Curiosity Shop #110: Zelda Dungeon Mailbag

Axle the BeastJanuary 24th, 2013 by Axle the Beast

Hey there guys! New mailbag! This time we’ve got a few questions regarding the news about Zelda Wii U and The Wind Waker HD! Since that news was just announced, most of the questions are still about other games, but that’s okay, it just makes the mailbag diverse! Future Zelda games are still the main focus of this mailbag, however. Here’s the spinoff article I referenced in the video. 11 questions in all! Enjoy! You can watch the video here or check out the embed after the jump.

Questions and timestamps:

(00:24) – What’s your favorite cameo in a Zelda game?
(00:58) – Hypothetically, if the Zelda series decided to genre hop, what genre would you want for it?
(01:55) – Knowing what we know now, what do you want in the new Zelda Wii U?
(03:42) – What improvements would you like to see in the remake of The Wind Waker?
(04:25) – Are you happy about the delays for quality reasons, or do you think The Wind Waker HD isn’t enough to make up for the wait?
(05:31) – Would you like to see more Zelda games take place in other countries?
(05:47) – How would you feel if your partner in the next Zelda game could fight and be more interactive?
(07:10) – How does Ganon spend his time in the Sacred Realm, and how does he keep escaping?
(07:42) – If you held a Pictograph contest like the one in Majora’s Mask, what shots would you reward?
(08:04) – Which version of Twilight Princess’ Hyrule is canonical? GameCube or Wii?
(08:52) – What’s your opinion on the connection between Demise and Ganondorf?

Be sure to submit your name/username and questions to our contact page, or if that page doesn’t work then email them to [email protected] for next week’s mailbag! You can also use my Twitter or Facebook, or use the Mailbag Thread on the forums!

Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? Include them with your question and you might guarantee it gets answered! How about your thoughts about the questions? What’s your favorite cameo in a Zelda game? What genre would you like to see the Zelda series as? What do you want to see in Zelda Wii U, or changed in The Wind Waker HD? Do you feel that The Wind Waker HD is enough to tide you over until Zelda Wii U? And what’s your theory on the relationship between Demise and Ganondorf? Tell me your thoughts on these and any other questions you want in the comments!

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  • blue

    I disagee; I think that there is an important connection in geography between games. If you compare maps, you’ll se that they’re extremely similar, with a few minor changes.

    • JuicieJ

      Areas are always completely redesigned, though.

      • blue

        Right, but those are on smaller areas.

    • IgosDuIkana

      Yes this is quite true.

    • Frostlink42

      yeah, I think that in the Hyrule Historia, they reference that the TP Castle Town is the same as the OoT Market. Looking at it that way, you can see that the Gamecube version TP has very similar region areas to OoT. The Lost Woods take over a little of Hyrule field, Lake Hylia moved north a bit, and the Zora’s moved (possibly due to Jabu-Jabu’s departure), but other than that it is approximately the same.

  • Anonymous

    Music: Title for WW, or Medli’s Prayer.

    1. I’d have to say Bowser in Ocarina of Time.

    2. Don’t. Multi-game systems may help spread it’s popularity, but don’t change anything about the basic Zelda formula but the control scheme.

    3. I’d like to see Motion Control, or Gamepad Motion/Stick Control like you showed us in a previous video. I’d also like to see some items use the touch screen/gyros of the Gamepad.

    If it’s possible, maybe there can be a slight multiplayer ability, with either the Gamepad being player 2 and Wiimote player 1 (or possibly like Tingle Tuner), or Gamepad being player 1 and Wiimotes being background shooters (like Super Mario Galaxy). The background shooters can damage small enemies, stun medium enemies, and be an annoyance to larger enemies. They may also be able to hold/rotate multiple ammos, which can be rocks, small bombs, etc. Background players may also use their ammo to trip switches. Imagine if a boss fight took place on a multi-track cart, and either the main player or background characters can hit switches to switch track you’re on. Or an armored boss hates explosions, so either Link can time a bomb onto it’s face, or the BG player can shoot a mini-bomb to distract it and have Link find/attack the weak point.

    Good ideas Axel, how do you like mine?

