Mas’ Zelda Collection 038 – Sheik First 4 Figures Statue

Mases HagopianDecember 9th, 2012 by Mases Hagopian

In this weeks Mas’ Zelda Collection video, we take a look at the Sheik First 4 Figures Statue, released back in Quarter 3 of 2007. Initially retailing for $109.99, this was the 4th statue in the First 4 Figures series of Zelda statues. The statue had a limited run of 2500 statues, but has long since sold out, making it yet another sought out Zelda statue.

While it has become a rare statue, it is nowhere near as expensive as the Fierce Deity Link Statue, the Skull Kid Statue, or the Ocarina of Time Link Statue. Every so often this statue will pop up on auction websites such as eBay, usually selling somewhere in the range of $250-$350. That is still about 3x the amount it initially sold for, but not nearly the 8x the amount that some of the other statues have sold for. With more and more collectors locking these statues up, they are becoming harder to get your hands on, which will inevitably cause the price to rise even further. In any case, you can go ahead and check out the collection video after the jump. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, where you can catch collection videos every Sunday immediately when they are uploaded.

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  • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento

    perfect. ▲

  • drnedaj

    First of all that’s a nice statue. Second way too expensive for me. I would rather have a wii u

  • Adri Aparicio

    just realized his/her harp is the skyward sword harp

    • Alix Jenkins

      Shiek is Zelda

  • bluchu

    with an ass like that, why did people think sheik was a boy?

    • Olimar

      Agreed. Even the sages were to dumb to notice!

      • Midna’s Sister

        Extremely true. Plus, she’s just so girly.

  • npatoray24

    i got mine a few years back for the original price

  • 60thchip

    id rather make one out of clay and paint it, the clay is 20 and paint is like 20 or 10 so its only 30 or 40 by hand

    • pizzaman

      30 or 40 what? Pizzas?

    • Pokalink

      It woudnt be collectible, or licensend by nintendo, people dont by these because they look like zelda charceters, they buy them becuase there collectible.

  • Olimar

    This figure looks amazing! But sadly it’s WAY to expensive. My mom would never let me have something this expensive.

  • MiniJen

    nice. shiek is one of my all time favorite zelda characters!

  • Tehlul

    Shiek is a guy you guys

    • Zoe

      have u played the game? Sheik is Zelda in disguise. I don’t understand why people still think she’s a boy. She’s only pretending to be a boy. Its not even up to discussion. Its just a fact. They even say it in the game.

      • Tehlul

        You fell for it

        • bluchu

          obvious troll is obvious

  • Kabro006

    i want it, i want it,i want it, i want it,i want it, i want it,i want it, i want it,i want it, i want it,i want it, i want it!!!!!! shiek is cooler than zelda, shiek at least had more of a purpose in OoT.

  • Kwen

    I really hope they make a Princess Zelda statue from Twilight princess

  • Thareous

    Neato mosquito.

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    Very nice statue. And in my opinion, I believe the CHARACTER Sheik, to be a guy.

  • Tehlul

    I always get the last comment ha ha ha