Curiosity Shop #108: Zelda Dungeon Mailbag

Axle the BeastJanuary 10th, 2013 by Axle the Beast

Hey guys, new mailbag! This one’s got an extra large number of viewer opinion questions, where I want to hear what you guys would say more than usual. There’s four of those. The rest, as usual, cover a wide variety of topics in the series, although again we have a particularly large number of future Zelda questions and just general design questions. There’s 13 questions in all. Enjoy! You can watch the video here or check out the embed after the jump.

Questions and timestamps:

(00:19) – What is the hardest Zelda game in your opinion?
(01:10) – What is your favorite Ocarina song in Ocarina of Time?
(01:53) – What is your favorite sidequest from any Zelda game?
(02:48) – Which style of Zelda do you like better? Cartoony The Wind Waker or realistic Twilight Princess?
(04:00) – Would you like to see a Zelda span over a long period of time, where Link gets taller?
(04:25) – What do you think about getting to choose your weapon at the beginning of the game?
(04:52) – Do you think the developers would be willing to change the story and make it more sophisticated?
(06:12) – Do you think in the future Nintendo will make a game based around the Goddesses or the culture of Hyrule?
(07:19) – Do you think Zelda games should have regions or just an open map?
(08:05) – If the Master Sword is enchanted to destroy evil, how come the Biggoron Sword is stronger?
(08:13) – Why did Navi leave at the end of Ocarina of Time?
(09:05) – How old is Vaati? Is he Toon Link’s age or is he a lot older?
(09:54) – Do you think that Arbiter’s Grounds could be a “remodeling” of the Spirit Temple from Ocarina of Time?

Be sure to submit your name/username and questions to our contact page, or if that page doesn’t work then email them to [email protected] for next week’s mailbag! You can also use my Twitter or Facebook, or use the Mailbag Thread on the forums!

Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? Include them with your question and you might guarantee it gets answered! How about your thoughts about the questions? Which Zelda game is the hardest to you? Which Ocarina song was your favorite in Ocarina of Time? What’s your favorite Zelda sidequest? And did you like The Wind Waker’s cartoony look or Twilight Princess’ realistic look better? Tell me your thoughts on these and any other questions you want in the comments!

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  • Guy

    My favorite ocarina song in general is song of storms, but my favorite teleportation song is Prelude of Light. To me, the most difficult game is Adventure of Link.

  • JJMasterz1230

    Thx Axle 4 answerin my question at thhe beginning! I agree with u in skyward sword being one of the harder games, 4 its new gameplay mechanics were something 2 get used 2 (which were awesome), and the various puzzles were both fun and quite challenging, such as moving the rooms in the Sky Keep!

    • Guy

      I LOVE THE SKY KEEP! It is just such an origional dungeon!

      • JJMasterz1230

        yea it was really fun! my favorite temple tho waz actually the sandship, cuz it was one of the new styles of dungeons, and it wasn’t just like a temple, it was a BOAT. My favorite boss tho was Koloktos from ancient cistern, cuz u got 2 use da wip in a fun way, and at the end u got 2 use his weapons against him! wat waz ur favorite boss?

        • Guy

          I liked Koloktos, but my favorite boss was either the final gannon boss from OoT, or shadow link from AoL

          • JJMasterz1230

            oh if were talkin bout all zelda games, my favorite boss would be majora from majoras mask, becausse u got 2 fight his different forms, and, if u got all the mask, u get 2 use the awesome FIERCE DEITY MASK! lol

          • Guy

            I wish there was things like the fierce deity mask in other games… ;(

          • JJMasterz1230

            u bet lik some item 2 make link older, taller and stronger!

          • Guy

            Sort of. Something that increases links damage, and makes his moves (back-flip, side-jump, jump-attack, fatal blow, etc) look more epic, and more effective.

          • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

            Me too. Who doesn’t want to turn into a god so ferocious and powerful he is known simply as “The Fierce Deity” !?

          • Linkfan99

            GANNON BANNED!

