Zelda Fanart Spotlight – Until the Last Breath

KnowleeDecember 8th, 2012 by Knowlee

Today’s Zelda Fanart Spotlight is on deviantART artist hadece‘s Legend of Zelda fanart, “Zelda- Until the last Breath“. In this fanart it shows Link from the original Legend of Zelda game about to face off against Ganon.

It looks as if before Ganon’s appearance that Link was studying some of the pillars that are around him. On all of those pillars there are etchings of the previous heroes as well as the helpers to those heroes in the Zelda series. Examples would include Link from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask and Midna and Wolf Link from Twilight Princess. Other items used by the previous heroes can be seen too; the Phantom Hourglass, the Transformation Masks, and the Ocarina of Time being some examples.

It seems as if this Link realizes that he too must follow in their footsteps and continue the battle that they started. Perhaps one day an etching of him shall been seen on those same pillars after his part in this battle has been completed.

(Please click on the picture to see it better.)

I think this is a pretty awesome fanart. I like the references the artist put in there to the previous Zelda games in the series. It really helps put an emphasis on how much sacrifices the previous heroes have made and how important it is that this hero continues that legacy by defeating Ganon and bringing peace to Hyrule once again.

The artist has other Zelda-related fanart located in their gallery. Please go give it a look and let them know what you thought of this piece. Also let us know in the comments section below!

Stay tuned for the next Zelda Fanart Spotlight! Until then!

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  • MasterOfSwords1

    Wow, this is pretty awesome. I never really thought about the whole “legacy” idea and every new hero having to follow in the footsteps of the past ones. This would be pretty cool to see at the end of one of the games.

  • EOTW

    Don’t worry, the pillars that Ganon just knocked over were the ones for the CD-i games. No big deal.

  • Tehlul

    This reminds alot of the artwork for Zelda 2. Pretty sweet.

  • Darkgreyfire

    I always wished they would leave clear physical evidence from past Links to be found in one of the games. How awesome would it have been in TP to have the ruins of the royal castle destroyed in your fight with Gannon from OOT, not far from Castle town. Then when you explored them, you found an item in the ruins from the hero of time, that you could then use in the game.

    • Cmaster

      That would be so cool. Send your idea to Nintendo.

      • The Hylian Monolith

        We all need to send our ideas to Nintendo…

        But some are better than others ; ) I need to make a game, too.

        • Cmaster

          I’m actually working on making my own game right now, its a small RPG called Lan Legacy. you can check out my companys website at: http://www.thinkthebox.webs.com

          • The Hylian Monolith

            But it won’t be (Nintendo-made) Zelda! Your game looks cool.

            More stuff on SP, if you’re interested in hearing me type too much while another person types a little bit less(just a little) about their games, go here: http://www.zeldadungeon.net/2012/10/rationalizing-zelda-bosses/ . It looks deep in, but it’s really just the crazy-long comments a bit down.

    • butt naked moblin

      With the timeline being confirmed, in hyrule historia. I don’t think nintendo has an excuse to not do something like this.

    • Darkgreyfire

      They could make it a huge part of the story. Maybe the Link in the game refuses to take on the hero’s role. But, since he contains the spirit of the hero, he helps and goes into dungeons anyway. In each dungeon he finds something from a past hero, and slowly is convined to become that times hero. Forced into it because of his courage, and convinced by those who came before him and the sacrifices they made.

      • Dr_Stein

        That’s an amazing idea. Wow…

      • Mseevers95

        What if a teacher/father figure, like Gaebora, is training Link because he knows that he is the next hero. Link finds out and refuses to do what his teacher calls his ‘Duty to Hyrule’.
        Because Link refuses Gaebora kills Link’s mother forcing Link to become a hero so he can avenge his mother’s murder.
        Along the way he finds the ruins of the Temple of Time where Zelda is living. She tells him about Demise’s curse of hatred and Link realizes that Gaebora has become the new vessel for the curse, forcing him to kill the man that was like a father to him.

        • http://medlismessages.blogspot.com/ Heroine of Time

          …Whoa. I want to write a fanfiction about that now.

          • Mseevers95

            You should I would totally read it.

      • Joe

        dude, that’s a boss idea!

      • Lin G

        Mind BLOWN.

      • santas coming to hyrule

        Last sentece says it all. That would be a Zelda that would shake things up. Going with kind of a anti-hero idea.

      • npatoray24


      • Ryan

        I have wanted something like this for a long time. How many temples can exist and easily found in one game and no longer exist in other games? What happened to the Ancient Cistern? What happened to the items the various Links have found?

  • Kravik

    I do not like fan art in general.. But this one was way beyond OK! :D

    • SJPG

      Thats a noob saying

      • Kravik

        Yaj a troll! I just have to feed it, sorry: I have played through every single Zelda game in the series.. Started with ALTP back in the days as a kid. :D

  • itsameluigi1290

    That art looks so official, it’s crazy!

  • Ryan

    not timeline correct but still awesome. I love the Adventure Of Link art style.

  • nicholasgbarbera

    Please excuse me if I sound like a noob but did MM come before or after the original zelda in the timeline? I only ask this because of the carving of Link holding one of the masks and Majoras Mask to the left of that.

    • http://medlismessages.blogspot.com/ Heroine of Time

      Majora’s Mask actually doesn’t occur on the same timeline as The Legend of Zelda. I didn’t even think about that.

  • BeastModeMan97

    Links like “Oh freak…”

  • Emma Mix


  • Lydia Shepherd


  • Waker of Winds

    Amazing…….. he’s a little bowlegged but I love his seeming interest in his own legacy. And Ganon’s face…………….priceless.

  • $F#!$YG#!TGGF

    think that there is too much detail on the column and not enough on gannon the picture is lopsided too heavy on the left. adding more black to the left would make this better.

    • Ninty

      Interesting. The color on the left and on Link is so much more richly colored. Needs more touch ups on the right for sure. …hehe Reminds me of the show Ink Master. They talk about stuff like this when critiquing the tats.

  • Ninty

    Nice!! Very reminiscent of Katsuya Terada’s older Zelda artwork. He did that first picture that is on Axle’s recent article about Boss sizes.

  • Shadow Princess

    That Majora is creepy! I mean, seriously! Look at those vine-tentacle-things!

  • http://lulles.deviantart.com/ lulles

    I know her, her Zelda fanarts are always amazing <3 And she's super nice, too.

  • Devin

    Aside from the wrong timeline placement, those carvings do make for an interesting part of the story. Usually previous heroes are only vaguely mentioned to Link, with the exception of Wind Wake. But the carvings give Link a much better idea about the heroes who came before him, what they accomplished in their lives, and the footsteps he follows in with each incarnation. I would imagine he’d feel shocked and overwhelmed at first, but then maybe has his sense of duty re-enforced and feel a little more pride in his role as a current hero.

    That has to suck though, Link examining the carvings trying to make sense of it all, then suddenly Ganon just demolishes them.

    • Devin

      Before anyone says anything, yes I realize the pillar carvings on the far left are for Ocarina of Time and therefore, is part of the timeline this picture represents.

  • Mr. Resetti

    Yikes, Majora’s mask! Kill it with fire!
    -hang on it’s pretty creepy that that’s on the wall here, i thought it only came in MM which was in a different timeline, maybe it’s got more influence than we know. DUNH DUNH DUUNNHHH!!!…