Zelda Fanart Spotlight – See You Tomorrow

KnowleeDecember 22nd, 2012 by Knowlee

Today’s Zelda Fanart is on OniChild‘s Majora’s Mask fanart comic, ‘See You Tomorrow‘. This short comic focus on a conversation that the two Romani Ranch sisters, Cremia and Romani, have on the Third Day after Link has helped them both with their troubles. The conversation takes place in the barn located on the their property. Cremia is milking one of the cows while Romani is commenting about the fact that tonight will be the first night that she’ll drink Chateau Romani, the ranch’s signature drink. After this comment it leads into Cremia explaining her reasoning for why she’s allowing her to drink it, but in terms that won’t make her sister worry.

Cremia knows that the moon will fall that night and she only wants her sister to remember her last moments as some of the best moments in her life.

This was one of the saddest moments in this game. I can’t help but think of my own younger siblings when I encounter this scene in the game. I know that if my siblings and I were in the same situation I would want my siblings to be happy and I would try my best to protect them from the truth of knowing that they might not wake up the next morning.

Onichild has other Zelda-related fanart located in his gallery. Please go take a look at it and let him know what you think. Also please let us know in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for the next Zelda Fanart Spotlight! Until then!

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  • itsameluigi1290

    …Second? *Braces for impact*

  • linkasourous

    That is so beautiful, in a sad, touching kind of way….but still..it’s beautiful

    • itsameluigi1290

      I agree. Although I don’t remember this part in the game. Maybe because I didn’t fail?

      • MajoraIsATarsier

        No, you just didn’t go back and talk to them on the Final Day after you completed both missions.

        • itsameluigi1290

          Ah, okay. Its been a while since I played the game, but I don’t want to start it up again, on the slim chance that MM3D gets announced soon :P

  • Blakenator

    it kind of reminds of those soundless movies where someone speaks and there words are put up on the screen after they’re done… just thought it accentuates that “terrible flashback” feel

  • nicholasgbarbera

    This is about one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. Can someone explain to me if chateau romani is a alcoholic drink or not?

    • Caleb Lauth

      Yes, it’s an acoholic drink. Here is a recipe for you : http://www.geekychef.com/2011/01/chateau-romani.html

      • gamer2332

        That’s just a made up recipe. Doesn’t prove anything, though you may be right…

    • Hero of Noodles

      actually in the game, its milk…..:P

      • Linkfan99

        No, it’s actually alcoholic milk. That’s why only adults are allowed to drink it. You can get milk in the game, but chateau romani is different.

        • http://www.facebook.com/PayneXIII Tyler Payne

          Go watch a clock work orange HaHa

    • Flaming Lemons

      It’s like an alcoholic milk drink only for adults in the game, but Cremia gives it to Romani during the night of the 3rd day to delude Romani’s senses and make sure she sleeps through the apocalypse, so she doesn’t have to witness the horror. D':

      • Linkfan99

        I always thought she just wanted her to try it before she died, because she always wanted to…

  • TrueMasterSwordWielder


  • guitarman9560

    i always thought cremia and romani were the best charachters in the game.and all there side quests were pretty sad.

  • Jam9t3

    Unfortunately when I heard this I thought differently because I have a dirty mind but yeah its pretty sad, she’s prepared for death, this picture really brings out the sad emotions of this moment, but at least Link is there to save Termina!

  • Zeldalover93

    Wow. There’s an anime song titled “See You Tomorrow” and it is one of the saddest I’ve heard. It fits this fanart PERFECTLY. I’d suggest you look into it if you’re into anime. So depressing…. :(

  • MiniJen

    I love Romani and Cremia so much! they have to be my two most favorite characters in Majora’s Mask. In many ways, I find their story even more tragic then Anju and Kafei’s. I mean, Romani seems to have no idea about the impending doom that is about to befall them, and even though Cremia does, she chooses not to share the bitter truth with her sister because she wants her last few hours on earth to be happy. :,(

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003298020387 Alan Da Cruz Nascimento


  • TwilightOcarina

    I am literally crying right now… I have two little brothers and the thought of this just… Breaks my heart into pieces. “I”ll see you tomorrow”…

    • OniChild

      Oh no, really? ^^”
      I didn’t mean to upset anyone with this!

