Cool Wooden Triforce Plugs

JordanJanuary 19th, 2013 by Jordan

Do you have holes in your ears that need filling? Have your gauges gotten bored with Hot Topic’s plug options? Well, for the Zelda enthusiasts who gauge their ears there is now a very cool solution available to “plug your holes!” Custom plug website has recently started selling pairs of Zelda-based plugs designed with a neat wooden Triforce engraving. They are available in a wide range of sizes so almost anyone with holey ears can wear them!

If you or a friend have gauged ears and are looking for a way to Zelda-fy them, jump inside to see how you can get a hold of these sweet plugs!

Created individually per order, these plugs are made of saba wood and as such are a bit pricey but well worth it. They are available in sizes ranging from half an inch (13 millimeters) to two inches (50 millimeters) and are priced from $26.99 to $48.99 per pair, respectively. Additionally, orders totaling over $50 get free shipping!

If you’re interested, head on over to to order your pair. The seller has noted that the plugs are made to order so they could take a week or two to ship, but that’s not a bad price to pay for something this nicely crafted. They also mentioned that smaller sizes may be less detailed due to the smaller canvas.

Do you like the design of these plugs? Do you or your friends have gauges, and if so would you buy these? If not, go ahead and let us know your thoughts anyways in the comments!


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  • Jam9t3

    Ok seriously, ‘Plug your holes’ just sounds wrong lol, just being honest :l

    • Jordan DiPalma

      Welp, that’s the site’s name. Nuttin’ I can do about it.

  • Tehlul

    That guy in the corner looks like the Fallout guy

  • Darkgreyfire

    This to me says “I’m a big Legend of Zelda fan, that wants nobody to hire me for a job”.

  • your mother larry

    Anyone who wears plugs I automatically assume they’re a douche bag. Even if they were zelda theme, I’d still want to punch.

  • Jordan S

    What a great way to say, “Im a huge nerd!”

  • Cmaster

    If I were trying to fall asleep on an airplane I would want to have some nice fitting $50 ear plugs in, where the person sitting next to me can totally tell that I am a Zelda fan. Sarcasm!!! *cough* *cough*

    • Jordan DiPalma

      Not that kind of earplugs… these are plugs for gauges, which is a name for stretched-piercings in ears.

  • bs8814

    Sick as momento