GenGAME: Wind Waker Wii U Perfect for Director’s Cut

JordanJanuary 25th, 2013 by Jordan

In every video game development process, hundreds of ideas are thrown around. Many are developed further and from those a select few make it into the final game. The Wind Waker was certainly no exception; entire dungeons were removed from the game in the process.

In light of the recent announcement of The Wind Waker for Wii U, the folks at our sister site GenGAME have already gotten their thinking caps on to talk about what Nintendo could do with the re-release of this classic favorite. In one of their articles, Alex Plant talks about the potential for the game to be a complete “Director’s Cut” of the original. Jump inside to read more!

Taking note of the fact that Iwata mentioned “tuning up the game experience” in this remake of the game, Alex writes about the chance Nintendo has to fix some of the parts of the game that were less well received than the rest. He predominantly focuses on two things: the game’s sailing portions that many people found took too long, and the Triforce Shard side-quest.

Beyond that, Alex also notes the two or three dungeons dropped from the game and the possibility for Nintendo to rebuild them and add them to the re-release. His ideas strike a nice balance between keeping the game true to its origins and tweaking things where necessary. Be sure to head over to GenGAME to read the full article!

What are your thoughts about The Wind Waker‘s upcoming Wii U release? What do you think of Alex and GenGAME’s ideas for possible Director’s Cut additions to the game? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Source: GenGAME

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  • Ake Sha

    I don’t think they’ll have time to change many things until fall, but who knows…

    • Relytia

      Well, they mentioned that around the same time they made the 2011 E3 “Wii U Zelda Experience” trailer, Nintendo had been tinkering with other graphical styles for Zelda and that’s where this remake came from. That been said, it could be two years of work that was actually done before it releases this fall. That’s more than enough time to do substantial work on the game. Halo Anniversary was made in the same time frame, and it’s clear a ton of work went into that. If they play their cards right, Nintendo could make the ultimate remake with The Wind Waker.

      • Ake Sha

        Hmmm indeed. I really hope they won’t mess it up though.

  • Darunia

    Add stuff, don’t change.

    • Darkgreyfire

      We need, at least, two more temples down in Hyrule field, and a speed boost system for the King of the Red Lions, like Epona and the Loftwing had.

  • FierceDeityFan

    What other dungeons could they do? They did Fire, Forest, Tower, Horror, and Wind. Possibly an ice dungeon would be cool!

    • Cmaster

      they could do: ice, sand, cave, water, shadow. The list can go on and on

    • Laikue

      Don’t forget the Forsaken Fortress.

  • erikingvoldsen

    Sounds nice…but it won’t happen.

  • Cmaster

    I love the look of it, its going to look like a skyward sword wind waker mix.

    • Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule

      It shouldn’t be, though. They should make an effort to preserve the graphical style as it was.

      • IgosDuIkana

        you mean like they didnt do with OoT 3D

        • Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule

          No, you’re confusing graphical style and graphical quality.

        • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

          ugghh… An OoT fanboy. They preserved the graphical style perfectly in OoT 3D. I’m sorry it’s not exactly like OoT’s graphics, but if it was, there’d be no reason to re-release it.

      • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

        Yeah, with all this talk about “fixing” the game; the one thing they really need to fix is the graphics they already tried to “fix.”

  • MiniJen

    I know they won’t but if they did, then the sailing would have to be improved along with the Triforce chart quest. plus i REALLY want fully reorchestrated music for the game, but they won’t do that so… :(

    • The Guy

      I would like an orchestral score as well. It would be a lovely addition to my collection of LoZ music.

    • Relytia

      Why won’t they do that?

  • Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule

    Unless they had actually built the cut dungeons before they cut them, they won’t bother putting them in. Too much effort.

  • Tingle10285

    There is one thing that I’m wondering. How is Tingle going to be used? Couldn’t you play as him by connecting the GameCube? Maybe there will be something to do using the 3ds or game pad.

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      He was used in the original version of WW by connecting a GBA to the GC. We will probably use the Wii U gamepad instead in WW HD.

  • guest02

    Everytime I read an article about the wind waker remastered I never see no one bring up the fact of using the wii remote as a possible controller. I know the gamepad is probably going to be the only control scheme but I think it would be cool if they add the wii remote as another control scheme. Seriously, it felt like all the items (hookshot, grappling hook, leaf etc) all had the wii remote in mind when developing the game (I think I read that they scrapped the idea of motion control during the development of the gamecube).

    • The Guy

      I agree with this, it would be a great idea for having the Wiimote and Nunchuck as a secondary control scheme since it can make WWR feel like playing the Wii version of TP and SS (free targeting movement for stuff like the Bow and Arrows, the hookshot, etc.)

