Symphony of the Goddesses Heading to Wisconsin in 2013

JordanDecember 5th, 2012 by Jordan

As many of you know, Nintendo’s Symphony of the Goddesses has been touring all over America for well over a year now and has brought incredible music to thousands of American Zelda fans. As of yet there had been no news on the official site of whether the Symphony had any plans for 2013 as their last update only revealed dates through the end of 2012.

Recently, the site updated with a new date. It is only one location and one show, but at least it’s something! Jump in to see!

Not long ago, the Symphony of the Goddesses official site added just one new show date to their schedule: Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 26th of 2013. For anyone living in Wisconsin who couldn’t make the trip to Chicago for that show, this should be good news!

Personally, I’m curious as to why they only added one new date. Sure, it is the first 2013 date confirmed by the official site, but I wonder why they did not announce more alongside it. After all, we already received word of two shows in Australia so why not add those to the official list? We are also still waiting for shows to be announced in other countries outside North America, so I hope they give some love to them soon.

What are your thoughts? Do you live in Wisconsin? Have you been to the Symphony yet? Are you living in one of the many countries that are still waiting for it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Zelda Symphony

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  • Ty

    They need to make it over to Salt Lake City, Utah…
    Only then can i live a peaceful life..

  • wiboy

    I’m in Wisconsin!!!!

  • Thomas Sonck

    Hmm. Guess they are not coming to Europe.

    • Jordan DiPalma

      There’s still hope. Some dates haven’t been added to the site (like the aforementioned Australia shows), and they keep adding more as time goes by. They said it’d be an international deal so they’re bound to hit Europe eventually.

  • linkfan579

    I still think they should come to Michigan

  • Casey Kalb

    Okay. There’s no way I’m missing this. In my home town?! HELL YES!

  • Aaron hill

    waiting waiting unfourtanetly

  • Roedburn

    Utah please!!!

  • Joey Whisler

    I live in missouri….. awww what the hell close enough! ROAD TRIP!

    • Kablamogroup

      The Chicago one would have been a little closer.

  • Blackbaldrik

    I might just have to go see this… Never thought they’d bring it to Wisconsin.

  • Tormented

    Europe! Just anywhere in Europe, please! I’ld be there! :'(

  • Irishmile

    I live in WI.. But I may still be recovering from holiday spending at that point.

  • Laika_

    These went on pre-sale on October 24th. I made sure to pick 1 up

  • Zelda rules

    I’m soooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I live in wisconsin and missed the one chicago!!
    I’m soo lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nikki

    Lucky people in Wisconsin! I doubt it’ll ever come to my state or if it does, it’ll only be in the capital, which is 4 hours away from where I live. ): This would be one of the few symphonies that are around that I would truly enjoy and not wish to leave through the middle of it! I would love to go to one sometime!

  • TwilightEchoes

    i wish i wouldve known about that sooner since i live in wisconsin. oh well, i went to the one in minnesota so im fine

  • sidezr

    I hope they come to Las Vegas some day.

  • pickleslkw


  • Hans Fuerst


  • toofelttil

    Anywhere in utah?! please?

  • Kablamogroup

    Hey, I live in Wisconsin…but this is all the way over in Milwaukee (I live way up in Superior)…that’s probably a good 7 hour or so trip for me. I’m only guestimating at how long it will take. Besides, I’m being slammed with bills up the wazoo, with only one crummy part-time job to pay for all of it (I’m trying to get a second job, but it’s proving to be quite difficult), so I doubt I could afford tickets to this thing.

  • FenderGuitars777

    Saw the Symphony of the Goddesses in New York, it is an absolutely amazing show!

  • Zeldatrek

    I think I know what happened. Remember when you posted your review of the Chicago concert. Well I made a comment about it not coming to WI. Well somebody I don’t know if they were affiliated with the show or not but they informed me of the Milwaukee date. I replied back that it wasn’t on the They replied back oops my bad. I checked the site again and it was on there. Yea, I would go again but I have to work that weekend. And I can’t ask off again so soon after the Wii U launch. So Ganon will not be there.

  • tryuee

    i have executive front row middle seats in front of the stage i am totally psyched