Custom Kikwi Plushie

SetterwindJanuary 24th, 2013 by Setterwind

If you have a bit of fabric, some odds and ends and a little sewing knowledge, the possibilities are endless. A fellow Zelda fan, tw1nrova from Imgur, had an idea to bring one of those cute little Kikwis to life in plushie form. It is just as adorable in physical form with its bushy tail and pointy nose. Just be careful not to mistake it for a tree. Take a look and see what you think. Pictures after the jump!

Obviously it is not possible to have a real Kikwi as a pet but this is the next best thing. Having a Kikwi plushie to squeeze and hug on whenever you want. Unfortunately, this particular plushie is not for sale but perhaps someone should tell Nintendo how much of a profit they could make by selling them. Do you think you would want to make your own Kikwi? What other character plushie would you want? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Anonymous

    If I was a fangirl, I’d squeal “KIIIIKWEEEEEEE!!!!!”

    What? I’m not sure how a squeal is actually written, and this was fitting!

    • VladNorris

      Kawaii. Japanes for “cute”

      • Anonymous

        Just add a k, and nobody would notice…

  • Laikue

    They need a Mogma Plush, so they can sow the pumpkin seeds for you when you’re being too lazy to do it yourself.

  • Lexi Z

    Motorized Flubbs…Can be put in bath water…:)

  • farore

    well….. um….. its not really cute….. but it nicely made…..

  • Kamusama

    I made a Kikwi too! 8D

    • Lord Carlisle

      Whoa, that looks WAY better! The article should have been on your Kikwi! Seriously, you need to PM the author!

    • this guy

      Yours looks amazing! much better than the one in the article

    • Linkfan99

      Wow, the back even folds and unfolds, too!

    • shmuga9

      That’s awesome! I like how it opens up, and also that it’s so fluffy.

  • Emma Mix

    They forgot the eyebrow things and that the tuft of “grass” on his head should stand up poofy-ish. It’s really not that great…

  • baileygirl99

    Heh…cute……. I would very much enjoy if Nintendo made a Kikwi plushie! I would demand one from my mother!!! It would be SOOOO CUTE!!!

  • Cranbery

    KWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! that is overly adorable!
    I tried drawing a kikwi on my friends paper and it looked like a fat robber

  • Linkfan99

    The back looks good, but the face could be a little more well made.

  • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento


  • BeastModeMan97


  • BlackOwlDog

    I’d love a huge Bucha plushie to sit on :3

    • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

      Or a beanbag chair


    Aw, so cute! adorable!

  • itsameluigi1290

    I liked the other one better, even if the girl had a low cut top which I found unattractive.

  • Navi The Fairy

    F-A-I-L. What does that spell? FAAAIL!!!!! Dude. that is the biggest ZeldaDungeon fail I’ve EVER seen!! Seriously, you REEEEALLY need to practice sewing…… *face palm*

  • DigitalGhost

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to have a Korok plushie!

  • emseeitch
  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    A lot better than I could ever could do. Pretty cool, though the one below my post is better.