        • Linkfan99

          tho waz cuz da u wip 2 wat ur
          Lol. Your txtish made me laugh.

          • JJMasterz1230

            can i help u?

          • Linkfan99

            Nope. Not at all.

        • MegaQuack8

          I completley agree with Koloktos his battle strategy was unique in its own way …
          the temple was the best water temple EVER
          and using his own sword to beat him was BRILLIANT good job Nintendo
          also i think the last Ghirahim battle made it close to 2nd

          • JJMasterz1230

            yea i agree it waz an awesom water temple, and fighting Ghirahim was really fun, too!

      • Linkfan99

        That was BY FAR the hardest part of Skyward Sword. Only part in the game where I had to use a little bit of a walkthrough for. (Just in one room.)

        • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

          I got through the Sky Keep without a walkthrough. I impressed myself!

    • Triforce Snatcher

      that was really fun, and a nice twist on the dungeons

    • NamGam

      Majora’s Mask did have difficult puzzles. However, puzzlewise I would have to say either Oracle of Ages or Seasons. I remember running around and around wondering where a certain key was.

      Combatwise I would have to say Zelda II. I was pulling my hair out by the time I got to Dark Link. So I just cheated and did the corner-crouch-stab “technique”.

      • JJMasterz1230

        lol yea AoL was VERY frusturating!
        (p.s. i cheated 2 lol) :)

  • Triforce Snatcher

    i find the harder Zelda games are the older ones on game boy, i always found the dungeons really challenging. Also the over world felt like one large puzzle, something which skyward sword did, but the older ones did better. They also dint hold your hand throughout the whole game.
    btw anyone reading i would love to hear you opinion on this.

    • Guy

      I totally agree

    • JJMasterz1230

      same her the minish cap waz my firtst 2d zelda game and i found it very challenging! I actually had 2 use a walkthrough again, and i promised myself i wouldnt. However, the game was great and i cant wait 2 play ALTP

      • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

        A Link to the Past is amazing. You won’t be disappointed.

        • JJMasterz1230

          was it better than the minish cap? (if u playd it)

    • Emma Mix

      Ugh, the overworld in the original loz? XD

    • JeredenDonnar

      I got so lost in LOZ that I returned the game. I had only ever played OoT, MM and TWW and only parts of those. That open-world exploration killed me.

  • Guy


  • the_flaming_raisin

    1. AOL, for the 2d ones. SS, for the 3d ones.
    2. Song of Storms, by far. do do dee, do doee!
    3. The Poe Souls in Tp. It was like the bigger, funner brother of the Gold Skutulla quest.
    4. Whatever suits the games feel. If LA had the gritty graphics of Tp, then I wouldn’t like it.
    5. Ocarina of time already did that, but if you mean like a game that lasts 20 years game-time, then, well, maybe.
    6. As long as the Master Sword is not the starting weapon, I’d like that.
    7. The story was/is so sophisticated, the fans were making their own timelines. It got so bad that the big N had to shut them up with a crappy but satisfactory timeline.
    8. Probably not.
    9. Just an open map. SS did just fine with regions, but an open map would have been waaaaay more epic.

  • LINKn Logs

    For me the first Zelda is by far the hardest. The thought of beating that game without any form of walkthrough is crazy talk.

    • Guy

      The main difficulty is finding the dungeons, and making sure it is the right one

      • Vink

        I know right, I haven’t found the second dungeon yet, I completed level 1 and level 3 though and I know where level 4,5 and 6 are, i just can’t complete them due to lack of certain items.

        • a

          The later dungeons get alot harder.

  • erikingvoldsen

    1. AoL…I…I didn’t even think that’s debatable. In fact, I can’t believe Axle didn’t mention one of the earlier games in general.

    2. Serenade of Water

    3. Cave of Ordeals and Lightning Round. I found the Anju and Sidequest too…boring. Way too much waiting and sitting involved.

    4. Realistic. I just didn’t find tWW’s style immersive and it made the Great Sea boring. I was introduced with OoT’s dark style, so I guess that’s why I prefer it.

