Custom Legend of Zelda Watch

Chelsea G.January 21st, 2013 by Chelsea G.

In the Zelda community, Etsy remains a great outlet for Zelda fans to exhibit their merchandise. You can find the most unique and innovative items that are usually handcrafted by the seller. These items range in price and style, and you can find almost any Zelda product that will be the right fit for you. Now, another amazing Zelda item has made an appearance amongst the vast Etsy listings. Follow the jump to read more.

This watch features a Wind Waker style image, showing Princess Zelda and Link in a stained glass appearance. The face of the watch is protected with a wear-resistant glass and is surrounded with gold plating to give it a sharper look. The entirety of the watch measures 9.9 inches and comes with a pink leather band, however, the seller offers three other band options. Right now, this watch is selling for $19 with two other Zelda designs available. Personally, I love the look of this watch especially with The Wind Waker style graphic. It exhibits a good balance of Zelda fandom and style.

What do you think about this piece of Zelda merchandise? is it now your taste? Would you purchase it? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Etsy

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  • zombie_eat_flesh

    The picture looks like it was made in PhotoShop.

  • zombie_eat_flesh

    Are there any actual numbers to, y’know, tell time, like it was made to do?

    • IgosDuIkana

      A lot of time pieces do not include numbers. Most people have been telling time long enough to be able to tell where the numbers fall on a watch, in aproximation of corse. I understand your position, however; this is not at all uncommon

      • Midnafan

        a lot of people don’t know how to read analog clocks anymore though (despite the fact that they continuously teach you kindergarten and even the 1st grade). nothing was funnier than a set of clocks i saw at a fair once that were not only analog, but every couple seconds they would break apart and mix up the parts before coming back together. would take anyone several seconds to figure out the time on those things. XD

    • Midnafan

      watches that are intended to be art pieces like this one tend not to have numbers so they don’t ruin the piece. it’s assumed people know what time it is based on the positions of the hands. you may not ever have an exact time, but it’s still practical.

  • David Morris


  • David Morris

    First comment lol

  • Aaron hill

    impressive design

    • Midnafan

      yeah it’s really pretty

  • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento


  • Kyle Clark

    i like it just wish they had one that i wouldnt feel like a flaming homosexual for wearing

    • Midnafan

      they said they had other band options, which i assume means they have other colors. besides, i think guys wearing pink stopped being gay at least 5 years ago, especially with the increase in breast cancer awareness. :/

  • Terry Generet

    Anyone noticed Link’s face?

    • Midnafan

      the fact that it’s there or what it looks like? if the former, then yes, he’s not that hard to notice. if the latter, what about it?

      • Terry Generet

        The expression on his face is quite amusing.

  • Amber

    I think I found etsy through this site, and there was no turning back!!
    I’ve bought many things from etsy now, the more recent purchases being the Hyrulian Shield earrings. Also got Sebastian from Black Butler earrings, and a Halo Engery Sword pendant.
    If I wore a watch I would love this, it’s soo beautiful!

  • Nikki

    If only it were a digital watch… too bad digital watches can’t have the cool backgrounds like regular watches-would love to have one if it was digital.

    • Midnafan

      practicality or aesthetics? the things we sacrifice for a good watch…

  • Emma Mix

    Love it. I just might have to get it.

  • baileygirl99

    I love this. Guys probably won’t want to get it though…’cause it’s pink. But I have no problem! But they do have a black leather watch with a Triforce design on it.

    • Midnafan

      again, they said they have other band options. pink is probably not the only color. -_-

      • baileygirl99

        O. And your face thing messed up :-/

        • Midnafan

          no it’s not, that’s a no duh or rolling eyes face. i’m not very talented with emoticons, but i see nothing wrong with that one. :/ oh and sorry if it’s sort of offending, i just felt kind of frustrated having to point out something the article already pointed out more than once.

        • Midnafan

          oh. it didn’t look like that on Disqus…. :/

  • farore

    I would rather have a clock that looked like one from MM and actualy worked like it does in the game, except have it go at our speed.

  • Midnafan

    This watch is really cool. I like the style, it looks really nice and fancy. I’d love to have one. My friend has a TP watch, and what’s hilarious is that it has Link and Wolf Link on it, but the background is black, so every time we take a close look at it, we’re surprised by Wolf Link “Oh, hey! he’s hiding in the back there!” XD

  • Tito Burgess

    I’m getting an awesome triforce watch in the mail anyday now.

  • Zelda4Life

    I think we all know what to say…..

  • bs8814

    I would get it but… its got a pink leather band :(