Does Dressing Like Link Make You Look Badass?

BastianJanuary 30th, 2013 by Bastian

[News post contributed by Phoebe M.]

Over the past 25 years of experiencing the Zelda series we have witnessed many, many different Links. Each with their own look, style and slight differences in personality. There is no doubt that we will ever run out of Links to dress up as (such as in cosplay) and I’m sure there have been plenty of people have already done so. Who wouldn’t want to dress up like our favorite Hylian hero?

Walking around in a green tunic and cap with the Master Sword and Hylian Shield would make any fan look pretty badass, right? Or does it depend on the effort put into the costume? A video was recently created by Ucutanimis on YouTube claiming that dressing up like Link actually doesn’t make you look badass. Make the jump to view the video!

I understand that this video is a joke of past experiences but lets take it seriously for a moment. In my experience of being a cosplayer myself I have seen plenty of other Links from many different games and people of many different ages, overall the costumes I’ve seen are very well done, a lot of effort and time obviously put into them. However there were some costumes that were hard to tell if the person was Link or just an elf.

What do you think? Does dressing up like Link make you look like a badass? Or just someone with a big obsession for a video game? (But of course when you’re running around with pantyhose on your head and no pants on there is no doubt you’re going to look stupid!)

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  • i wore a link outfit

    well no in school it makes you get called a homosexual transgender and punched in the face

    • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

      That’s because no one has taste anymore.

  • MegaQuack8

    i dunno he definetly had the triforce of courage!

    • Guy



      I dont think he did because with no pants and he had panty hoes on his head and only link make it look cool unless you were using sarcasum

  • EOTW

    I love this dudes accent.

  • Krillus

    What the… did i just watch?

  • Anonymous

    My Link costume made me look badass 3 years in a row. I know because everybody liked it, and I got to the top 8 (at least) costumes in 4 competitions in 1 week (and more outside that week)! One of those competitions, I wasn’t the only Link in attendance, but the only one to make it into the list. Those that didn’t know Link admired my sword and shield, and the detail of those and other pieces of the costume. Even less dared call me an elf, and one even asked if I was Legolas! I didn’t have a bow, and I don’t think Legolas had a shield with the triforce and a bird on it.

    Just one thing about the costume, I had NO IDEA how Link manages to equip and put away his shield so easily! How do you get the shield onto, and off of, your back, upright, quickly!?!?

    • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

      He’s had practice.

      • The Hylian Monolith

        Um, Twilight Princess ball and chain. How does he put that away so quickly?

        Answer that, and I’ll answer your question. That is the way of Monolith.

    • Phoebe.M

      I managed to do it with mine, my shield had a chain on it which I hung over the sword’s hilt and attached another strap just to secure it in place. However I didn’t keep it that way for long as it is quite a heavy shield. Taking the shield off and drawing the sword does take practice and drawing the sword is very difficult.


      HURR DURR LINK IS THE EPIC MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Irishdragon5

    For me, a left-handed, blonde haired, blue eyed person im my “adult link” years, *yes.*

  • lespaulsforlifeweee

    hahah, sorry guys, i love most of the zelda games and think Link is a kickass hero but cosplay/dressing up as fictionary characters NEVER make you look badass, or cool….or straight :p sorry….

  • Someone

    I think that costumes with a lot of effort can look pretty cool, but
    otherwise it kind of looks like an elf since it’s hard to distingguish those two without too many hints. Than it’s just weird. Maybe it’s a good idea for those people to put on pants like SS Link ;)
    I’m a girl and I don’t celebrate Halloween, which means that I never dressed up as a videogame character (If I did celebrate it, I probably choose a character from my favourite movie)
    So I never got into an akward situation or anything ;)

    • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

      You don’t celebrate Halloween?! ()_()

      • Someone

        I´m from a foreign country, and it isn’t a real holiday here. But I have to say that it gets more popular every year ;)

  • BEN

    and thts why i dress like shadow link every year so i look at least a little badass

  • Nevan Lowe

    I was Link for Halloween once. It was fun, except that everyone said I was Peter Pan.

    • Farore

      Last year someone I know dressed as link for Halloween and very one said he looked like peter pan! And a lot of parents said he needed to put on pants.

    • zombie_eat_flesh

      Or, less likely, Robin Hood?

    • Hylia

      I had the exact same response last year.

      Someone called me Zelda, too.

      • Nevan Lowe

        Being called Zelda is even worse than Peter Pan.

  • Posiosn

    Yes. There was a costume party of sorts (even tho everyone there was about 14 or older, up to like 20ish) and my friend was Link, and he looked AWESOME! The sword was not acurate, though.

  • RubyDragonCat

    Pantyhose on your head and no pants? Has there seriously been a cosplayer that did that…

  • Thomas Durand

    I was Majora for Halloween and everyone said I looked like an Owl

  • baileygirl99

    Hahaha. That’s dude was stupid. And his bro was an a**

  • Links3245

    I think that if the costume is well done and looks like real adventure gear, then yes, you would look badass, but I haven’t seen very many people in costumes that look badass like link looks in game (for me, mostly TP and SS)