    6. *holds up copy of Twilight Princess* Ball and Chain.

    7. Well I’ve found Zelda to almost always be dark and gritty with the exception of the tWW trio.

    8. When did tWW go into religion? It seemed to avoid it to me…

    9. Open world.

    • GanonsBaker

      the ‘sitting and waiting’ was suposed to build tention as you were forced to wait for kafei not knowing if he’d come before the moon fell

  • rulerofyourface

    I SENT IN A QUESTION! Wish me luck guys!

  • Ender44

    they may have described vaati as a man, but ruto described sheik as a man in Ocarina of time. So, vaati could very well not be a man, though this is very unlikely.

  • ColdRadio

    Navi leaves Link at the end of OoT for the same reason he had not yet received a fairy at the beginning: he is not Kokiri. He lived with them, but he was Hylian by blood, and Hylians do not receive fairy companions. Navi came to him at the behest of the Great Deku Tree and aided him due to the importance of his quest, but after that quest was completed, tradition demanded they part ways, however heartbreaking that had become for both of them.

    • JeredenDonnar

      oh, that makes sense. Good point.

  • Oracle of Sages

    I think that Zelda 2, Adventure of Link was by far the hardest game. Maybe because it is so different from the other games I’m used to, but it combined the difficulty of finding dungeons (or palaces in AoL’s case) that the original game had, with a new and very hard system of sword fighting. You also didn’t have other weapons like bombs or arrows to help you out. Everything had to be killed by your sword and enemies didn’t even drop hearts. I was very used to the GAME OVER RETURN OF GANON screen by the end of the game.

    • Hawkins Holden

      I agree. Everything about that game was difficult. I never could beat Dark Link; I always used that glitch to beat him ;)

  • Linkfan99

    LOL 4:00-4:18

  • Anonymous

    1. The original and its sequel tie.

    2. I’d have to say Zelda’s Lullaby or Saria’s song. One is upbeat song, the other calming.

    3.I’m not sure. Probably Anju and Kafei.

    4. They have their ups and downs. The graphical style should go hand in hand with the story style. I want some serious emotions and tears to come to my eyes, but I don’t want to lose the magic, wonder, and innocence/purity of Hyrule, Link, or Zelda. For that reason, I loved Skyward Swords half-and-half style.

    5. Long time, as in we’d have to take weeks or years to beat it? NO WAY! Something like Ocarina of Time?

    Good one Axel!

    6. Good idea Axel. We can start with a training sword, then get the option of another weapon with different qualities (spear’s reach, Ax’s damage, or swords versatility) before getting the Master Sword, and possibly an upgrade to our other weapon (longer reach/anti-air spear, pierce defenses Ax, Biggoron’s Sword).

    7. Nintendo’s about family. If you want an M rated game, go to another company. If you want maturity/sophistication in Zelda, Nintendo will probably balance it with characters for kids (Twilight Princess had Bug Girl and Yeti to balance darker parts of the storyline). We are Link. If there’s romance, we should have a say in who’s the girl.

    Good wording Axel. I agree.

    8. WANT WANT WANT! Flesh out the world!

    9. Regions prevent dungeon/difficulty skipping. Open Map means you can go to any place immediately, without the necesary items/life, and die quickly. I want regions with some open map.

    10. Because it’s bigger, a hard side quest item, no shield to make up for poor(er) atk, etc.

    11. I was thinking “job done”. Nice thoughts for forget the future (and possibly past).

    12. Which game? I’d guess he’s a teen/young adult (in Minish years and Hylian form) in Minish Cap.

    13. Similarities, but they could just be the structure/culture of the Gerudo. I personally think the Spirit Temple was a temple with prisons meant for Gerudos who broke the law of the people or religion, and the TP dungeon is its own building.

