Make Your Own Zelda Game With Zelda Classic 2.50

GuestDecember 29th, 2012 by Guest

If there’s one primary problem with being a passionate Zelda fan, it’s the lack of actual content available for us to play. This is not at all Nintendo’s fault–they’re releasing Zelda titles at a steady rate, and, as far as I’m concerned, each and every one has been fantastic. No, it’s our own fault. We consume those Hyrule-saving, evil-vanquishing adventures at a ridiculous rate. Now this problem is no more. With Zelda Classic 2.5’s eventual release after nearly eight years in the making, it’s never been easier to both create your own versions of Link’s adventures and enjoy those created by others. Hit the jump to find out how!

Zelda Classic itself has been around for a long while. With its first build released way back in 1999, it predates even Majora’s Mask, which itself seems an age old now. Work first started on version 2.5 in 2005. With Zelda Classic, fans can create their own Zelda adventures based on the aesthetic style of series’ initial installment, The Legend of Zelda.

Wholly dependent on the skill of the person behind the monitor, of course, Zelda Classic provides a backbone for some amazingly creative and complex fan-made Zelda games. Everything can be customised–dungeons, enemies, maps, even music and visuals–without even the slightest knowledge of computer programming.

I’m sure that there’s plenty of creative types amongst Zelda Dungeon’s readers who can’t wait to click on the link below and get to making their own adventures. For me, however, the main drawcard of Zelda Classic is the ability to download and play all the amazing games created by people better than me.

There are already some brilliant games available that have been created on earlier versions of Zelda Classic, but with the addition of Mac and Linux support, a new graphical user interface, a new quest editor, and item and enemy editors, ZC 2.5 adds a huge amount of functionality to an already feature-packed program. And it’s free!

If you’re interested (which you really should be), the official release of Zelda Classic 2.50 can be downloaded here, and Zelda Classic-made quests are available from here and here. Still not sure? Check out the trailer below for The Legend of Zelda: Lost Lineage, an adventure wholly created within Zelda Classic by Teamudf.

Source: Armageddon Games forums

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  • RubyDragonCat

    Awesome! I’ve tried fangame creation myself…

  • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento


  • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento

    I’ll create the Erebor of Gorons. ♥


    Good program; however, I feel it is way too limited. After making a zelda game for an important project at school with a different program, I feel as if these pre-made templates are just too limiting.

    • IgosDuIkana

      feel like sharing this program?


        It’s called Game Maker which supports the GML Language. It is the courtesy and work of YoYo Games. it supports both Mac and Windows.

        In my opinion, I like it better because it isn’t based on one theme. You can take an idea and make an awesome creation. It takes time to learn the coding itself but once you got a nice grasp of it (like me), you can make if not “legendary”, awesome master pieces. The only cons are that if you don’t have already animated sprites. You have to take sprite sheets and animate them – bit by bit (shudders).

        • -DuCkTApE-

          You got it all wrong. Its not game maker, Its Zelda Classic. The program is Zelda Classic. It all ready have all the sprites done for you. And you can add your own sprites and other tile sheets. You can even add music and sound effects easily. Check it out for yourself! Im -DuCkTApE- on it!

          • Mr. Boomtastic

            I am familiar with both programs. I think he or she is trying to say that when it comes to making a zelda game, They both are good. However, for the creation process itself, the GML language suits them better.

      • -DuCkTApE- there you go dude

        • EyeOfSheikah

          THE AWESOME DUDE is talking about a different program. He knows that it isnt what the article is talking about, hes saying that the program he is talking about is better.

    • pikaguy900

      Actually, 2.5 has a new ZScript feature, which lets you break a lot of these limits. A lot of things are possible with ZScript that weren’t before. New items, custom bosses… Anything you want!

      • The Hylian Monolith

        2.5? They’re up to version 50!

    • Midnafan

      premade templates are perfect for people like me with good ideas but no designing skills :D

  • Ganon

    And what program was that?

  • Guest

    I can testify that this program is absolutely amazing. It has a very user friendly interface that can accomplish much. If you want to make a game, not just a Zelda game, but don’t know about writing programs this is the device for you. It has some inherent limits like only having 2D games but you will be amazed by what the program can do. Every body should give this a go. It’s as good as it sounds.

