Let’s Get Creative With Zelda Spinoffs

Axle the BeastDecember 28th, 2012 by Axle the Beast

This is a topic I’ve covered a few times in a lesser capacity, mostly in the mailbag: The subject of Zelda spinoffs. When discussing new ideas for the main Zelda series, a lot of people, myself included, are wary of introducing too many changes into the series, and changing what makes it Zelda. Some argue that this restricts new ideas too much and therefore stagnates the series. While that might be true, effectively every video game series, no matter how much it experiments, needs to have core tenets in place that keep it at least partially the same from game to game. Otherwise it’s not really a series, and more importantly, fans of the series will have no reason to play the newer titles, because they will have nothing in common with the game they liked. So while new ideas are good — if not at all mandatory — a series generally needs to stay the same in certain areas.

However, I don’t think this is true at all with spinoffs. A series is always going to have its main games, which might introduce new features but will always follow the same general idea. But that doesn’t mean it can’t have odder side games that deviate from this more wildly and provide new experiences with some of the same ideas or the same world fitted to another gameplay mold. Zelda already has plenty of spinoffs — the most famous example being the Tingle RPGs, Four Swords, Link’s Crossbow Training, and Battle Quest, though others exist — but I think that Zelda could and probably should have more spinoffs, and more importantly, much more unique ones that differ from the main series in bigger ways.

The key thing here is how and when new ideas are good. New ideas, when simple experimentation, are good. Interference is bad; when a change interferes with what’s established, it creates problems. But if it can’t interfere, it shouldn’t be a problem. This applies to introducing new ideas to the main series, but it’s especially applicable with spinoffs, because if it’s a spinoff or side game of any kind, then it’s impossible for it to interfere with the main series at all, and whether it’s good or not doesn’t matter as far as the big picture goes: It can’t hurt the series.

One of my favorite things about wildly different spinoffs is when you have a creative, interesting world for the series. Because in a situation like that, it’s really fun to see how that world could play out with a completely different gameplay model. I think Zelda falls under this. Think about the world of Hyrule, all its many characters, and just its general style. How do you think it could work out in another genre? I’ll give you three interesting examples I’m fond of:

Zelda as an MMO

This one’s my favorite. MMO means “massively multiplayer online”, and usually corresponds to RPG games with persistent, open worlds where the player can go do anything they want, cooperating with and fighting other players while exploring the game world. MMO games that aren’t RPGs at all aren’t uncommon, though. Just think about the potential this concept would have within the Zelda series: Imagine a Zelda game with a huge, open world that would constantly grow from new patches and expansions, where you could explore alone or with other players.

This would also be an excellent environment to test out the reintroduction of RPG aspects into the series — a hotly debated issue — without interfering with the main series first. Constructing an MMO game without the RPG stat-building and instead just focusing on Zelda’s item-based growth system would be just as fascinating, though. Perhaps a game like this could expand Skyward Sword’s Adventure Pouch, and essentially make it so the player must carefully choose their item and weapon loadout before going adventuring.

Having an action and puzzle-based MMO like this would be really unique, and I imagine if it were well-designed and supported right, it would have quite a following of both Zelda fans and MMO fans. It would have unique opportunities for Zelda fans specifically, too. I already mentioned some, but another great advantage would be being able to play as the other races we see in Zelda all the time, and having co-operative dungeons. Perhaps the player could explore dungeons alone by acquiring the right items, like Power Gloves and Flippers to mimic Goron strength and Zora swimming, for example. But they could clear the dungeons much sooner with a party with the appropriate abilities. An persistent, open-world Zelda game, with multiplayer — both co-operative and possibly competitive — would be really interesting to see.

Zelda as a Strategy Game

A mod is already in production for Medieval 2: Total War that is themed off of Zelda, so this is already something people have been considering. But the idea is interesting. The Zelda series has a wealth of conflicts, many of which are of a scale that we could never really see in the series; how can you depict a full-scale war between two countries within an adventure game without both elements — the large-scale conflict and the solo adventuring — interfering with one another? Real-time Strategy and Turn-based Strategy games would be the perfect environment to tell those stories.

