Brawl in the Family’s Holiday Music Video Features Link

DaveyJanuary 6th, 2013 by Davey

The popular webcomic, Brawl in the Family, uploaded a holiday video just a while ago to conclude a few of their recent comics. The video combines parts of Zelda, Kirby, Super Mario Bros., and Pokémon into a short and silly segment, all fitting both their Smash Bros. crossover and holiday themes.

If you aren’t tired of the holiday mood we’ve all almost shaken off, hit the jump to see the comics and the video!

Before you watch the video, you should check out comics #454, #455, #456, and #457, as the video combines all of those comics and concludes them. You can start with #454 here.

Not bad, but I’m sure a lot of you are sick of anything Christmas by now. You can always come back next year and read the comics when you’re just starting to warm up to the yuletide spirit! It was certainly interesting to explore what would happen if Luigi became the Hero of Time in some sort of crazy Zelda/Mario universe combining. Just be luck you don’t have to deal with that, timeline theorists!

If you’d like to read the notes by the artist about the video, check out the video’s page here.

What did you think of the video and the comics? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Brawl in the Family

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  • Peldms63

    Wasn’t this one already posted here?

    • clovervidia

      Wouldn’t surprise me.

    • No.


      • Joharis Yadiel Burgos-Cotto

        ye it was

      • Linkfan99

        You’re wrong. But oh well, they just made a mistake.

        • lan lan cow


          • Linkfan99

            Please stop, whoever you are. Everyone is starting to think you are really me. So please stop.

        • butt naked moblin

          Dude stop the cow thing. Everyone knows it’s you, and It’s not funny anymore.

          • Linkfan99

            See? That’s not me. I swear. Can I provide any proof? No. But you have to trust me. IT’S NOT ME.

          • bastian

            Actually Linkfan99 and Ian Ian cow have completely different IPs, for what it’s worth.

    • Pendio

      Yes, it was posted here a few weeks ago I believe.

      • zombie_eat_flesh

        It was posted Dec. 31.

    • bastian

      Heh, turns out: yes. Sorry, guys. We publish so many news posts each day that sometimes it can get confusing what has/hasn’t already been written about. Ah well. :D

      • baileygirl99

        I just feel bad for the person who posted it, because they re gonna get a bunch of complaints and mean comments :-(

        • ralphpotato

          It’s alright. I should have checked our recent posts to see if it had been published already.

        • Midnafan

          at least bastian already covered that issue, so hopefully it won’t get too much hate. :)

      • Midnafan

        at least you guys are keeping us in the know, unlike PD, which has a regular posting of one a month. if this wasn’t here, it looks like we wouldn’t have anything today :)

      • Mich

        ahaha i find irony in the post, “we publish so many news posts each day”? are you serious?

        • bastian

          Yes. Most days we publish at least four Zelda related posts. Compared to other Zelda fan sites, that’s three more a day than average. ;)

          • Mich

            Don’t forget that those Zelda fan sites post the news 2 weeks before than you, just sayin…

          • itsameluigi1290

            Here we go again. If you don’t like the (So called) lateness of this site, why do you stick around? XD

          • bastian

            Don’t forget those same other Zelda fan sites post news two weeks AFTER us sometimes. The point is that we get out MORE news more often and usually quicker than the other Zelda fan sites. :D

    • Midnafan


  • LusterMan

    Yeah. Someone dropped the ball with this one. This was posted on the 31st.

  • Cmaster

    not this article again!!!

  • The Hylian Monolith

    Ha. I saw this a while ago, it made absolutely no sense. Now that I have context(and have seen Wreck-It Ralph, Deku Link is in there!) it makes perfect sense.

    And believe it or not, your timing is perfect. Today we open the presents we couldn’t take to Boston, and have a wonderful family brunch. So, yes, it’s still Christmas with me!

    • Midnafan

      ok i watched that movie twice, and i didn’t see deku link. i saw a bear in a green hat if that’s what you thought it was. :/ besides all the characters were from arcade games, MM wasn’t an arcade game.

      • Jordan DiPalma

        Sonic’s in there, and his arcade presence has been minimal if not nonexistent. Plus, Ralph mentions Lara Croft, a console-only character, and he finds a Super Mushroom from Mario Bros. as well as the Metal Gear Solid exclamation point when rummaging through trash. They reference a lot of non-arcade games as well. Though I never caught Deku Link (only saw the movie once, didn’t know about him), I just wanted to point out that it’s feasible.

        • itsameluigi1290

          And Bowser’s in the Bad Guy Anon. Sonic was on Sonic the Fighters, so it’s not nonexistent, just minimal XD

          • Midnafan

            bowser also didn’t have a speaking part. for the most part, i noticed nintendo really missed out on this movie. they had the nes console, and sparce mario references, but that was about it. even bowser seemed like more of placeholder than a cameo. and sonic is sega, so at least they got their cameos in there. really wish we could have seen more from nintendo. at least the arcade game characters appealled to adults who went to see the movie. ;)

          • Jordan DiPalma

            They actually had the rights to Mario as well but in the end the scene they’d written for the brothers didn’t seem to do them justice so it was scrapped. There’s talks of a sequel that’ll focus more on non-arcade games, so maybe then.

        • Midnafan

          sonic also didn’t have a speaking part (although he was in the background a number of times) some of those other ones were just for laughs from us gamers, but lara croft, mushroom exclamation point weren’t characters, just again, laughs from gamers who would get it. :)

          • Midnafan

            let me go back on sonic’s speaking part: he had one, but it was to make a point that would be important for the rest of the movie

  • gamer

    This was stupid the first time around. Why do you hate us?

    • Midnafan

      i thought it was cute…:'(

      • itsameluigi1290

        Me too ;_;

  • itsameluigi1290


    • SecondGear

      OH MY GOSH! I love that movie.

    • The Hylian Monolith

      Hiii Ralph. I certainly hope you got the reference, itsame. :)

      • itsameluigi1290

        Your reference or the ref in the comic? Because I do understand the whole Medal suggestion thing :D Still a bit disapointed there wasn’t any Zelda in the movie, but my main man Sonic was, so it wasn’t a big loss!

        • The Hylian Monolith

          Yes there was! He’s rally hard to pick out, but if you look at the bottom of the screen when they’re doing the big sweep of Gaming Central, you’ll see a little brown-and green guy walking around with a fairy. I now it’s Deku Link, he’s a lot more detailed than the smudge I’m describing!

          … I’ll bet that some Zelda fan fought so hard to get Link in there… Works for me.

          • itsameluigi1290

            I dunno, he just looked like a bear wearing Link’s hat, to me.

    • Midnafan

      i know, i thought that was funny :D

  • Jo Five

    Although you posted this already, why didn’t anyone show the Luigi/Gandondorf comics? They’re funny!

  • Mr.C.Brown


  • Midnafan

    Hate to burst your bubble, but this was already covered! XD still, it’s a great video with funny perks and tied with the comics its pretty funny. :)

  • Amber

    That was weird.