    • Midnafan

      question: does it have a lot of software/computer requirements? I have a Windows 7 laptop but it can’t do much…

      • pikaguy900

        Nope! I don’t actually know the exact requirements, but my computer can’t run any levels in Portal 2 without the whole system crashing; Zelda Classic runs very well, on the other hand.

      • Guest

        I use a windows 7 too. It will be fine.

        • Midnafan

          yeah, but do have any sort of graphics card, or does Zelda Classic require one? i’ve been told over and over a windows 7 laptop isn’t a gaming computer…

          • Guest

            Nope. Don’t need a fancy graphics card. It can run on pretty much anything.

          • Midnafan

            Sweet! I’ve found myself disappointed multiple times recently because my laptop isn’t really designed as a gaming computer, but this great! :D

  • Midnafan

    I’d really love to make my own game. I think it’d be a great way for me to look into some form of expressing the ideas I do have (since I can’t draw, write, or really even describe my ideas worth crap) I don’t think my laptop can run this kind of stuff though. i know i’ve tried running other stuff and now desperately need to restore my computer… :'(

    • toroko

      Unless your laptop is a true piece of garbage, you’ll run it fine. Before I got my new laptop I ran ZC on a 98 desktop and it ran flawlessly.

    • Kjetil Berthling

      You should be fine man. I remember about a year ago I was making a pokemon hack (never finished lol) on my netbook that had a freaking atom processor (if you don’t know, it’s probably the worst cpu you can get) and 1 gb ram. I was running multible applications at once (chrome for tutorials and downloads, advance map which is a program like zelda classic only for pokemon, and a scripting program.

      • Midnafan

        i downloaded it and once i figured it out, it works great! unforunately, i also realized i have no idea how to use it to make a game….:'( but, i can download and play other people’s games, and i can play LoZ, so it’s not a total loss. also, anyone know what a .qst is and how to open it? :/

        • HG

          .qst stands for Quest and it’s basically a game (Games are called Quests in ZC). You can open it with Zquest to edit it and play it in Zelda Classic. Truthfully, it’ll also take a little while to learn the program, but people are usually around in the community if you need help with something.

          • Midnafan

            thanks! :)

        • Kjetil Berthling
  • -DuCkTApE-

    Go to PureZC everybody! My name is -DuCkTApE- on it!

  • Debora

    looks intresting!!

  • Cmaster

    Sweet, I’m making a game using RPG VX ACE game maker for a game called Lan Legacy. The game maker has so many different things to choose from to create your own world, I would definitely recomend it. you can check out the summary of my game at

  • EyeOfSheikah

    McAfee does not like that site…

    • A Fan

      The guy who founded McAfee got arrested so I think that listening to him all the time doesnt matter.

    • Hero of Time

      McAfee’s opinion on it is crud….Good WOT rating, so I think it’s safe.

  • baileygirl99

    Whoa! AWESOMENESS!!!!!! That’s so amazingly cool!!! I wanna try that soo bad, but I’m not supposed to download stuff onto my computer. D-:

    • Kevin

      It runs off a zip file and .exe files, there is no install, and it’s very small.

      • baileygirl99

        Cool, thanks for the info! Btw, you made a rhyme! :-D

  • MiniJen

    I would so love to try this, but my severe lack of time would most likely leave anything that I would try to make would be left untouched from months on end -_-

  • FruitAngel99

    Can you get a virus from using this???

    • Guest


    • toroko

      Everything on armaggedon and purezc is clean

  • Mseevers95

    When is Lost Lineage actually going to be released, I’ve looked around and only found the trailer for it.

  • Awesome

    Oh Hell yes! Well I know what I’m going to be doing for a while…

  • thelinkmaster001

    i just downloaded the file, and it already looks like it will be the best mac game download ever.

  • TehLeetHaxor

    If you really want to create a Zelda game, make in from the bottom up in C++ or another programming language. That’ll give you complete freedom over every aspect of the game. It’ll be much less limiting than using these templates. Even making the game in Flash will be less limiting. However, if you’re particularly unskilled when it comes to computers, this is probably the best (and only) way to create a Zelda game.

    • Moosh

      I haven’t seen a lot of good Zelda fangames made like that. I don’t deny that they exist, but writing an engine from the ground up takes time (most aren’t up to the challenge) and so does getting attention. Zelda Classic is an engine with a fair amount of attention so if you make a quest with it you can be fairly sure that somebody will play it, unlike with gamemaker where you’re likely to get buried under a flood of other fangames. Also, funny story, there’s this one guy who’s building an entirely new engine off of ZC’s scripting language, so the freedom is still there for those who seek it out.