There are many enemies and allies throughout the series that could make for excellent units and factions. A game depicting the Hyrulean Civil War before Ocarina of Time could feature the Hylians, Gorons, Zora, and Gerudo as totally separate factions much like those of games like Starcraft or Warcraft III.

There’s also a lot of experimentation that can be done within this genre, as the modding communities of Warcraft III in particular have showcased. That game’s official modding tools saw the birth of a lot of ridiculously varied game types within the engine, from Tower Defense games to mini-game collections and more original variants, and even helped create an entirely new sub-genre of RTS games called MOBAs. My point is, there’s no shortage of options for how a real-time strategy Zelda could work; perhaps the gameplay would be less about destroying enemies and more about racing to an objective, using units to not only fight off both other players and neutral monsters, but also to remove obstacles and explore the map for resources and a path to the objective.

There’s so many options for something like this, and many of the ways it could be done would already play very much like a Zelda game. Even the ones that would be a lot different would be perfect for depicting conflicts we never get to see in the main Zelda series. A strategy Zelda game would have a great impact on the series.

Zelda as a Fighting Game

With a wealth of interesting warriors and monsters, the Zelda world would also seem ripe for being featured in a fighting game. This could of course function similarly to the weapon-based fighting game series Soul Calibur — a series in which Link has already made a cameo appearance — but another really interesting proposition is that of an arena fighter, which would be a game like Super Smash Brothers or Power Stone. Power Stone being the example I’m thinking of the most.

Power Stone and Ergheiz both featured similar battle systems which, in my opinion, would be good fits for a Zelda fighting game, were it ever made. In these games the player could freely roam the battlefield instead of only moving toward and away from their opponent, and they could generally interact with the environment a lot and use it to their advantage, even grabbing power-ups in some cases. A Zelda fighter could emphasize these elements and allow more players while having bigger stages, more hazards, and more bonuses to be found in the stage itself. Even hostile monsters could work; Ergheiz proved it’s possible, because it actually contained an RPG-like dungeon mode filled with enemies. Similar things could be done with a Zelda fighting game.

With so many Zelda characters and monsters that would make for excellent combatants, and so many locations that would make neat arenas, what’s holding this back from being a great idea?

What Ideas Can You Come Up With?

Obviously, these concepts only scratch the surface. There are many more ways you could introduce Zelda to these genres than just the ones I’ve outlined. And beyond that, there are so many other genres that could work with Zelda, and even new ones yet to be invented.

So I ask you, what do you think about the idea of Zelda spinoffs? What elements in the Zelda series would you like to see experimented with? How about which characters, stories, and conflicts should they focus on? Would you like to see a new spin on the Zelda world in another established genre? Or would you like to see Zelda gameplay concepts brought to other genres in order to craft entirely new types of games? What can you come up with, and would you like to see it happen? Tell me all of your ideas in the comments!

Author: Axle the Beast

Frequently writing articles for both Zelda Dungeon and his own website, Axle has been on ZD for several years and also runs the site’s video mailbag and regularly does other videos on the site’s YouTube channel. He can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, deviantART, and his own YouTube channel.

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  • Jam9t3

    To tell the truth, I would love all of that, a Zelda MMO would make me a Zombie, but seriously, I wouldn’t mind any type of game from Zelda but I would really love to see a game like four swords(/adventures) in a 3D perspective, I was amazed when I heard a Co-op Mod was being made for Ocarina of time, If only Nintendo would do that then I would absolutely love that.

  • linkypete

    Strategy and fighting games I would be OK with. MMOs would suck so bad, I would die of suckiness.

    • Waker of Winds

      personally i think the mmo would be rather fun, i like many online games so for me that would be amazing

      • linkypete

        I’ve hated MMO’s ever since Lego universe shut down.

        • john

          it’s okay buddy we still love you

  • Lord Carlisle

    The Legend of Groose: Skyward Pompadour.

    • linkypete

      HaHaHa .oh wait. Der Her.

