Zelda Wedding Rings Available for Purchase

TimothyDecember 7th, 2012 by Timothy

Are you almost set to get married or are planning on asking your special loved one to join you in an everlasting unity of love and happiness? If yes is the case then these amazingly crafted Zelda-designed rings are perfect for you and your beloved partner! Crafted by Toronto-based goldsmith Zsolt Székely, these specially hand-fabricated wedding rings would be a perfect way to tie the knot with your future spouse and would create a fantastic memory to share for the rest of your lives.

Click the jump for more details and a greater look at these stunning Zelda wedding rings!

Ringmaker Zsolt Székely has given the following description regarding the detailing of these Zelda wedding rings:

“10Karat yellow gold with 10Karat white gold sleeve and Triforce symbol piercing.”

The only problem with acclaiming these amazing wedding rings is that the ringmaker won’t give an exact price only saying their rings average between $295-$5000+. Most likely, these rings are on the higher end of the pricing range which could blast a hole in your precious bank account. If you do happen to be quite rich and not worried about expenses then this may be a memorable way to celebrate your union with your loved one. The best part about these Zelda rings being designed for marriage in my opinion is the famous writing inside stating, “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone”.

You can click here to head to the ringmaker’s site and also contact them about the Zelda rings if you so wish.

What do you think of these Zelda wedding rings? Are they worth the large amount of cash needed to acquire one?

Source: Zsolt Székely (via NintendoGamer)

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  • JuicieJ

    That’s sweet…

  • Kabro006

    im a real zelda fan but getting zelda weddingrings seems a little odd even to me. Sure as collectibles i would love them of course but what if the person you propose to thinks youre wierd when you give thm a game themed ring and says no because of it.

    • Screen

      You just need to find a kindred spirit who likes Zelda. :)

      • Kablamogroup

        Or you don’t really need to tell them that the rings are game-themed. The “Triforce” symbol could be described as a variation of the Roman Numeral “Delta”, and the phrase inside the rings can be used as more than a video game reference.

      • Guest

        Well these are the wedding bands; a lot of people buy a seperate, more appropriate ring to propose with. Think of these as pre-proposal promise rings.

        • Midna’s Sister

          Correct; I don’t think proposing rings should be themed. A friend of my dad’s got his fience a Hello Kitty ring. (Seriously?) If your love is true, you’d accept if the ring was made out of a soda can.

  • zeldafan2000

    i will give one of those for my wife!!!!!

  • VikzeLink

    It really is dangerous to go alone……….

  • Majoras_Wrath

    I’m getting married next year. I wouldn’t mind getting those for the two of us if the price is right

  • Shayna

    If I were getting married, I would get these. Even if my finace wasn’t a nerd, LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/dakota.zouzias Dakota Zouzias

    I would actually love to have this as my wedding ring, but this is probably because I hate wearing rings and having it simple and Zelda related makes it a bit more bearable.

    • Tingle’s Tiger<3

      I agree i told my future spouse im happy with a colorful mood ring lol im not much of a jewelry girl

    • IMFWeirdo

      Yeah, I totally don’t get why you would want a piece of metal/mineral that costs thousands of dollars, think of all the games, gaming consoles, clothes, books, concert tickets, Disneyland tickets, and other way cooler stuff you could buy with that money. And if you really love someone you shouldn’t have to buy an expensive ring to prove, or symbolize, or whatever.

      • Midna’s Sister

        Very right; if ou truly love the person and the person truly loves you back, you don’t need a fancy ring to show; A simple copper band can be worth more than one thousand diamonds if it is given with loves.

        • Jaypike

          1. This topic is getting surprisingly philosophical/romantic for Zelda Dungeon
          2. Nice username.

          • Midna’s Sister

            1-I read too much.

  • Ellen Papp

    me and my boyfriend are in love with zelda :) so these would be perfect for us. I am only 18 tho so maybe in 10 years! haha. I would love this tho.

    • Midna’s Sister

      My mom and dad got married when they were 21. O_o you don’t need to be 38 to get married. Personally, I’d get married right then. If I were you. But everyone’s different.

      • Guest

        28, not 38. Ellen Papp said she’s 18 and that maybe she’d be getting married in 10 years. 18 + 10 = 28. That’s actually a lot closer to the average age for U.S. women to get married (the average is 27). And generally speaking (not the case with everyone, obviously), 18 is really young to even think about marriage. Statistically speaking, people who get married in their teens and early 20s have much higher divorce rates than those who marry in their later 20s. You probably also wouldn’t have the money to buy these rings as an 18-year-old. ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Overworldawaits Khristian Marte

    beautiful rings!!!

