Zelda Fanart Spotlight- A Twilight Symphony

HachiDecember 5th, 2012 by Hachi

Welcome to another addition of Zelda Fanart Spotlight!

Yesterday, we reported on the exciting news on ZREO’s Twilight Symphony project. While we still have a bit of a wait before their project is released to the public, DeviantART member Ferisae in particular is so thankful for their hard work she created a beautiful piece of digital artwork dedicated to the project- A Twilight Symphony. Appropriately, it features one of the most iconic musical moments of Twilight Princess- Wolf Link and the Golden Wolf howling in harmony towards the moon.

The vertical layout lends itself nicely to the composition the artists has chosen. The trees look as though they are stretching out towards the sky, and even higher yet, framed by beautifully subtle clouds, as the moon shines it light down on the two figures. Under the wolves’ paws is a collection of howling stones, creating a sort of stage for the two to perform on.

Ferisae did a really beautiful job with not only rendering the characters, but the environment surrounding them, as well as creating a haunting atmosphere to her piece. She has a whole collection of Zelda art and comics, along with her own creations, so make sure to check out her DeviantART gallery!

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  • soul

    first to like this painting!

  • Tehlul

    Sweet, first

  • Guy

    Like it

  • MiniJen

    beautiful! haha… like ancestor, like descendant… lol XD

  • firecrb

    link and link singing together nice picture

    • Veronica Wheeler

      Thats Link and the Hero of Time…

      • firecrb

        I know link and link

        • Veronica Wheeler

          The Hero of Time isn’t Link! oh watever.

          • Linkfan99

            Um, yes he is. Who else do you think he is?!!?!?!? In OoT, Link is the HERO OF TIME. This is the SAME hero of time (there is only one), and it is LINK.

          • Veronica Wheeler

            Daaaaaang. I just had my mind lown then. Well thanks for the info. I shall remember. It might have been because I haven’t played OoT yet. :L *sad face*

          • Linkfan99

            Awww… You should. If you have a wii, go on the store and buy it now. It’s only 10 dollars. Or, if you have a 3ds, you could buy it for that for a MUCH higher price…

          • Veronica Wheeler


          • Linkfan99

            Owwww… sucks.
            What is the problem with it? I thought mine broke a year back, but it was an easy fix.

          • firecrb

            The link in tp is the descendant of the link in OOT

      • Linkfan99

        Link is the Hero of Time…

        • Veronica Wheeler

          So are you saying that Link howled with himself and taught himself the techniques on the scrolls?

          • Linkfan99

            It’s not the same Link. Read Hyrule Historia, it is the reincarnation of Link. Just look it up. Link is reincarnated as the Hero of Time, but the old Link from OoT is the white wolf. Isn’t it pretty obvious in the games? So yes, in a way, you could say Link taught himself the techniques, just a different reincarnation.

          • Veronica Wheeler

            That makes perfect sense. Thank you

          • firecrb

            no his ancestor taught him the techniques the hero’s shade was link from OOT

          • Veronica Wheeler

            oooh ok I get it now. So all the Links in the different LoZ games, are all reencarnacions of each other into the next existing LoZ game on the “time line” ?

          • firecrb

            ya pretty much except the first two games, OOT and MM, OOS and OOA, and TWW PH and ST but ya

  • Turtles!

    This is amazing! I love the glow and how they handled the perspective (I am AWFUL at perspective…) ;)

  • IMFWeirdo

    Yay! I was kind of wondering why people didn’t draw more fanarts of the two wolves; I thought that was a pretty epic part of the game. It’s even more epic when you remember that the white wolf is the Hero of Time.

  • baileygirl99

    That’s beautiful artwork!! Great job! I just love it!

  • Ferichan

    Oh my goodness. Thanks for featuring my artwork, I’m super touched and humbled ;n; <3333 Thank's also for the insightful commentary and for the people who have commented in this section <3!!! :'DDDD

    • joshcv11

      Crazy good!

      • Ferichan

        Thank you!

    • Veronica Wheeler

      Just amazging my friend. Absolutely marvelous

      • Ferichan

        Thank you very much <3

    • Aaron hill

      great job

    • LnktheWolf

      i LOVE this picture! you did fantstic

    • Olimar

      Awesome Job!!!

  • itsameluigi1290


    Translation: That’s a nice painting right there.

  • superspecialawesome

    This…. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!!

  • http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005S0W0MS/?tag=signalpublis-20 Thareous

    That’s rockin’ awesome. Brings back memories of my first playthrough in TP.

    • Veronica Wheeler


  • MsNerrrrrd

    Extremely beautiful! Great job :3♥!

  • Veronica Wheeler

    This is extremely amazing!! Wow. I love this. Brings back memories

  • npatoray24

    Very cool!! i loved TP and it hought the howling stones as wolf link were a very cool way to incorporate the music in the game

  • Lydia Shepherd

    Amazing! I love the use of colors!


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  • TwilightMirror11

    Don’t recognize the setting, (Lost Woods?), but it’s amazing.

  • edh

    I got to watch her do this on her live feed… No idea it would end up on here!!!