Triforce Tank Top

Chelsea G.December 10th, 2012 by Chelsea G.

Legend of Zelda apparel is one of the more common ways fans pay tribute to their favorite video game series. You see everything from hoodies and shoes to shirts and sweatpants. And, now yet another fan has exhibited their appreciation for the Zelda series through a vibrant tank top.

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Etsy seller, GeekyU1 has listed a green American Apparel tank top donning an image of the Triforce. This image features a large Triforce accompanied by the Master Sword and Crest of the Royal Family in a vivid gold that offsets the green. The top is intended for a men’s build, but can be altered or adapted to fit a women’s frame. Right now, this shirt is selling for $19.99 and is available in sizes small through extra large with an alternate black and green color option. I found this shirt to be a great representation of Zelda fandom, and am keeping it on my list of gift ideas for some friends.

How do you feel about this tank top? Would you purchase it? Do you think there are better Zelda-related shirts? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Etsy

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  • marill

    The shirtpunch one you posted a couple weeks ago was a RIPOFF. I asked where it is and they said it will take 3 WEEKS TO SHIP. Why?! OMG.

    • DarkMachi

      ShirtPunch one was really good, and time wise it was not 3 weeks, you have to remember that they take the orders THEN they have to print them. So, that takes time in itself for all the orders to be counted then they have to get the shirts, and then print the design on the shirt, and then go on the good old Canadian shipping.
      I am not sure why it would take so long for you, might be where you live, etc. But I got mine rather quickly, and love it~! (so did more than one other peoples).

      • marill

        I live in Chicago… there’s no reason it should take 3 weeks. It’s not like I’m on some remote island or something.

    • gregdorf

      But Doddy, I want it NOW!

      • marill

        …So I’m Veruca Salt because I want something I paid for in a reasonable amount of time?

    • npatoray24

      Im in columbus, i dont know why i havent got mine yet either. :/

  • Dakota Zouzias

    I actually like this tank top. If you’re anything like me, you get sick of the Zelda graphic shirts real easily. Official artwork of Link standing pasted on to a black shirt: boring. The Hylian Crest splayed across the chest of a black shirt: overdone. I especially hate the costume tunic shirts. Sometimes I feel like Zelda (as well as every other videogame series I like) shirts always stick to the simplest ideas from the game: The Hero, The Triforce, “Save Zelda”. I’d love to see more shirts that dig into the story of the game a little more.
    The store much needed merch that has the collection of Zelda shirts I like the most. I’m on there right now and they added a bunch more cool shirts. Time for a shopping spree.

  • Eric

    The boy looks hot

  • Thareous

    Oh my, the perfect accessory for the season of…winter.

  • √ĀinetheDragon

    All the want…

  • baileygirl99

    I like this tank….but it winter and its $20

  • DA LAWLZ >:3

    looks… simple. me likes! :3

  • littlemissgleek

    I’d love to see a zelda shirt for girls, it can’t be that hard! They would lose sales to their main audience (being guys) BUT since it would be one of the only zelda shirts made for girls (I’ve seen none) they’d sell a heap and make huge profit. One day…

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