorations, giveaways, and the costume contest held there.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

This reminded me of a few of the videos that came out a while back for the 25th anniversary and Ocarina of Time release events that took place there. All these special Zelda happenings in New York and I never get the chance to see any of them. The costume contest looked pretty fun and I loves all the stuff they placed all over the building. However in this whole thing I don’t think i saw a single Hyrule Historia in anyone’s hands.

Source: YouTube

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  • Majoras_Wrath

    Ahh I’ll be there in about 2 weeks. I wish I could have been there for this event.

  • ben

    why there no tingle?

    • Butterfree

      He’s not allowed to be within 200 feet of where children may congregate.

    • BEN

      hey you stold my name whatevs

      • ghirahimhunter

        oh god… BEN!

    • BEN

      unless thts your real name in which srry

    • Hylia

      I heard someone say “Tingle will you step back, please?”

  • http://twitter.com/mikejcsauer Mike Sauer

    I live 40 minutes from the city and can easily go to this store..

    I go all the time when I’m home too ):

    Except for when every Zelda event happens…I’m in florida for college…….

    • BEN

      no majoras mask charather besides the ranch girl romanai?malon but i think it was malon sobb i wanted a skull kidd or happy mask sells man

      • Garrett

        Hey Ben, if you’re going to have a parody account of that creepy pasta, which was actually pretty cool and fun when it all happened, then at least use proper grammar and spelling. It makes you look like an idiot, or rather moreso.

        • BEN

          ok and i actually wanted to use it for one article but for some reason my computer wont let me change it and my keyboard is glitchy yeah tht statue always creeped me out and i would appreciate it if you would say yes or no to mm charathers at the event and i was never goood at grammar neither is BEN though he just has a jumble of letters srry i cant change my name for some reason

          • BEN

            and srry to everyone i annoyed even dead drowned 13 yr old who posses cartriges have hearts

          • BEN

            srry i meant possess

          • BEN

            and im actually very intelligent therres a creepy noise and im at home alone you were right u shouldnt paroody BEN im scared a little seriously

  • BEN

    or anju or kafei or you know anyone in the game

  • Rob

    I got my copy of Hyrule Historia. It’s awesome :D

  • Hero_of_Skyloft

    I don’t like watching these because it just makes me sad that I missed out! :(

  • JeredenDonnar

    The multi-colored triangularly arranged punch cups??? GENIUS!!!

  • JeredenDonnar

    Zelda fans can get a bit enthusiastic…

  • linkypete

    I know that the marathon was half a year ago, but gooey would still smash the first place statue.

  • Adam

    I got the email from Amazon that this bad-boy shipped, can’t wait for this to arrive!

  • BEN2


  • Dark Majora

    my hyrule historia shipped on monday bout 3:00 then i got an email at 7 “your Loz hyrule historia has shipped it will arive on wednesday”

  • Valri64

    My older sister got me it for my birthday and it truly is amazing! The artwork is incredible!