      • The Uinicorn Hanger-Outer

        No one messes with the do!

    • firecrb

      The legend of Groose: Hair of Time

    • Waker of Winds

      The Legend of Groose: Stuck Up Adventures

    • me

      The Legend of Groose: Grooseland Fantasy

      • MSspirit

        The Legend of Groose: The Lost Grooseinator of Grooseland.

        Someone else came up with that one, but I wanted to post it! XD

        • Gabe Owings


  • Imposer

    The Legend of Zelda: Guardians of Royalty. I want a game that expands on the idea the Sheikah, the guardians of the royalty. Perhaps it could use an already existing known Sheikah but I’d rather they use a new one. Make it more geared towards fighting, perhaps and Assassin’s Creed like game with Zelda Puzzles and Equipment with a T rating.

    • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

      Assasinate Ganondorf!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/haley.carra.1 Haley Carra

      Impa. owo

  • Ratchet25

    I think a co-op Zelda game where the player has limited amount of items he can carry (6 for example) and he had either of two choices, drop one of the items he has to pick up a new one, or play with a friend to have 12 items available at once, the game would feature 4 player co-op at max. And it could be like Ratchet and Clank All 4 One in terms of point of view, a 3D Zelda game where the camera is in a sort-of top down perspective sort of, look up Ratchet and Clank All 4 One and see the camera I’m referring to. Also, it would have online features and a voice chat system.

  • guest

    The Legend of Zelda: Behind the Curtain. Y’know, it looks at Zelda’s side of the story…

  • The Wanderer

    You hit the nail right on the head, Axle. Spin-offs can be and often are wonderful things for a series, especially one with the longevity of Zelda. Many people complain of Zelda not changing much, and while I don’t believe that’s true, a spin-off bearing Zelda’s core formula and control scheme could help change their minds. The trick, as you said, is to keep said formula and control schemes intact, or it just becomes another game with Zelda’s title slapped on to boost sales. Not changing the formula, but introducing it to a new environment.

    One spin-off I actually suggested in the forums (which was poo-pooed by a lot of people for being too different) was like a blend between Zelda, Super Mario Galaxy, and Banjo-Kazooie. The Zelda formula is there; exploration is king, Link controls like he always does in the 3D games, you collect new items along the way, you frequently enter dungeons and fight bosses, and sidequests are more numerous than they ever were in the series. However, rather than being one set overworld, you have a hub (probably Castle Town) where you can buy supplies, use banks, and basically get ready for your next adventure. From the hub, you can access several absolutely massive “Worlds” which are built like Xenoblade Chronicles (except more changing and interactive), have the zillions of collectibles like Banjo-Kazooie, and are centered around “missions” like Super Mario 64 and its sequels. The idea sounds silly, but you have to think how it could work, because the Zelda formula would shine if all these ideas were brought together and gelled successfully. Each World is populated by dozens of inhabitants, and helping them (kind of like the Affinity system from Xenoblade except deeper and more intricate) opens up unique sidequests.

    Further, each “mission” gives you a riddle to figure out what you’re supposed to do. These missions are fairly long and complex, often involving separate dungeons on their own. Also involved are completing World puzzles, finding hidden areas, locating and defeating numerous out-of-the-way mini-bosses in each World, and embarking on World-wide scavenger hunts. Collectibles include mini-games, lore on each region, weapon blueprints, possibly Hidden Skills, Tears of Light or some other “small” collectible that can be scattered over the land, and uncovering the entire map.

    I know some people will read this and think something along the lines of, “Xenoblade Chronicles with Zelda gameplay? That would never work.” If it doesn’t work, then modify it so it does. Don’t close it down just because the basic idea doesn’t gel immediately. These are starting points, not rules set in stone. I think this kind of spin-off mixed with Zelda’s core formula would be one of the best spin-offs it could do to revitalize the series even more, especially with a fully-fleshed out story (each mission contributes to the overarching plot).

    That was a long post. But you’re right, spin-offs are an excellent way to breathe new life into a series when it coasts on its original concepts for a long time.

