Dowsing Music Video Premiere: “Midwest Living”

JosephJanuary 16th, 2013 by Joseph

Most people who visit Zelda Dungeon regularly will remember the Marathon that we hosted over the summer in which we live streamed every Zelda game. This included me playing through Ocarina of Time, which my band Dowsing incorporated the idea into a music video. “Midwest Living” comes off of our record, It’s Still Pretty Terrible, which we released last year. Today is the music video premiere of our latest track and you can find the video after the jump.

No I did not get Epona.

Many thanks to our friend Marion Fontaine, who filmed this! We will be recording our next record, I Don’t Even Care Anymore, next month.

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  • Amelia_Jessica_Pond

    :) Love stuff like this!!! Keep postin’!

  • Emma Mix

    AGGHH I LOVE IT!!! Gooey you’re so awesome!!! :’)

  • Terry Generet

    How was the cleaning?

  • BEN

    you shouldnt have done tht

  • Ken

    I wish i had friends like this.

  • Ender44

    you guys should film zelda dungeon speed run competitions

  • Zero Wat

    That was awesome!

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  • Time’s Champion

    I really like this song. *claps*

  • baileygirl99

    That was cool. I tried to watch you progress through the game while trying to watch what everyone was doing. Not really my taste on music, but it was a good song.

  • The Hylian Monolith

    That was great! The ending, where you ended up going through Ganon’s Castle and fighting Ganondorf alone was kind of touching, in a really weird way.
    One day… I’m going to have a marathon with my friends. :)

  • christburner

    killer song…i really liked the end with the group vocals …gonna look for the record

  • christburner

    HOLY SHIT just came across the song Amateur Cartography!!!!!! … nice weakerthans reference John K. is a lyrical hero of mine

  • christburner

    dont mean to spam out but…. i noticed in the video your drummer is wearing a Native t shirt looked them up…thanks now i have TWO more favorite bands. seriously best post ZD has ever done youve made my day and ive only been up for about an hour. everybody check out the song books on tape from the band native. its good :)

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