  • twilightlover

    I want them to make one more like twilight princess in the graphic style and delving slightly into Link’s feelings but I want MORE of his own feelings and a more sophisticated storylink and more realistic enemies

  • DarkMachi


  • baileygirl99

    The hardest for me would probably be TP so far. I haven’t played MM yet.
    My favorite is the Serenade of Water. It’s just sooo beautiful!!
    I like the Biggoron Sword trading sequence side quest the best.
    I like the animation in WW, but I like the TP and SS art styles better. OoT3D is my favorite.
    Whoever asked about the game where Link gets taller, what they probably mean is it takes place where Link gradually grows, in stead of just going from kid to adult. Like he goes from age 10 to 11 when you beat the first few temples, then keeps on growing and getting older as his quest continues.
    Sword, and master sword ONLY. Other weapons just wouldn’t go along with it all.
    Deeper love interests would be interesting…I know that there has already been lovestories, but I would like it if they went more into it. Agame based around the goddesses would be cool, and it would explain a lot. I would think they would fit more info of the goddesses into a game.
    I had trouble navigating in TP, but in SS, I enjoyed it more because it was just simpler.
    I believe that Navi left because her job was done, and Link isn’t a Kokiri, so she needed to move on to another Kokiri, but that’s just my guess.
    I think Vaati was a man. And in the manga, Link would’ve been in the swordsman competition, but he didn’t practice enough.
    It would make sense if the Arbiter’s Grounds was the Spirit Temple.

  • DuelMark

    Best opening to your videos ever.
    Who was that person that hit you anyway? Someone who remembered your comment about Generation 1 Transformers back in that Michael Bay video post and came to give you his response? (I kid… but seriously, don’t talk bad about Transformers)

  • Jake Davies

    Zelda II, Song of Storms, Goron Races, Twilight Princess, Yes, Not so much unless the sword AND another weapon is chosen, not really– but I would hope so, No–but I would again hope for the coverage of this concept, A nice open mixture of both would be nice, It’s bigger, just ‘cuz, ?, no

  • Arshad Mawla

    1. Adventure of link… :(

    2. The song of storms.

    3. The biggoron sword (only cuz of the reward though.)

    4. A bit of both actually, kinda like Skyward Sword.

    5. Not really, no.

    6.Sounds good.

    7. I hope not, don’t want another kingdom hearts. :)

    9. Open map
    10. Because it is bigger….. p.s. the biggoron seord can’t finish off Ganon in OOT so, technically the master sword has a slight edge over it.
    11. She had better things to do.
    12. He is a picori and i think they age differently so he could be the same in terms of age but older in appearence and maturity. (If wanting to rule the world is considered mature)
    13. Haven’t played inside the spirt temple yet :(

  • Root Cmd

    1. Adventure of link.

    2. Serenade of water

    3. No one…

    4. I like both, but not together like in S.S

    5. No

    6. Would be nice, It would not be so easy to guess what to do…

    7. No

    8. No, we already have tomb raider or uncharted and others

    9. Open map

    10. I’ve been wondering that too for long time…

    11. Could be the same reason why Fi left in S.S her purpose was complete when link fill the role as a hero

    12. We don’t even know from where he come from… and also when the four sword was created ?

    13. Of course it is… nintendo has been recycling ideas since OoT

    • Ryan

      The four sword was created during The Minish Cap.

  • Ryan

    The Spirit Temple and the Arbiters Grounds, in the time line exist at the same time so they can’t be a remodelled temple.

  • Seth Taylor Moore

    4:00 – Ocarina of Time is a terrible example of Link getting taller and growing older throughout the game. It’s reversible, and for the most part his abilities don’t change with his age and size. A Link who actually grows up as the game progresses is a Link who has a story and (hopefully) a personality that you care about.

  • Treellipsis

    1. Does Freshly Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland count?

    2. Serenade of water or song of storms.

    3. Link’s Awakening trading sequence, it made so little sense that I couldn’t help but adore it,

    4. Cartoony

    5. Not really…

    6. Picking a weapon at the start which then essentially evolves would be quite pokemon-esque, I like the idea, that or a fire emblem style weapon weakness triangle. (e.g. Swords>Axes>Spears>Swords)

    7. Part of Zelda’s charm is the fairly simple story, an elaborate narrative would make it feel too much like a movie and not enough like a video game.

