What Do You Expect From Zelda in the Future?

Axle the BeastDecember 27th, 2012 by Axle the Beast

Zelda’s been around for over 25 years now and, despite what some people have been going on about, really has no reason to stop now. I think most people would agree that there being a lot more Zelda in the coming years is a given. So now that we’re days away from a new year, I thought I’d ask you guys… what do you expect from Zelda from here on out? I’m asking this question both in terms of what you expect and what you want.

What do you think we’ll see for the series on the Wii U and 3DS? How close can we expect these games to be to previous titles like Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, the DS games, and Ocarina of Time 3D? What would be the ideal 3DS Zelda or Wii U Zelda for you?

How about the series’ direction moving forward? Do you want the classic style of game, with an open world, high difficulty, and lots of secrets? Or do you like the easier modern games with their help systems and casual gameplay? Or does some kind of balance work best?

I hope for a Zelda game that combines the basic gameplay of Skyward Sword with better overworld, enemy, and just general game design. What I expect… I’m not sure at this point. I do think we’ll get something closer to the classic games, because Skyward Sword — for me — went ever so slightly in that direction without taking it far enough. I expect the new 3DS game to be a lot like Ocarina of Time 3D in terms of gameplay and art design.

But how about you? Tell me your hopes and expectations for the series in the comments below, and here’s to another year of Zelda! Let’s hope we’re lucky and get some news next E3!

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  • Linebecker

    2d would suck, zelda should never regress with graphics and presentation, gameplay and overall size and length of the game.

    • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

      “regress with graphics and presentation”

      2D isn’t a step back, it’s simply a different style choice. 2D worlds can be just as vivid, beautiful and intricately crafted as any 3D game.

      Where it would make an impact though is in regards to game play…. since how you play a 2D Zelda title is completely different then how you play a 3D Zelda title. How you navigate and move in the worlds.

      Still that isn’t a step back, it’s simply a different way of playing. Older Zelda titles are still just as amazing as they were back when they were originally released. Some fans out there will even say that they were more free and open compared to the 3D worlds of Zelda today. Saying that the games have only become more restrictive with more advancements like cinema scenes and linear exploration.

      If your saying 2D sucks, you have no appreciation for all the various forms of game design and art for that matter.

  • Thunderlite421

    If Nintendo can just bring back the skip button for text boxes and make them faster as well as make tutorials optional, I will be happy.

    • A Fan

      SS’s tutorial was optional

      • starks

        The whole friggin game was a tutorial

  • Quithatinplaya

    They should remake the first zelda on the 3ds in 3d

  • http://www.facebook.com/MaaShinn Matthew Shannon

    paper zelda

  • Zelda-Witch

    I would like to bring the seven sages back from Ocarina of Time, I thought they were unique.

  • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

    I simply want a dense world. I’ll take a smaller over world as long as it’s got lots of nooks, and crannies. Decorative land marks like water falls, hidden caves, huts, hills, bridges, ruins, ravines and so on.

    I want those land marks to serve purpose as well. Waterfalls could cover secrets, a cliff side could hide a small tunnel network…. things like that. Also I’m kind of done with the whole “transportation” method part of Zelda. I’m happy to walk on foot, as long as there is lots to see and I feel as though I’m on my own adventure of discovery.

    I think that’s what I really want from the next Zelda title. A Zelda game about discovery. I loved Skyward Sword, and I have no problems with more linear Zelda titles, but I want a very stylized and rich Zelda world with lots of amazing details to explore.

  • Lifeoflink

    I agree with many of the comments below and disagree with some down there, too. There is no way someone can make a perfect game because there will be someone that won’t like it no matter what is said to them.

    One thing I would like to see would be some multiplayer capability in a newer game for Wii U or 3DS. Not like Four Swords Anniversary Edition but a full game with multiplayer capability. Make the multiplayer optional and then its even better because you won’t have to wait for other people to arrive to play. Maybe some online multiplayer could fix the waiting part.

    Oh, one last thing. I just loved the graphic style in the Wii U tech demo from a few years back. That graphic style would make a brilliantly colored Zelda game. But the graphics are not super important to me.

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    I’d like to see more RPG elements.

  • A Fan

    It should be freerealm

  • http://www.facebook.com/bluecometsparklestar Bluecomet Sparklestar

    For the Wii U:
    skyward sword anime-style. RPG elements in upgrading and wallet (but please all the items can be held at once) More bottles, More minigames. And classicly hard dungeons and overworld parts.
    For 3DS: a puzzle styled Zelda game, like spirit tracks, link’s awakening DX, minish cap, etc. and also there could be more depth in the puzzle, like a 3D depth like in super Mario land. Since Z-targeting can be possible on the 3DS. but I still want it more puzzle oriented. it is not yet the time fore handheld Zelda games to go adventuring.