  • Emma Mix

    That’s so sad… Can’t even describe it, but it’s just so sad…

  • Link Hyrule

    Nintendo, please, please, please, please, please, please, please make Zelda MM 3D! we lived through an apocolypse now, so making MM 3D would somewhat seem painless since MM uses OoT’s character and Graphics.

  • Link Hyrule

    ……………… My icon is majora’s mask’s logo………….. what does chateau romani taste like? Also who likes Feasts of Fiction!!!!!!

  • OniChild

    Hey ZD! Thanks for the fan art highlight, I’m glad you all like it!

  • ThisTimelineVictorius

    What is going on in the second panel is my question. It is kind of unclear…
    (And yes, I’m sorry for this, but it does look like she is lifting up her skirt… That is why I would like to know what she is actually doing…)

    • OniChild

      She has a towel in her hand and she’s gripping it tighter. I didn’t want to have two shots close in on her face, I didn’t think I could bring out the tension that Cremia was feeling if I had shown her too much.

      Sorry about that!

  • Chris

    coincidentally, when i read this i was listening to “Final Hours” on terriblefate.com, it definitely made this feel more epic

    • OniChild

      That’s actually what inspired me to make this piece :)

  • MasterOfSwords1

    Well that’s disturbing…

  • pizzaman

    Why is there a close up on her fist?

    • OniChild

      She is clenching the washcloth tightly. I did this to show tension in Cremia.

  • Bondedrobin

    the last pic is amazin. best choreography evah. On the note of chateau romani, if you go to the milk bar and talk to one of the men, they will act all drunk and stuff. alcoholic references, not on the back of the box nintendo!

  • shadowlink13

    i thought the moon was destroying clocktown and people were running away to romani ranch

  • nicholasgbarbera

    Thx for answering my question guys! :D

  • Midna’s Sister

    Made me cry…

    • OniChild

      Did it really??

      • Midna’s Sister

        Yes. But then again, at 12:03a… I’m touchy. Like… Make me mad and you won’t wake up the next morning… You’ll be knocked out… o_e

  • http://twitter.com/mikejcsauer Mike Sauer

    Just looked at this while listening to “Final Hours” of the Time’s End album that just came out on the 21st. It was so sad ): And perfect timing.

    • OniChild

      The teaser track (Final Hours) is what inspired me to do this short comic :) That, and of course the “end of the world.”

      I actually had this comic ready by the 20th, but released it on my webcomic (Zeldanime) website at 6PM CET (Europe) — That was about the same time the conversation takes place in the video game, at least in the video I watched.
      All of it was planned~

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  • gamer2332

    And then their games end and they go to the Underwhere. (LOL SPM reference)

  • Wind waker Link

    So Sad.

  • baileygirl99


  • Amazing Link

    This proves how important Link is.

  • The Hylian Monolith

    sniff… This kind of remained ends me of HeroineofTime’s short story,the one about the same thing. I love the use of sepia tones to make it seem like an old memory, or maybe just add a sad, hopeless atmosphere..

  • http://medlismessages.blogspot.com/ Heroine of Time


    This is my saddest Zelda moment of all time. I wrote a fanfic about it for one of the competitions here. I love this part… it is the only part of a video game to ever make me cry.

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this earlier…

  • Golden_Windfish

    I remember this scene. First time I saw it, I felt my heart crench and tears well up. It motivated me all the more to stop that goddamn moon from falling so Romani could remember this day and be happy. The Ranch sister and Anju were my two main motivators to save everyone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kawana.wayne2 ロジャース川奈

    This left me in tears… I have 3 young nephews I care for with all my heart and I can’t imagine them witnessing this type of horror. Majora’s mask taught me a very important lesson to hold dear to my loved ones because when tragedy comes they are all you’ll have left in the world. Thank you for sharing this.

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