Terry’s Shop?

DaveyDecember 26th, 2012 by Davey

Wait, I thought it was Beedle who owned a sailing shop in Phantom Hourglass. And in the UK and North American versions of the Zelda games that feature this young merchant, his name is Beedle. However in the releases in the other parts of Europe and Japan, his name is actually Terry!

Of course, at some point this rift in names had to cause a problem. And in Phantom Hourglass just the mistake occurred! Many gamers probably wouldn’t find where this mistake is, though it stands out when you know. Hit the jump to find out where the mistake is!

The problem occurs within the UK printing of the Phantom Hourglass manual. As the Official Nintendo Magazine hypothesized, this was probably a simple error in the way the manual was distributed, and the name change in the UK was overlooked. The US manual, however, has no error in the identity of Beedle.

This is an interesting mistake, though, because the famous “Gannon” mistranslation from the original Legend of Zelda was just the opposite fault. Instead of the manual being wrong and the actual game being correct, as is the case with Phantom Hourglass, the mistranslation in The Legend of Zelda comes in the game, and the correct spelling, “Ganon”, is in the manual. It seems that even with a huge company like Nintendo, you just can’t avoided little oversights such as this.

Know any other games with a manual to game mal-alignment? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine


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  • Turtles!

    Hmm…interesting. But how could you mistake “Beedle” for “Terry”?

    • Tehlul

      Maybe the same way you mistake Zelda for Link.

      • The Master Sword’s Chosen One

        If you call me Zelda one more time…You…are…DEAD.

  • Johannes

    I’ve been playing european/PAL versions of TWW, PH and SS, and I can assure you he’s always been called Beedle in my games. :l

    • Lucky Elkaa

      Yeah, but it must depend on the language; he’s always called Terry in French. Well, at least in “French French”, that may be otherwise in Canadian French…

  • datskullkid

    well..if you put in spanish a AMERICAN game,the name will be terry,go figure why

    • kenny_chan_arg

      In the case of Skyward Sword, Beedle’s wasn’t the only name changed, but other character names were changed too.

  • http://twitter.com/ThomaseDurnad Thomas Durand

    Maybe Beedle in japan is Terry? I it could be posible because it it sounds like a Japanese name TeRi? I have lived in japan and a lot of things have different names as the U.S.A

  • Mseevers95

    I always figured Ganon’s pick-up line for chicks would be : “Hi I’m Ganon, and that’s one N not two “

  • Roderic_the_Breton

    I live in Norway, and he’s not called Terry in my games. It has to be in those countries that translates the games.

  • Midnafan

    Pokemon. Everything pokemon. if it is published in paper form and has to do with Pokemon, it has a crap load of errors i.e. I have an entire deck of just error trading cards. The Sinnoh pokedex book lists Torkoal as the Coral pokemon, and poliwag’s evolution set is backwards (the arrows are backwards) and i have found at least six spelling and grammatical errors in the B2W2 guide book. -_-

    • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.dipalma Jordan DiPalma

      I remember finding mistakes like that when I used to buy Pokémon strategy guides and official handbooks and all. I also remember one game (Ruby perhaps?) misspelling Mawile as Mawhile in its dex entry. With so many hundreds of Pokémon, they’re bound to make little mistakes here and there.

      • Midnafan

        But it’s not just here and there. There are literally so many errors that it’s not even worth any sort of money, not even the cards. It’s ridiculous that whoever does the printing stuff has absolutely horrible editors. :/

        • Shadow Princess

          You make it sound like 3 out of 4 cards are error cards, and they’re not. It’s just more common with pokemon cards than with a lot of things. And if every pokemon card was perfect, you wouldn’t get the rarest cards. An error card–prerelease raichu, to be exact–recently sold for around 10,000 dollars on ebay. So while some errors can be annoying, others can become cool, even quite valuable collector’s items. So, all in all, it really balances out in the end.

          • Midnafan

            Error cards are normally quite valuable, and I do know that Raichu you mentioned is because it was a production error. But here’s the difference: what happened to the raichu only happened to a few cards during production, not all of the copies the original card. for many pokemon card errors, the error is every single copy of the card, making it not-valuable, as opposed to the Raichu, which there are very few of.

  • Ninty

    So his name is Terry in Japan, or just certain parts of Japan?

  • Zelda68

    Beedle was re-named to . . . well, Beedle, because of his Beatle-like hairdo. Obviously some other countries didn’t make the link.

    • M C

      Didn’t make the link…. I sense a pun-thread coming along

  • littlemissgleek

    Funny that. My game says Beedle and my manual says Beedle. Guess the Australian copy got it right :)

  • Sebasbrawler

    Same goes for Onox General of Darkness from Oracle of Seasons, in The Oracle of Ages they call him Onyx :l

  • zelda

    hmmmm how interesting

  • MrFunExplosionthe3rd

    In the original Legend of Zelda for the American release, ‘Rupy’ (in-game) was ‘Ruby’ (manual). The spelling of Wizzrobe was changed to Wizrobe in Majora’s Mask.

  • http://twitter.com/ZeldaJessi Bethany Jessi Powers

    me cousin lived in iraq (long before the war of course) and the name was Beedle but i have heard zelda games are illegal there now