  • Hero of Time10

    Something like Twilight Princess (which is my favorite game). Great music, great characters, great story, great sidequests, great graphics, nice and simple. Let me tell you, the best kind of fun is running around North of Hyrule Castle on Epona and shooting arrows Brave-style into lizards. And set it during the winter, most Zelda games are only during the summer. Hyrule Field covered in snow would be fantastic. Riding your pony in a blizzard is something I’ve been dying to do. I always wanted to bring Epona up Snowpeak.

    • anonymous

      I recall Minish Cap takes a full year. I would guess that the climate of Hyrule is not predictable by time of year or latitude, with the exception being Oracle of Seasons.
      The most fun I have had in TP is going to Hyrule Castle town as a wolf.

  • bradd27f

    I want a big BIG BIG overworld with the most sidequests

  • Lupine Hero

    The biggest thing I would like is a difficulty setting. Not necessarily even a Master Quest or Hero Mode type thing. I would imagine that it doesn’t take a lot of work to make something like Kingdom Hearts 2’s difficulty settings, where the only difference is how much damage is done, but it adds a large amount of replay value to the game, and can please casual and hardcore gamers alike.
    Beyond that, I really have nothing else to say. After all, half the fun is waiting to see what Nintendo will throw at us next!

  • Narishia98

    I want blue candle, raft, and stepladder back.

    BTW, recorder from THF has same tune as OOT start up screen. Make of that what you will.

  • Anonymous

    I would like a direct sequel to Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, or another Lttp style game. Even better, make it similar to the elder scrolls. By that I mean make it to where the map is GIGANTIC. As far as the series actual future is concerned, I really don’t know what to expect, especially after Skyward Sword.

  • Legend of Ganon

    I would love to see a game where you play as Ganondorf and fight Link in the end. Maybe even since one of the Zelda timelines starts at Link losing OoT and Ganon winning, they should remake OoT but from Ganondorf’s perspective. That would be an interesting change.

  • Mr. Resetti

    I’m not sure what to expect but i know what I want, that’s a a huge open world (Skyrim/Twilight Princess/ Red Dead Redemption style) that is full of enemies, puzzle solving and content like SS that has optional dungeons, involving side quests, great rewards and loads monsters/wild animals (how bout optional overworld boss battles? Me gusta) As for the visuals, I’d love a Twilight Princess, realistic style but more colourful and please Nintendo ditch the dis-proportioned character designs (ahem Rusl!!!! cough, ahem…) and go for an anime look like Link and Zelda have. This should please everyone, they retain their classical, old-school, “cartoony” look but look modern and impressive all the same. The world shouldn’t be photo realistic, by this I don’t mean go cartoony and skip adding in details, I mean don’t imitate reality, use your imagination, come up with something Like Lord of the Rings or Avatar, it looks like it could be real but fairy-tale like forests and glowing bugs/plants etc make the world unique.
    On Wii U, they should use the game pad to use all the features from the DS games like drawing the right symbols to open doors, taking notes on the map and playing instruments.

  • linkfan

    im thinking for the WII U and 3ds is many remakesis what i think

  • ZoraWarrior

    We had a pre-apocalyptic Zelda with Majora’s Mask now we need a post apocalyptic game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jdunbabyyy Marcos Hernandez

    for link to be left handed again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Olamarr

    its amazing how far we have come.

  • http://twitter.com/HylianMaria Maria Müller Felton

    Honestly, I would like to see them try something along the lines of Twilight Princess, I thought the graphics on that game were great. – the colors were a little dull in some areas but it was still beautiful (Faron Woods and Hyrule Field particularly) – something like Skyward Sword as far as gameplay
    And for the story, i think it’d be nice to have an actual person aid you on your quest as opposed to a bring like Midna, Navi or Fi. I mean, I like then (Navi not so much) but it’d be nice to see something new & different.
    I started TP recently and got to the part where king bublin takes Colin and you gotta chase him. I’d like to see them try making the chase scene harder but giving another person like an archer or someone to help you distract the rest of the bublins. Not saying that no enemies should come after you, but i think it’d be cool to see Link getting close to an actual person as opposed to an imp like creature who leaves him at the end of the journey.