  • KeiichiO

    I’ve been using this program for 3 years and am making a project right now :D

  • Moosh

    I see Liberation of Hyrule there listed as a brilliant game next to Hero of Dreams and Carnage in Space. Obviously HoD and CiS were pulled right off the top rated quests in the PureZC database but where did LoH come from? Are you a friend of James or James himself by chance?

    • Matt

      LoH is one of the few ZC-made games I’ve played in the past and the one I enjoyed the most (it’s hard as nails, though, which I guess is largely why I enjoyed it)

      • Moosh

        I’m also a fan of difficult quests (although LoH felt a bit too luck based). Have you tried Armageddon Quest (also hard as nails, possibly as hard as LoH), You Only Live Once (one by me, not my best work but still a rather challenging quest), or the 9 dungeon demo for Isle of Rebirth (basically a full quest, it can be found in PureZC’s 2012 Fall Expo archives)?

        • Matt

          I’ll admit that I haven’t, but I’ll be sure to give them a go now :). Which would you consider your absolute best one? Not necessarily overly difficult. (And yes, LoH was too ridiculously difficult)

  • Kablamogroup

    Just downloaded it. Took like 5 seconds!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!!! *ehem* sorry about that. Only 8 MBs, huh? Sweet. Totally looking forward to playing around with this. I wonder how it will compare to RPG Maker (I have VX Ace Lite. Can’t afford the full one right now)? Judging by the fact that I love the Zelda series even more than most RPG’s (even FFIV, quite possibly my favorite FF game), it will probably blow RPG Maker out of the water.

  • hyliansword

    i downloaded it now what do i open it with

  • Anthony Pallotta

    This looks great! i already create games on game maker 8.0 pro, but this looks a ton better!

  • Anthony Pallotta

    okay, now why wont my zquest show up? it loads down on the toolbar, and then it just disappears…

  • ………

    As long as its not timeline related, im all for it.

  • The Hylian Monolith

    Must… Go… Make… 32-Bit… Shadow Plague…
    I have been waiting for this opportunity for years–the opportuity to make my own game. But first I’ll play the other games.

  • Hero of Time

    Must…….Make…..ZELDA GAME!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan F. Hullstrunk


  • Ryan F. Hullstrunk

    How can I use a Link to the Past rather then the original zelda as shown in the trailer for Lost Lineage?

    • Hero of Time

      I think ya need to use a little something called the internet.

  • Linkfan99

    I would do it, but I feel like I’d screw up SOOOO badly, it wouldn’t even be funny…

  • SomeGuy

    I wonder if I can do a 3d style game?

  • Dustin Kirksey

    I prefer the Zelda Starter Kit for RPG Maker XP. Check it out here:

  • Dart

    If only it had Android support. The only thing I would be able to use this on is my Android tablet.

  • Fantym

    There is another Zelda game making program also, it’s called “Hyrule Magic”

    • Some Guy

      No, your a fucking retard. thats a illegal Zelda A Link To The Past Rom hacking tool, if caught using it a huge fine, and prison could be charged agenst you.

      • Takabara

        Um, no it’s not. Your wrong, emulation isn’t bad unless used correctly and it’s okay to “Mod” games as long as he doesn’t sell the actual content. And don’t call him a F***** Retard because he’s just trying his best to help people have other options.

        • Holden Moore

          actually, emulators are okay, but ROMS are illegal, so if you follow law, you won’t use emulators because there is nothing to do with them without ROMS

      • jhewitt3476

        By “Law” (in America at least) if you own an “officially licensed” hardcopy of ANY material, books, music, movies, software, games, ect. you can make and keep up to two copies at a time, a backup and a useable copy, if you want to make changes to the media, it is no longer “officially licensed” and you cannot give free copies away unless you relinquish your copies to the new owner, and you cannot distribute multiple copies (even free ones) without express written permission from the publisher and/or production company. but good luck having anyone actually prosecute anything given for free, so if you’re going to try to spout law to people Mr. “Some Guy”, get your info strait and don’t be so damn rude, if you don’t like this place, stay out !!!

  • Holden Moore

    for some reason, the linux version doesn’t work, and how am I supposed to install the windows one? wine dows nothing