  • faror

    So I’m only 12 but when i get married we are totally getting them. I told my friend once that I wanted a Zelda themed wedding ring and she said she wouldn’t cuz her boyfriend would most likely not be a Zelda fan! my standards in a man is first they have to be Christian (I’m not racist against other religions I just want to spend the rest of my life with a Christian) then my second standard is they have to like Zelda then my third is they have to have respect for a girl. oh ya and they have to have a sense of humor.

    • IMFWeirdo

      Religions aren’t races :D I also hope my future spouse is a Zelda fan. If not I will make sure they become one.

      • Jaypike

        I agree.

    • James Kensel

      Amen to that. I feel the same way.

    • Austin_NES

      Yup same thing brother!

  • npatoray24

    I wish i could find a girl that is as in to zelda as me… i mean my current girlfriend supports my little zelda obsession with collectibles etc. but i dont think she would ever go for these rings, bc money would be no problem if i was allowed to buy these lol :(

  • Jacob Tasiemski

    that is really awesome!!!!!

  • Jam9t3

    This would promise a marriage of Golden Love.

  • HachiNuu

    Yes yes AND YES!! * 3*

  • http://www.zeldadungeon.net/ DA LAWLZ >:3

    dawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! thats soooo cute/sweet/amazing! :333333333 i just got “married’ (not really cuz im only 13 XD but you know how kids are)! what a coincidence! but im defitnely getting these when i get married! they look so precious

  • Emma Mix

    If a total stranger proposed to me with those, I’d totally accept. Totally.

    • Jaypike

      Lol so true.

      • Emma Mix

        Heh, Zelda-fan logic, right? I’m still counting down the days until I can get my Hylian Crest tatoo and/or Triforce-on-hand tatoo(s)…

        • Jaypike

          I want the on-hand tattoo.

          • Emma Mix

            ikr? It’s a must-have for any TRUE fan of Zelda.

  • Aaron hill

    i got these and im getting married i saw them and me and my future wife like zelda

    • Austin_NES

      That’s so great for you!

      • Aaron hill

        yes it is thanks (:

  • Truth

    if you truly want these at your wedding, chances are you wont ever get married lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1133333061 Matt Brady

    I would get this ring for myself, a single person, just because I love Zelda. These rings should not be just wedding rings.

  • MsNerrrrrd

    That’s so cute and unique. If, in the far away future, my future husband would propose to me with these kind of rings, I would except without a second thought. Well, I would accept any other ring as well, but being a huge Zelda- fan, it would make it a lot more meaningful and special.

  • Omega

    it’s cool, but I wouldn’t take it as a wedding ring: 80 years into the future: grandpa were did you get your wedding ring? at the time I was a fan of a video game and that’s why I bought this $5000 ring, I love LoZ don’t get me wrong, but I will not use it for my wedding

    • Omega

      would be more of a friendship ring after many years with your very very very very good friend

  • Lydia Shepherd

    I would get one but I wouldn’t get them as wedding rings but as a friendship ring.

  • Jaypike

    1. I would buy one even if I wasn’t getting married. If I had the money.
    2. If I got married, with that as my wedding ring, my brother (also a Zelda fan) would probably have the sense of humour to get me a large yellow triangle as a wedding gift. More likely, three of them.

  • Mich

    site full of 12 year old kids… won’t work.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.dipalma Jordan DiPalma

      They can still gush over it.

    • Laura

      ….I’m 23….

  • With aTARDIS and a portal gun

    I like the sentiment, it’s dangerous to go through life alone. I think it’s rather romantic.

  • Someone

    I love these rings but even if me and a future boyfriend both love Zelda, I wouldn’t like to wear this as my wedding ring. I just want a special one, with a slogan from myself inside. But I guess that’s just me though. They’re still beautiful.

  • http://artisticalliance.org/aa abayarts

    i love it. very simple

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  • Nickname

    This is the kind of girl I’d want to propose to. I really like simple and plain yet elegant in their own way things… I always thought ring-less would be just fine but with the advent of this thought I have become rather enthralled. =P

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  • An ghee

    I love this! I want these for my boyfriend and I. I’m a waitress and my boyfriend folded my tip in the shape of a tri-force and that’s how I knew he was the one for me. This is 100% perfect for us.

  • Eeasp

    I’ve ordered one as I’m proposing to my boyfriend :) Hope he likes it. The prices vary depending on the materials you choose to have your ring in. Mine is white gold outside and gold gold inside and, in UK pounds works out at under £1000.00 which I think, for a made to order, design rare ring, is rather good! He can do it with various metals but not tungsten or silver and I think a couple of others, can’t remember. He also does similar versions with gem stones in too. Personally I’d kill my boyfriend if he bought me one but for him it’s perfect! He also does some other ‘geek’ rings too so go look at his website.

  • sahi

    I got it last weekend! Just perfect & loving it! Now on to the wedding :)

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