The Legend of Zelda: Cake of Time

DaveyDecember 18th, 2012 by Davey

I’ve seen my fair share of sculpture-cakes and they always amaze me, but I find this cake particularly fascinating because it features an edible, working N64! (Minus the working part, you can’t actually play an N64 made out of cake.) Nevertheless, this baked dessert has an N64 with Ocarina of Time, a controller, Link, Zelda, and more Zelda characters. Not only that, but it looks good to eat, too!

Hit the jump for some pictures!

It’s pretty evident that Black Cherry Cake Company put a lot of work went into making this; all of the little details add up to make the overall appearance of the cake better. My favorite part is the rupees put around the the entire cake because to me it really makes it a special Zelda cake rather than a generic Zelda cake.

We also see the innocence in the cucco’s eyes, but we’re on to it. We know its true terror.

If you’d like to see more of Black Cherry Cake Company’s cakes, head on over to their website for more fantastic edibles!

Source: Black Cherry Cake Company (via Zelda Universe and that’s nerdalicious!)

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  • Sam


  • Ali_Bagels


    • VikzeLink

      Yes, you had the first failed comment

    • First_Hater

      That’s what your mom said…

    • Linkfan99

      Yes, you got first in the annoying troll contest… Nice going.

  • ChuckNorrisLoZ

    OMNOMNOM-crunchy-NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM- wait, where’d my N64 go…?

    • itsameluigi1290

      It just dropped into your lower intestine. It semlls like grape, or apple. Blueberry?

  • MrNintendoCoke

    This. I want this RIGHT THE TRUCK NOW!

  • DarkAnimat

    Its too beautiful to eat :(

  • Oldish

    Isn’t this really old?
    I mean really. Old.

    • Oldish

      And I’ve tasted the stuff they use in those types of cakes, not my thing.

      It’s really chewy and bleh.

      • Micah Behr

        It’s called fondant. It’s actually very nice to work with. Not many people like it to eat, but I’m one of the few who love it.
        The point remains how useful it is in cake designing, though.

        • Linkfan99

          Yeah, I’m fine with the taste, I just don’t really like the texture… it’s kind of like sweet play-dough.

    • DarkAnimat

      so? I didnt know…

  • Matthew Shannon

    the proportions are off. not impressed. i want accuracy!

    • taylor

      youre trolling right

      • The Hylian Monolith

        No. He’s not. The proportions are off. I’m not too impressed either(see above comment regarding my cake-making abilities), but it is a cool cake.

        • Matthew Shannon

          yup, you can tell the cake maker isn’t a gamer.

          • The Hylian Monolith

            I think they were. They clearly put a lot of effort into it.
            I was trying to give constructive criticism, but that’s just outright insulting to the cake-maker. I just get mad when people say mean things, true or not.

          • Matthew Shannon

            well, if the cake maker is a professional then its not a stretch to say this was for a customer who requested a legend of zelda ocarina of time themed cake. not trying to be mean, i’ve just seen some way better cakes before. the proportions i was talking about were the n64 console not being bulky enough, and the controller being stubby (this is a bit forgivable because making a truely precise controller that stands up and doesn’t crumble would be really hard).

          • The Hylian Monolith

            True… It’s all very cool, jsut not awe-inspiring.
            I’m just wondering what kind of person goes into great enough detail in describing a cake that they say, “Oh, and put a white chicken on it.” Oh, right, me. The Reigning High Supreme Chief Uber of Going On and On.

          • Matthew Shannon

            i think its safe to say gordon ramsy would be that kind of person

          • The Hylian Monolith

            (translation: Who’s that, and what type of person?)

