Mas’ Zelda Collection 040 – Johnny Lightning Ocarina of Time Race Car

Mases HagopianDecember 30th, 2012 by Mases Hagopian

In the latest collection video, we look at a Johnny Lightning Racing Dreams Race Car from Ocarina of Time. Originally released as part of The Greatest Race Cars That Never Were! series, the Race Car was one of three video game cars in the series, along with one for Yoshi and another for Mario. Most of the other cars in the set were mainly for cereals, snacks, and candies such as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, PEZ, Fudgsicles, and several more.

The Race Car is not exactly rare and you can find them on eBay anywhere from $10-$20 in their original packaging. If you don’t mind just getting the car loose without the packaging, then it is even cheaper. Go ahead and make the jump to check out the collection video and be sure to subscribe to us over at YouTube to get all our latest videos.

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  • gamer

    Got this and the Yoshi car. Mario was always sold out at electronic boutique, the store for the 90s gamer. We need to see more pointless Zelda memorabilia now a days.

    • tingleberries

      I had a real Zelda race car back in the day. Used to race that thing around Hyrule field all day long. After hitting a few kikwis though, I felt bad, and had to stop driving.

      • Lord Carlisle

        The Kikwi never existed in Hyrule… I think you mean the Kokori. And even then, they can never leave the forest. :3

        • Lord Carlisle


        • tingleberries

          It’ll be ok, it was just a joke. But hey, if you’re ever in the Kokiri Forest, stop by the stump shop and pick up a sense of humor.

  • The Hylian Monolith

    It’s an OoT car.
    Has the world gone MAD?!

  • MiniJen

    Because this is something that Zelda fans were demanding. No seriously. T_T

  • Fantym

    “Zelda-Kart” XD

  • MrNintendoCoke

    Now if they did something like this for Gordon Freeman, the world of PC Gaming would instantly explode.

  • littlemissgleek

    DUDE, he wasn’t trying to zoom in, he was trying to show off his AWESOME shirt!