    4. The cut Dungeons, faster boat, maybe a couple new items, target cursor for arrows and ship cannon…

    5. I want WW HD! It’s my second favorite Zelda game! If they decide to add things into WW HD, it can be an experiment for Zelda WiiU.

    6. I love those too. I’d like a game where we travel the world outside Hyrule.

    7. It’d be nice to see a multiplayer partner, also similar to the Goron child in ST or WW’s Medli or Makar (with attacks). However, I don’t want to see just 1 dungeon get multiplayer. Maybe Midna’s descendant can assist Link in all the dungeons. She can fly, grab, spin gears, and lift, drop, and throw objects or enemies. She can’t directly do damage, but can lift the enemies to a height where a drop could hurt, or throw them into/against something damaging. However, she too can take damage, even if holding said monster.

    8. He played Solitaire, and ripped up the Jack and Queen (Link and Zelda) if he lost. To get out, that depends on the game.

    9. Anju and Kafei hugging.

    10. Gamecube, since Wii is a mirrored version of the original.

    11. Ganon is Demise’s curse come true.

    Axel: I agree with (re)-incarnation possibilities. Could it be that the Twili are a banished Demon Tribe, and that they tried to fulfil Demise’s curse?

    • Anonymous

      Uh, rather than thumbing down for 1 or 2 answers, can you reply with your disagreement(s)? It could be that you’re right, and a little debate can clear me up. Or vice versa. Or it’s just an opinion, and neither of us are wrong.
      If you thumbed down due to length, like one person in my past, you can skip what I’ve wrote using Pg Dn (page down) or simple scrolling.

    • Vink

      @Question 3, 1 player uses Wiimote+ and nunchuk for sword, slingshot, bow n arrow, and player 2 uses the gamepad to access inventory/pouch without actually pausing the game, use certain items like maybe a Beetle type item with gyro controls.

      @questino7 where you mentioned Midna can fly, grab, spin gears, and lift, drop, and throw objects or enemies, those are tasks that scrapper the Robot from SS can do too (If he wasn’t such a dick), maybe scrapper could get revived later on in the timeline.

      • Anonymous

        3: Nice idea. But WHO will be using the items? I don’t want to be trying to use the sword when somebody else makes me put it away and pull out my empty bottle… Grumpy siblings who don’t understand the meaning of turns… If 2 different people/characters do this, then ok. But I’d like my Link to have items while another character does his. This would be my Gamepad player 1/2 and Wiimote player 2/1 idea.

        7. Nice other character idea. However, Midna can teleport, and, I think, has a larger fanbase to bring her back. Maybe they can BOTH come back, with Scrapper having a proper attack, digging, and heavy lifting, while Midna has teleport, shadow phase/sneak, and a longer reach. Now, who will the other two Wiimote’s be, assuming Wiimotes share a split-screen TV and Link’s the Gamepad?

  • Demise

    About the reincarnation: me being the incarnation of Hatred, and Hatred being an immaterial and immortal thing, just any guy that hates the world or the goddesses has somewhat inherited my power. As for Ganondorf, he is like my own Chosen One. I dunno about the games like the Oracles or Minish cap, but OoT, being soon after SS on the timeline, sums it up nicely: Ganondorf was living in the Desert, I liked him (being independant from Time, I could obviously do things even though I didn’t actually “exist”), gave him some of my power (or better still, made him the reincarnation of a portion of my power at his birth, since I can time-travel in a way), then he took over Hyrule and I gave him as much power as I could. He also gained the Triforce of power, however because I could not actually give him all I had, he eventually got defeated; but he did not die, due to Link not having the full Trifocre himself, and kept being revived and stuff. He also got more experienced, and then kept resisting whatever Link did.

    A time will come though when Ganondorf will actually die, and my power shalls return to me; and I shall reincarnate as myself once again, and the world shall tremble!

    • Amnis


    • Anonymous

      Ganon’s actually dead on all 3 timelines. If he wasn’t dead on:
      Hero’s Defeat: why would his minions try to revive/resurrect him in 3 games (2, if the Oracles count as one)?
      Adult: why did Zant die, since he can only die when Ganon does?
      Child: why didn’t he come back yet? While he might be alive within the stone, I don’t think the King’s wish upon the Triforce will let Ganon out to ruin their hope for the future.

