Monday Comic Corner – Thanks, Mom!

DaveyDecember 17th, 2012 by Davey

For our very second Monday Comic Corner, we have a comic that perhaps all of us can relate to. Each of us has a Zelda game that was a very special first: the game introduced us to the series. Maybe for you older gamers, that magical moment as a child was when The Legend of Zelda was new and unique. It came on a gold cartridge in a gold box. (Bastian most likely has similar sentiments!) For a lot of kids, we shared these early memories with our moms and the amount of exhilaration built-up inside of us was too great to possibly express.

This brings us to our comic; hit the jump to read!

I think the comic speaks for itself. The innocent look of young Zac and the loving expressions of his mom are drawn just like I imagine my own memories. Thanks Mom, Dad, or whoever bought your first Zelda game for you. Never did we expect the vast amount of enjoyment this stupendous series would bring.

I don’t know whether my parents will ever understand why or how The Legend of Zelda is of my favorite things, but I hope they know how much I appreciate them for all of the trips to the store to buy the latest title.

This comic, of course, comes from Magical Game Time by Zac Gorman. As the title would suggest, Magical Game Time are comics about video games of all sorts. I highly suggest you check out Magical Game Time for more comics by him!

If you have similar stories to the one described in the comic, let us know in the comments!

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  • Cheesegoddess

    I was about 11 or 12 and was invited to a birthday sleep over. LOTS of girls there. Around midnight they all wanted to do makeovers and read girly magazines like Seventeen. Little to say that was certainly NOT my idea of fun. My friend had and older brother and so had a lot of video games. I always adored them and asked if I could play a video game instead. She agreed but I had to agree to let my hair be messed with. Sure fair’s fair. It already had a game in it and I was curious as to what it was. It was a Zelda game, and I had heard of the series before but hadn’t played anything for it. So I turned it on. Suddenly, I hear beautiful music, and a large full moon slowly raising before me. I hear a horse’s neigh and then the worlds appeared before me. Ocarina of Time. I watched the full opening until it repeated itself again. Hitting start I saw the brother’s file, Ben….No I’m just kidding! I saw his file and decided to play with it a little but not save anything I did, cause that would be kind of a jerk thing to do. I just wanted to see what this game was. He was at the water temple…..dear god. However hard as it was, it had given me enough taste that I needed more. The puzzles were so much fun for me that I turned off the game and started my own file. As the party went on around me, and me sitting playing this game with curlers and large bows in my hair, I just couldn’t get enough. I had just gotten to temple of time when I noticed it the sun was coming up. Yes I had played all the way into the morning. No sleep for me that night! My parents came fair to soon to get me and I was left with wonder….what happened to Link at the temple? Did he save the princess? What about Ganon? Where did he go!? Where did the princess go?! Of course for my birthday that year. I had asked for only two things. A Nintendo 64 and the Game Ocarina of Time. I have been a true Zelda fan since. To this day, when ever I see things or hear music related to OOT, I get these odd shivers up my back and a large smile I can’t control. I am 28 now and will continue to buy Zelda games as long as they make them.

  • Dart

    First zelda game ever: A Link to the Past
    First real video game ever: A Link to the Past.
    Yet it took me many years to beat it, and by then I had already beaten many other games.

  • Baka

    I was 10 and I asked Rayman 2 on N64 to my parents for my birthday because it was “hype” and they decided to buy me Ocarina of Times instead because it looks cooler.

  • itsameluigi1290

    I was 8 when I first got The Wind Waker. I woke up one morning and found two games on the table. One was Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the other was obviously TWW. When I started it up, I decided it was the best Gamecube game ever created, next to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. It was just amazing. For an entire half hour, though, I tryed to figure out how to jump XD

  • Dragon Ball Zelda

    My first Zelda game was OOT, I was pretty young it came out the year I was born, but it was and still is awesome it’s still my favorite and I think it holds up well. Like a few others, I’m 14, but I’ve beaten 13 of the 16 Zelda games, the only ones I haven’t beaten are TP, PH and Zelda II, the reason for the first two is because I stopped playing and just didn’t get back into it, as for Zelda II, I have A LOT of difficulty with it, and I wouldn’t even have beaten the first dungeon without this website. I have set myself a goal to beat those three before TWW HD releases.

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  • sombody you dont know

    I played Four Swords Adventures with my uncle when I was 3 :) Great memories. I remember I would go over to his house everyday. and I beat it with him