    As far as what I expect? Well i expect something similar to ALTTP and/or OoT for the 3DS i just kinda got that feeling.

  • Matt

    I’ve just been finishing up a complete playthrough of every console Zelda title so that I could answer this question for myself (still need to wrap up TP and head on to SS).

    I want a large interconnected world such as TP’s. I think the only issue with TP’s Hyrule Field is that the console’s limitations held it back graphics wise and it wasn’t visually compelling enough. Having just replayed the game, I would disagree with anyone who says there was nothing to do in Hyrule Field. The biggest disappointment for me with SS is that the world was all disconnected and never felt like there was any exploration.

    I’d definitely like to see the return of SS’s upgrade system. Plain and simple.

    I think the Zelda series does best with a tone at least as dark as OoT, I absolutely love the darkness of MM but I found that WW is far too cartoony and light for me.

    Playing through Zelda II (which I very much enjoy), it’s cool that the game is solely based on one’s skill in sword combat. Keeping that mindset, it’d be cool to see what could be done with SS’s one-to-one swordplay and TP’s hidden sword moves. The only thing is I don’t want to see SS’s gimmicky, over exaggerated directional enemies; those got pretty tiring.

    The developers need to not be afraid to NOT have Ganondorf. Majora was my absolute favorite villain of the series and Zant would have been awesome if they had just kept him as the main villain instead of shoving Ganon in there.

    I really enjoyed Skyloft from SS and having a very fleshed-out main town or city hub to keep returning to would be wonderful.

    The companion needs to be more like Midna and less like Fi. Midna was an interesting character closely tied to the story and managed to not be overly annoying when giving you tips (though I think she is still a little bothersome). Fi was the absolute worst part of SS for me. She, like Midna, was tied to the story but had no actual character. I don’t understand why Nintendo believes that everyone needs to have their hands held when playing their games nowadays. Fi’s “tips” are absolutely insufferable, at least give me an option to turn them off.

    Tied into Fi is also the general difficulty of the game. Give us some difficulty settings. I want there to be some true danger when I enter a dungeon, feel some tension when I’m fighting the bosses.

    Lastly, graphical style. My absolute favorite look for a Zelda game is by far TP, the only issue is that the hardware limitations left it looking a bit muddy at times. But now that we’ve got a new console and we’ve seen what that style looks like in HD, I can’t see any reason to not have another TPish game. WW’s graphics style doesn’t do it for me, I find the cartooniness takes the tension away and makes it difficult to feel immersed or invested.

    Let me know what you think.


    Game-play a lot like red dead redemption horse back riding. realistic looking characters animals but slapped with skyward sword grafix and go back to normal controls as to motion controls could GET annoying!


    Wont happen but would also be cool if u could customize links features such as eye and hair color. In the fields they should implement optional task where u help people in random encounters like in red dead. Story should revolve around a massive war and in the end link becomes the king of hyrule setting the plot for a sequel…

  • anonymous

    I WANT a challenge: bosses, puzzles and minigames requiring timing and strategy

    I WANT to be able to choose my dungeon order. Along with that, I WANT some sort of story tree, with different layouts and bosses for latter dungeons for different dungeon orders, but everything ultimately ending the same way.

    I WANT 3D controls(z-targeting, camera angles, etc) for some parts and 2D controls(either D-pad or touch screen) for other parts. I see no reason the WIiUmote can not be used as some sort of map/notebook combination at the very least like int the DS games.

    I WANT a full multiplayer game, like the Four Swords games except with the ability to be in different dungeons at the same time. Along with that I WANT the dungeons to react to each other – play a song in the temple of time and get a free breakfast in the stone tower temple

    I WANT a big Hyrule Field, except filled with things to do and with multiple methods of transportation. Wind Waker is almost a good example of this, except it doesn’t have many things to do between locations.

    I EXPECT and WANT creativity: an original story(please no more making a big deal of remakes, but remake if you must), a new villain(I mean completely new – no Vaati or Demise or Ganondorf or Malladus), new music, new areas(we really need cities with big buildings and lots of people – bigger than Hyrule Castle Town in TP) and original art style(neither the “realistic” TP style nor the cartoony WW style). All this I expect to happen within 4 new Zelda games.

  • http://twitter.com/D_iNfeRno_StYlz Dante Giugliano

    They should totally make a Majora’s Mask style sequel to Twilight Princess where you play as Zant trying to save Midna from Ganon. (we all know) Ganon gets inevitably gets the better of Zant and corrupts him, thus Princess Midna is cast out and that’s the story of the Twilight.

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