      Are you going to try to destroy Hyrule be uniting the 3 timelines? Imagine an epic battle between yourself and 3 Hero’s of the Triforce.

      • zeldafever98

        zelda noob -_- twilight princess is on the child timeline and wind waker is on the adult timeline…

        • Anonymous

          hehe. whoops.
          I was thinking toon = child and Link/Midna “love” story was adult…

          • Nevan Lowe

            i at first thought like that, but after thinking about it the story makes more sense the other way around.

    • The Dark Lord Demise


  • rulerofyourface

    08:22 Actually Axle, you are quite wrong. In almost all Zelda games (in hyrule, like OoT, Skyward Sword, and Twilight Princess Gamecube version, the forest is south, the desert is west, the castle is center-north-ish, and the lake is like south east. So the gamecube version is Chononical

    • Meeeeep

      The lake is SW in OoT

    • Axle the Beast

      Not trying to be rude, but you’ve disproven your own statement by saying “in ALMOST all”; clearly, it isn’t true of all of them. And even in the ones where it mostly seems to work, there are still major differences. If you compare the maps of ALttP and OoT, for example, both the woods and lake are in completely different locations, and the distance and position in relation to each other of the castle and mountain are completely different as well.

      Twilight Princess does seem to mostly line up with OoT, but there’s major problems in other areas too. It was intended as a pretty direct sequel to OoT, though, so some hefty similarities are to be expected in this case. Skyward Sword, also, was mimicking TP’s world intentionally.

      • rulerofyourface

        Your right Axle, as a fan, I try to find as much continuity as I can, even if I sort of make it up for my own sake. Oh, and that wasn’t rude, correcting me was kind of your job, and I love you for it :D

  • firecrb

    And the posters finally fixed. :P

  • Vink

    LOL you cracked me up when you turned into wolf Link axle XD.

  • Neko Kitty

    The quote on the back of the paper is from Wind Waker, when you pay those two little girls on WindFall Island two Rupees for information.

  • GanonsBaker

    Alright, hear me out. I think that ganondorf is actually Din’s chosen hero. If he wasn’t, why would the godess save him from death?(implied in twilight princess). I think that, shortly after his birth into the gerudo who were “Nobel Theives” (FSA) the remaining evil of demise’s hatred foud its way to him and as an ironic twist, used the power goddeses’ hero against her and her sisters. I don’t mean that he was possesed however, but only that, like Vaati possibly befor him, the young gerudo’s heart was influenced twords hatred and despise as he always held a grudge, even from a young age, twords hylia’s people. Seeing this change in her hero, Din asked Nayru and Farore to choose their hero’s quickly and to pick those who would be most successful in saving her hero. Nayru, with her infinite wisdom, chose the bloodline of the goddess-turned-mortal hylia/firs zelda as her hero. Farore knowing that someone with an immovable heart would be needed decided to choose someone who either had the blood of hylia’s hero, or a spirit very similar to his. with all three heros chosen and the battle for the first hero’s concious on the line the tables were set for Ocarina of Time! please voice your opinions!

    • myras

      yes This would also explain why ganondorf was only able to claim the triforce of power

  • baileygirl99

    Haha the beginning was funny! And I love WW music too! And the quote….feeling WW-ish today?
    A working partner would be cool!
    He has the Triforce…I think he would be able get out of almost ANYTHING.
    Hot girls? In MM? Or any game?(besides OoT) REALLY, AXLE?
    I think Ganondorf was cursed by Demise’s hatred.

  • Pgpaw3

    YES! He answered my question!

  • The Unicorn Hanger-Outer

    I heardabout Wind waker on wii U two hours after it was announced. I went berserk! I WANT!

  • EOTW

    Wow, I got my question answered on the first try! I don’t think Ganon spends all of his time cursing the heroes; I think he’s slacking off playing some game other than Zelda. You’d think he could beat Link given that much time for training. On a side note: methinks Axle is getting into a certain game that involves a subterranean tale…

  • Carl Maggio

    Your second question was. “(00:58) – Hypothetically, if the Zelda series decided to genre hop, what genre would you want for it” You didn’t want to think of an answer for this? I mean, he did say hypothetically, you could have at least put your perspective on Zelda changing genres, I don’t want to ever see Zelda as a FPS or anything other than what it is (since Zelda is it’s own genre in it’s own right). It would have been cool to hear what you would have thought about instead of shutting the idea completely.