          • Matthew Shannon

            hes the host of hells kitchen of whatever its called and hes the biggest tool of a chef you can think of

          • Cherry

            Hey, I’m the baker ;) and yes I’m a gamer (more of a call of duty girl though) Sorry you wernt impressed – the cake is made to a certain budget and timescale…so I have to do the best I can with what Ive got. Thanks to the original poster who appreciated it for what it was – many other bakers would have just printed stuff out and stuck it on…whereas I chose to handpaint. Thanks to everyone else for the lovely comments, it makes my day x xxx

          • Matthew Shannon

            The baker speaks! i checked out the rest of your stuff on twitter. the nightmare before christmas and the walking dead cakes are friggin amazing

          • Cherry

            Thanks so much! I don’t use twitter as much as I should do! I pretty much live on Facebook :) I have another Walking dead cake coming soon :)

        • Linkfan99

          And what “proportions” might these be? Plus, look at the detail of the grass! That’s pretty impressive, to make that texture out of icing.

          • The Hylian Monolith

            The heads are off in balance to the rest of the bodies, and so are the eyes. It’s an easy mistake to make(I do it all the time in drawing), but then you reroll the gum paste and fix it. The Cucco is cute, but big and thin. I think the grasses are shrubs, they’re huge and if they wanted grass, they could just pipe it out with frosting.

            All that said, the game cartridge looks amazing, an I like the size of the Rupees.

          • Linkfan99

            No, I’m not talking about those shrubs, I am talking about the green icing itself. That covers the entire ground. If you look closely, it has light and dark patches to give it the texture of grass. That’s hard to do with icing. Also, maybe they intended for the heads to be big, kind of like toon link and zelda.

  • Link Hyrule

    Don’t munch on the Cucco, its going to call thousands of cuccos and break you jaw.
    Also is the a bunny or Navi????
    Maybe they shoud have added Ganondorf lying down dead.

    • Waker of Winds

      I don’t think a dead guy would have been rather popular on a cake for kids

    • Turtles!

      I’m pretty sure it’s Navi.

  • Taylor

    wheres links hand going…

  • farore

    i call dibs on the controler!

  • Emma Mix

    So… beautiful :’)

  • Amber

    I want one…

  • bluchu

    link and zelda look like they’ve been drinking a lot of coffee

  • ePik Min

    “HEY ! EAT US !!”

  • zombie_eat_flesh

    Holy God, their eyes look creepy.

    • The Hylian Monolith

      The people look creepy overall.
      This is really good clearly it took a very long time. I would e highly impressed if I wasn’t an extreme cupcaker, descended from an amazing cake maker. Neither of us even do it for a living, we just do it(me and my mother). I think we could pull this off, so I’m not as impressed as some would be.

      • asmith19

        Then let’s see it.
        Mouth: Hello Money.
        Money: Hello Mouth. I heard you opened yet again.

        • The Hylian Monolith

          Um… what?
          Not four days from going to Boston, with shows in between. Wait until January, then yes. I will post the ingenious Master Sword cake that I intend to make.

          It’s got a fondant covering, like this cake, but the fondant will be over frosting so I can tuck it in to make it look like stone. I’ll airbrush it with some dark grey and white to make it look stone-y and then make the Master Sword out of chocolate, covered with frosting or fondant. The hilt will be flex candies, and I’ll make the Triforce design out of nonpareils…

          • The Unicorn Hanger-Outer

            MMmmmmmm…master sword. *Drool*

  • GSusanj

    Sis: It’s MY turn!
    Me: Sorry, I ate the controller.

  • pizzaman

    I can’t even make a circular cake at that level of perfection!

  • baileygirl99

    That’s cool! I could sooo eat a cake RIGHT NOW. And their eyes…. 8-( Good job!

  • Midna’s Sister

    Omg, that’s hilarious. Totally writing down the link to this one.

  • itsameluigi1290

    The Legend of Zelda: Cake of Ti– OMG YOU STOLE IT DAVEY.

  • Vink

    Quick, eat the triforce before Ganondorf does.

  • Cranbery

    Ok, that is an amazing cake * writing down for future reference of cake ideas* that’s one awesome cake *chewing on a random N64 game thinking its cake * I want it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad * wondering why I have minus one N64 game*

  • Hylian Angel

    MMMMMMMMMM! Gimme the slice of cake!

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