  • MrNintendoCoke

    Good idea, but I highly doubt Nintendo would see this, lol…

  • shadowreaperx

    I don’t think the Triforce quest should really change, but if they sped up the sailing and allowed for a second player to control the ship or cannon while P1 focuses on different things would be nice, seeing as they implied 2-player capability.

    • WooferZ

      I believe the implied 2P capability to the Unnamed Wii U Zelda, but that sounds like a good idea to me.

  • mark

    This game should have an orchestral score!!!

  • Mseevers95

    There was supposed to be the dungeon for Jabun on Greatfish, that was one they scrapped right?
    And I think there was going to be an Ice Sage to make a trio for the Master Sword Guardians.

  • Kamusama

    I think they should expand up hyrule under the ocean and make the dungeons accessible from below!

    • The Guy

      Agreed. It wasn’t even much land it was just the hyrule castle and a pathway to Ganon’s tower. In fact if possible they could include maybe a couple extra dungeons there.

    • Darkgreyfire

      I was thinking about that, after I heard about the release. When I finally got to Hyrule field, I figured their would be at least two full dungeons down there. Instead I got one of the smallest dungeons in any game. Although, a ton of boss and mini-boss fights. They should break Phantom Gannon off as a boss in a dungeon, and use puppet and Gannondorf in another. I think you need to keep the Puppet Gannon and Gannondorf fights back to back though. That was a good challenge at the end of the game.

  • Name

    I know it probably won’t happen , but a cool idea would be to replace the Triforce Shard thing by like having an underwater dungeon where you collect them all. I don’t think they’ll put it in though because it would be like a new dungeon and stuff, but just a thought. If they just wanna simplify it, an actual possibility they can do is simply put more Triforce pieces per chest, like 2. Just a thought.

    • The Guy

      Your first thought, about making an extra dungeon where we look for the triforce shards sounds more appealing in my opinion as it would be a more interesting quest in the story.

      • IgosDuIkana

        When I first played the game, I was hoping that each shard would have a dungeon, then there would be a game with as many dungeons as alttp, really more.

  • mitch

    i think its a bad idea they need to make a new zelda game im tired of beating the same ones over and over and over

    • Jordan DiPalma

      They’re working on Zelda Wii U right now, Aonuma literally said this is to keep us entertained while we wait.

  • Cheese

    I hated Wind Waker. Endless hours of sailing, and instead of giving us dungeons, they make us pay Tingle fiftybajillion rupees so we can sail aimlessly around for days. Sounds like a party. -_-;; Maybe I wouldn’t hate Wind Waker so much if they actually did something with 90% of the map. Maybe I wouldn’t hate it if they made us go through dungeons for the triforce shards instead of forcing me to get a wallet upgrade. Wind Waker is the absolute worst LoZ game in the history of Zelda, even worse than the CDi games! I hate that they’re remaking this instead of Majora’s Mask, they better do a director’s cut, and they BETTER make Majora’s Mask 3DS.

    • IgosDuIkana

      I thought that Skyward Sword was much more of a dissapointment then wind waker.

    • Relytia

      Worse than the CD-I games?! *Facepalm* Wow…. I guess Nintendo will never be able to please everyone. Just wait, I’m sure they’ll announce MM3D soon enough. I’d love it if they did too.

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      You, sir, over-analyze these games too much. Don’t look for what you hate about games, look for what you like about them. you will have a much better time playing them.

    • El Sanchez

      Not sure if troll…

    • SeamedRanger

      I hope you know that Nintendo said that they would make MM3D AFTER they released a completely new Zelda title for the 3DS, because they don’t want the only 3DS Zelda games to be remakes.

  • hyourinmaru

    i am the only person in existance who actually liked the triforce shard hunt. minus paying tingle to get the maps readible.

    • IgosDuIkana

      No not the only one. If you play the game correctly and explore a little, you find a lot of them before they even ask you to. There was nothing wrong with that portion of the game, you were not meant to do it all at once at the end.

    • Red-tuniclink

      I didn’t mind them, it gave me a reason to explore the islands, I feel like the entire reason they did that was because they wanted you to explore.

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      Paying Tingle just gave you a reason to find the treasure charts/treasures. Nothing else to really spend rupees on anyway.

    • TheMaverickk

      Actually I did enjoy the Triforce quests myself quite a bit….. generally because most of the charts were found on unique islands and most of them were in parts of the sea you had yet to visit.

      I mean consider this…. getting some of the charts to find the pieces meant boarding a ghost ship, visiting the basement of an ideal tropical island. storming an iron fortress, visiting a ship grave yard, ect.

