Z-Talk: The Zelda Dungeon Podcast #28

Din AkeraDecember 22nd, 2012 by Din Akera

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Seasons Greetings! Welcome to the Z-Talk Christmas podcast! We have an entirely Christmas-themed podcast for you all to enjoy. This time there are a couple more serious segments regarding the use of Christmas themes in Zelda and theories on religion. We also have some fun with ideas about Zelda races celebrating Christmas! Lastly, back by popular demand we created two Zelda Christmas Carols for your enjoyment! Be sure to tell us your thoughts on this podcast in the discussion thread!

0:49 – Rish’s Christmas Rant
3:52 – Christmas Community Question of the Month
9:50 – The Wandering Beast: Christmas Themes in Zelda by Axle the Beast
18:50 – Din’s Info Inferno: Christmas Dinner in Hyrule
26:47 – Hylian Religious Beliefs by Athenian200
35:33 – AB’sC: Legend of Zelda Christmas Trees by AnimeBassoon
43:00 – Away in the Forest
45:56 – Zelda Got Run Over By Epona

What did you think of the podcast? What is your opinion on game developers producing games just in time for Christmas? Would you like to see Christmas themes in the Zelda series? How would you want to see them incorporated? Who do you think would make the best Christmas dinner in Hyrule? What is your opinion on the religious beliefs of the people in Hyrule? Did you agree with Athenian or do you have a different idea? What kinds of Christmas trees do you think the races of Hyrule would use? Did you like the Zelda Christmas carols?

Join the conversation! There are a lot of ways that you can get involved with Z-Talk if you would like to take part. First and foremost, you can send in your own submission to Z-Talk. Is there something about Zelda or the Zelda Dungeon Community you want to talk about on the podcast? You should check out the How to Make Your Own Podcast Segment Thread on our forums and get in touch with Rish and I by email, on the ZD forums, or by Skype (contact: din_akera). You can also record your voice and send in a question to Din and Rish’s mailbag, or if you would prefer to have us read your question for you, send it in text also to our email. If you would rather have us ask you the questions you can sign up to be a contestant on the Keaton Quiz in our forum sign up! Or if you have a question you want to be asked to a guest on the Keaton Quiz you can email the question and answer to us and listen for your question on upcoming Keaton Quizzes!

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  • FenderGuitars777

    Woo can’t wait to listen to this later when I get a chance. This is my favorite part of the month

  • Emma Mix

    Love you Axle! Falling in the snow and getting attacked, I love it XD

    And I want Zelda WiiU for Christmas!!! Unfortunately, that will never happen this year…

    Aaanyhoo, I’ve gotta say that either Grandma (as you said) or Malon
    would make the best Christmas dinner. Grandma because… She’s a
    grandma. And Malon because… Well she’s a girl… and she lives on a
    farm, right? So she probably knows homecooked meals… Right? Okay, and I
    just noticed you said Malon too while I was writing th lol… Just one
    question: Do Hylians even CELEBRATE Christmas…?

    Worst cooks? I’d have to agree with you on the Gorons– HERE HAVE SOME DELICIOUS ROCKS!

    For Christmas trees in Hyrule, I’d really have to say Snowhead.
    Honestly, I don’t think Hylians would partake in or even know about
    Christmas, since they don’t know anything about Christianity or God…

    Love the carols, too! Great job, you guys :)

    • http://mcsblogging.blogspot.com linklover1000000

      you made that TOOOO long!!!! it took me like three minutes to read all that, and, PLEASE DONT MENTION GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • twistedaries398

    i want a wind waker v guide by caleb

  • DarkZelda

    OK that was the best carol EVER!! the only thing I want to know is how long it took you guys to write that!

  • Ben

    what a fabulous podcast you all really outdid yourselves! I loved the christmas carol best!

  • The Hylian Monolith

    I agree with Athenian. After all, it’s confirmed in ST. The Gorons believe in a mountain goddess, some humans and all the Lokomo, of course, believe in the spirits, and most humans think that the Spirits are bogus. It’s as clear an example as can be, and why should’ it be he same everywhere, every time?

  • Arcana

    In ALTTP, there is an official artwork of Link praying to a crucifix at a church, and in the Japanese version of the game he brings Zelda to a christian church, and in the first LOZ game there is a cross on his shield. So this means they know Christianity to a certain extent…

  • EpicPerson

    MWHAHAHAHA! Zelda got ran over by Epona! Lol

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  • http://mcsblogging.blogspot.com linklover1000000

    for christmas i would love to have an STL ocarina thats a little over 100 dollars. or you could get me the thirty dollar one…..( ps its ocarina of time)

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