    8. Regions, they’re easier for a console to render, so more processing power could go into making the world map look awesome.

    9. Because it’s the arbitrary huge sword in a Japanese game, it doesn’t really need any further justification.

    10. I’m going to guess it was so they had some plot to build a sequel on.

    11. He’s definitely meant to look like an adult in his human form, but as for his actual age, it could be anything…

    12. That would definitely make the dungeon more interesting…

  • JJMasterz1230

    i admit, the original LoZ was really great, with the total freedom of open world! but the problem was, sometimes, u may get a little too adventurous, and end up in the wrong dungeon at the wrong time:(

  • Ian

    Navi left because Link didn’t need her anymore, as he defeated Ganondorf and was a Hylian.

  • Jeshua

    My favorite song is Minuet of Forest ;D and about the Arbiters Ground, i think is a diferent location if you look around Gerudos Desert, you may find that is a lot of mountains in the desert, maybe one of thhis mountains could be the spirit temple because in TP Link not pass over the Haunted Wasteland:D greetings I really like your sections Axle :D

  • JeredenDonnar

    I would love to see ocarina-visuals again. The most difficult game for me was The Wind Waker ( though that might be just because my memory card required formatting every 6 months or so, in which time I was unable to get past the earth temple. Then I got a Wii!) My favorite Ocarina song is Gerudu Valley (or minuet of forest)

  • Driorianos

    Music is the learning theme from Twilight Princess, where Link is taught the sword techniques ectect. The monkey quote is from the beginning of, again, Twilight Princess, when, after showing off your sword skillz, Talo catches sight of a monkey and urges the other kids to chase it and teach it a lesson. I don’t know about music, I’ve never been able to hear it, it’s so faint. Maybe I’ll try headphones one day.

    Hardest Zelda game had to have been Minish cap. I didn’t have any trouble gameplay wise, or puzzles or anything like that… no, it’s just that it took me perhaps ten game overs before I beat Vaati. Music, either Serenade of Water, or Nocturne of Shadow. The first is really airy and beautiful, but the Shadow one is very introspective. Not quite reaching sad, just sounding like it’s still. It kind of reminds me of Claire de Lune, which I learned in gradeschool for the recorder, how it’s supposed to be played slow and like longing. Ahaha, whatever.

    Favorite sidequest… hm. Kafei is up top, for sure, but I think I like the Moon Children/Fierce Deity quest the most. It’s like this gem, where you don’t have to do it, you can go on and beat it without it, but it adds this entire extra dungeon and there’s something sad about talking to the moon children and giving up the masks.

    Graphics is a non issue for me, I don’t prefer one over the other, they’re both beautiful. The bright colors versus watching Lake Hylia at sunset is hard to compare.

    Extra, I think I’ve mentioned this before but if so, oh well. Navi. I’ve thought in the past about this, and one thing that Rauru says about the Temple of Time, the Chamber of Sages, and the Temple of Light made me think differently than just ‘leaving Link.’ The Entrance to the Sacred Realm is hidden in the Temple of Time. The Temple of Light is within the Sacred Realm, a barrier between the two. The window that Navi leave from, is literally ALWAYS shining bright light. Night or day, past or future. It really shouldn’t in the future. So my thought was, perhaps Navi went off to reside within the Temple of Light, or the Sacred Realm. Thoughts on why are, of course, speculation.

  • the hero of shadow

    CURIOSITY MAIL BAG QUESTION: um hey axle do you believe the fused shadow in Twilight princess and Majoras mask is well MAjoras mask is the same thing

  • the hero of shadow

    i meant in majoras mask srry

  • cavestory fan

    cave story plantation music thts hilarious cuase i was listening to tht song today i like running hell song better though srry for swear

  • the hero of shadow

    Owen(A.K.A Axle) your awesome

  • ToriRain

    I’d like to work with this website