Zeldathon Water is Now Underway: 5 Days of Zelda for Charity

Mases HagopianDecember 28th, 2012 by Mases Hagopian

Our friends over at Zeldathon are currently in the middle of their semi-annual Zelda Marathon. Among the dozens of groups that run Zelda marathons for charity, Zeldathon is one of the most established teams and have put on Winter and Summer marathons for the last several years. This time around they are raising money for Charity: Water, a non-profit charity that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. This years Winter Zeldathon will cross into the New Year, set to conclude on January 1st. I’ve gone ahead and included the stream below, but you can go ahead and check out Zeldathon to take part in the live chat.

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  • the greatest

    guys get a life

    • Hero of Time

      Do you realize that they are doing this for CHARITY?

      • Waker of Winds

        hear hear would you rather people get sick & die because of unclean water or a ton of people are psycho nerds for a few days
        PS im one of them

        • Hero of Time

          Very well said.

    • Linkfan99

      Dude, how cruel can you be? They are doing this for charity, not for fun! I think YOU need to get the life here, going around telling that to people who are doing this for a good cause.

    • petbir

      FALSE. If they no life then they would be dead.

  • starman888

    nice pikachu, dude closest to the left

    • diabloaura

      I read your comment 13 hours after you posted it. He STILL is holding the pikachu.

  • baileygirl99

    I will watch once I get on my computer, because it won’t exactly work so well on my iPad. But I can’t donate (I don’t hav a credit card) sorry! :-(

  • jon

    20 grand for real?

  • SariaOOT_ocarina_Player9

    I wish i could donate money :( is this live?

  • SariaOOT_ocarina_Player9

    who’s talking…?

  • LoZCardsfan23

    Zeldathon has just concluded! $45,278 in five days! That is quite impressive indeed!

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