Marathon Man Zelda Charity Event

Mases HagopianDecember 27th, 2012 by Mases Hagopian

The folks over at Marathon Man are hosting their third Marathon, this one raising money for the Autism Research Institute. This marathon is set to run for four days and will cover virtually all of the Legend of Zelda titles. Starting with Skyward Sword, what this marathon does that is unique from most, is that almost all of the games will have multiple playthroughs, where two people are playing simultaneously. You can head on over to Marathon Man to participate in the live chat, but I’ve also embedded the video right after the jump.

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  • orome the huntsmen

    skyward sword on the main and big screen?! noobs.

    • Midnafan

      Word of the day: noob

    • Hikari

      Maybe you should try playing through a game while sticking to a time limit with dozens of people watching your every move.

      • orome the huntsmen

        I was kidding. I was referencing the fact that in ZD’s marathon they puted skyward sword on the small screen and the zelda game watch on the main one.

  • JuicieJ

    So one person’s an SS pro and the other’s and SS n00b. Interesting combo.

    • Midnafan

      so it’d be like me versus everyone else who’s played this game :P (i’m the noob btw in case that came off wrong. :P)

  • Midnafan

    I like how Zelda is used for so many charities. Zelda has one of the best fan bases. They’re incredibly analytical over the series, implement it into fan creations and art in every media, and are some of the most sophisticated and fun video game fans to chat with. :)

  • ThePyroWall

    What about Zeldathon?

    • Mases Hagopian

      We’ll be posting about Zeldathon in the next day or two. We support all Marathons, but in particular, I like helping out the little guys. They really need all the help they can get. They probably should have timed their marathon so it didn’t directly overlap with Zeldathon though.

  • Linkfan99

    Marathon man is impossible to beat. Too bad it took me about 100 tries to realize that.

  • Xar1aX

    hey all, maybe a noob question but how do you play the retro games on the wii ?

    • Olamarr

      buy them on the eshop.