      Wind Waker was sort of sublime, experiencing the world at your leisure, and the Triforce quest simply matched that idea. So it felt natural, and in the end at the time… it felt like a very amazing retro throw back to the idea of the original Legend of Zelda game, and collecting the fragments…. I’d love to see that concept return in a future title.

  • Nico

    I think they could put the removed dungeons but as sidequests, not a part of the main game, because I’m sure I’m not the only one who hasn’t played this game and I’d like it as similar to the original as possible.They could also make a secondary game mode (like Hero Mode from SS or Master Quest from OoT (I’m aware WW already has something like that, but not removing that one either)) with everything everybody is suggesting, like fixing the Triforce-something-quest, and that kind of stuff. Oh, and speed up the sailing in all three modes.

  • Emma Mix

    I would definitely make sailing faster because that’s more of a gameplay change than a polot change. I wouldn’t change the plots or dungeons at all unless I was adding dungeons and sidequests. I wouldn’t change or remove any of the dungeons in the original WW, but I think it might be nice to add some more sidequests– and definitely don’t change the characters or storyline PLEASE!

  • Irishdragon5

    And to think, a couple of people called my crazy when I said the sailing portion needs fixed. Awesome ideas. “Wind Waker DX”

  • Oot1998fan01

    The tingle tuner could be the gamepad and link is a wii mote plus like ss that would make it different enough for it to be funand they could make the tingle tuner actually do something like as a character link can see. More dungeons and a better triforce collection would be cool (I dont mind e sailing at all) but just little tweeks would be fun espeically if they have pictures for the next zelda game :P

  • bluchu

    I want to see some gameplay videos. I’m not sure if I like the HD. Takes away from the feel of the game.

  • rulerofyourface

    Just like Ocarina of Time 3D, Nintendo probably will change nothing of the gameplay. Also, I never hated the triforce sidequest that much, or the sailing for that matter. Although I would like the extra dungeons over the triforce sidequests, I doubt Nintendo will change them.

  • itsameluigi1290


    Off Topic again, look at this awesome Darksiders Zelda crossover!

    I wish I could give news tips, but I can’t, and don’t ask why.

  • Silver Rupee

    Add a magical motor (or something) without making the sea smaller. Make it possible to get all of the statues for the pictograph sidequest without restarting the game. Make it so that the Tingle Tuner works with all models of the DS handheld console. And DO NOT make it so that you can teleport to every single island because that would eliminate the big hint of going to Mother/Child Isle to get the fire/ice arrows (although I wouldnt mind adding the cabana, and mini game isles to the list). A lot of people had trouble with the major triforce quest (one of my favorite parts of the game), but mainly because they couldn’t find out how to get onto the ghost-ship. I never had trouble with this just because I happened to stumble upon the ghost-ship map by chance. So basically add some sense of direction to the location of the map. Other than that I always cosidered WInd Waker top 5 material.

  • Laikue

    What just occurred to me is that it might be 2-player for a few reasons. 1) Tetra and Link are both in an area they can’t be in at the same time, and 2) because they wanted multiplayer, if this happens to be correct then this will be a definate buy :D

  • LinkFan101

    Dont change anything just add. Id honestly prefer not to do a remake, i still want a sequal to twilight princess honestly.

  • ChromiumTWIST

    The sailing was fine for me as a 13 year old and is still fine now. Don’t change it because the vocal minority hates it.

    I’m willing to compromise on triforce hunting, but I don’t want this to turn into a bout of ‘Ocarina fan trying to fix a game they never liked’. Wind Waker is for the Wind Waker fans, it should never change.

    • Relytia

      Awesomely put good sir. I wholeheartedly agree, as a dude who also loved the Wind Waker experience as a 13-year-old, and even after ten years, I still love Wind Waker.

  • CJS

    honestly i was hoping for more dungeons….and using the triforce shard hunt under the sea in hyrule… would have made the game longer and more possibly more enjoyable in my opinion.

  • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

    I don’t know why everyone thinks the sailing needs to be “fixed.” There’s nothing wrong with it. The only people who complain about the speed were too much of a n00b to learn the Ballad of the Gales (which transports you to 3 spaces away from anywhere). The Triforce quest was one of the fun parts about the game. No reason to change it all. I guess everyone just thinks it’s time -consuming (which was the point since they took out dungeons; needed more gameplay time)?

  • William

    i dont see a directors cut happening, sure itd be cool, but nintendo said theyre just giving us something to play- not a new game. this is just making it so we can use our wii u’s for the time being, and we can have a little nostalgia for zelda at the same time.

  • Crag


  • Sloth242

    i hope they dont change the sailing that was one of my favorite parts of the game… ill cry if it dont take as long.. maybe more islands?