    • Axle the Beast

      I actually did. I said a sidescrolling platformer like Metroid.

      Aside from that, though, it’s a very difficult question for me to answer because it’s not something I’d think of much even hypothetically. I can’t imagine the main series without some semblance of adventure elements. I did however think that a Metroid-like Zelda game would be amazing and fitting, since in Zelda 2, the series has some sidescrolling roots, and that is a genre hop that I did state.

  • Linkfan99

    Darn. For once I know the music, the sound, AND the quote, yet I don’t have any questions. Hmmm…

    • Hero_of_Skyloft

      Will you tell me then? :)

      • Linkfan99

        Yes. The music is djflafdsfasdfs the sound is fdsjfsdljfsdf and the quote is fdsfadf from dsfasf . NO I won’t tell you.

        • Hero_of_Skyloft

          I was joking, I know you would not tell me. :)

  • TwilightSword

    I’m looking forward to The Wind Waker HD, since that’s the one console game I’ve never played (not counting FSA).

  • Link999

    I think that if Nintendo’s is going to make Zelda WiiU coop, it should be with the companion. When playing solo, you can use her/him as an item, like shooting them at enemies like magic, and playing coop, the second player can control the companion.

  • Kefka

    I think demise was a god but had a greed for power in a evil way so they kicked him out and he wanted revenge and after Link in skyword sword defeated and killed him his spirit went off. Then Twinrova migth have tooken a boar killed it then sacrificed to Demise who then became nown as ganon and a human that made him ganandorf.I don’t know if it is true but thats my therio.

  • OniLink97

    There is probably a Zelda 3ds on the way too so there should be enough to wet our appetites. As for WW, the dungeons they removed to be brought back in and to orchestrate the music, that would be lovely as WW has great muci but an orchestra would take it to a whole new level. As for Zelda Wii U, i would like the 7 hidden moved to be brought back and maybe faster sword play, I know that may mean ditching motion controls but that would not bother me, I want Link to come accross as an expert swordsman, if they could mix up motion controls and and conventional ones to this I think it would be great

  • Abbygaily

    Zeda needs romance between Zelda and Link

  • hunterj

    Just a thought..It seems the first thought to the “rethink playing by yourself”, is local Co op. Could they be referring to instead some type of online play? The Wii u itself focused on how well they developed their online community. thinking out loud.

  • Invader_Zim342

    My gosh, is that Moonsong at the end? Awesome that you used Cave Story music.

  • Jo Five

    Silly Axle, you already get prizes in Majora’s Mask for taking pictures of hot girls. Remember Lulu, the Gerudo Pirates, and Tingle? There’s also a minor prize for Big Octorocks.
    Personally, I’d reward a photo of Pamela and her father, or a picture of Sakon robbing the old lady (think of that as evidence in a future courtroom trial). The hatching of the Zora eggs would be a good one (you know, to start our family album). PIctures of dancing Redeads in Ikana Castle. Or a picture of Darmani at his grave: nothing says “winning picture” than getting a ghost you can only see with a Lens of Truth on film. Among others, things in various games that inspire emotion or are so rare and sacred that only Link will ever set eyes on them because he’s the chosen hero. Like pictures of maidens in crystals getting sent to Dark World, or the Mirror and Palace of Twilight, or the resting place of the Master Sword.
    Games like Link’s Awakening and Wind Waker had similar photography quests, so we might be due another one. And the trainspotter in Spirit Tracks holds up his camera everywhere just so he could get good shots of the Spirit Train. Just think about it. Link: Hero of Hyrule and investigative journalist!

  • Ghostly Gengar 99

    If I was a could give prizes for a picture contest I would reword them with a punch in the FACE.

  • Ghostly Gengar 99

    Sorry that made no seines at the beginning in my last comment.

  • Ghostly Gengar 99

    I think it would be cool your partner in Zelda games could help you do puzzles and stuff but make it that you can do it in more places than one unlike Spirit Tracks.

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