    • john

      rad idea

    • Gabe Owings

      but that ruins the the story line witch a lot of Zelda games are focused on,

      • The Wanderer

        I don’t particularly see how. It doesn’t differ from the standard Zelda story all that much, even though it’s admittedly a bit more open-ended. I guess I don’t see what you’re getting at.

  • Mseevers95

    Pokemon Conquest is probably one of the best spin-off games in my opinion. I think that Zelda might benefit from finding a way to write the game basically with another game’s formula with Zelda elements.

  • IMFWeirdo

    What about a Zelda game without Link as the main character? Some NPCs like Colin from TP, Groose from SS, Tetra from WW, and even Zelda herself would be fun to play. So like, either a spin-off of an existing Zelda game in someone else’s point of view, or a brand-new game where Link is a side character (he could be the great hero that inspires the main playable character, or he could be the main playable character’s rival, etc.)

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      There is already two: Wand of Gamelon and Zelda’s Adventure. ^.^

      • TriforceofSwag

        But those two suck :P

        • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

          In your opinion. Have you even played them to form that opinion of yours? Or did you take everyone’s word for it? They actually aren’t that bad.

    • Jacob Tasiemski

      A zelda game without link as the main character?! I am sorry but that is impossible. I mean REALY impossible. if that were to happen, then gorons would be swimming right now.

      • Guy

        If ur referring to a LoZ MMO, it would be a side game following the storyline, not an official, main release (like OoT, TP, WW, MM, etc.) Also, u wouldn’t want twentythousand links running around, would u?

        • Gabe Owings

          You probably wouldn’t all play as link, but trying to combine Zelda with world of war craft-like elements, i mean they already ruined a bunch of other games by putting “online” on the end of it and placing all your powers in a little bar on the bottom of the screen with missions and leveling-up.

          • Guy

            Yeh. What i thought is u would choose a loz race

      • andurilsoulreap

        *cough* cdi: zeldas adventure *cough*

    • Gabe Owings

      That’s a good idea, i think one where you played as tetra would be epic, but Groose, lord no,

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.insch Ryan Insch

    pre skyward sword rts.

  • Darunia18

    A Zelda MMO would be very fun! You can choose between different races like a Kokiri, Goron, Hylian, Zora, Gerudo, or others and explore a larger map than the usual Zelda game has. You can explore it with friends, too. This game wouldn’t have to include Link at all, and could take place during one of the many wars that are in the backstories of Zelda games. Although it would be a crazy idea that Nintendo probably wouldn’t do, I’ve always wished they would because I would pay $15 a month for this for the rest of my life and play it nonstop!

    • MSspirit

      *sigh* I would be in love. I’d like it if you could go around and gain items, including modes of transportation. Ah… I’d love to get my family to play Legend of Zelda…

    • sombody you don’t know


  • http://www.facebook.com/MaaShinn Matthew Shannon

    kakariko merchant tycoon

  • iKhan

    I want to see a Zelda RPG spinoff

  • muggleprince

    paper Zelda!!

    • sombody you dont know

      thats a great idea!

  • M

    And people would be yelling “Baaawww they’re milking the last drops out of the franchise!”

  • mwc1985

    I think my comment gained a little notoriety when I posted in response to the “make Paper Zelda a reality” article. I think that there has to be a fine line drawn between a neat spinoff and a gimmicky Zelda game. Do I want Paper Zelda? Heavens no! That would be introducing an unnecessary gimmick into Zelda and I personally would not take that game seriously, and I think many of the hardcore Zelda fans might agree. A spinoff needs to deviate enough from the core gameplay as to not come across as a radical reinvention or new interpretation of the core game series.

    Another issue to raise is treatment of the characters. Zelda, being a more serious and legendary game than Mario, should be treated as such. In my other comment I posted how you need to tread lightly using the characters images and personas in other games. Mario is also famous for his spinoffs: Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Golf, Mario Baseball, Mario Olympics, etc. These games work well because the concepts and characters in the Mario universe are gimmicky in the first place, it’s very much so part of their charm. But these gimmicks are not in place in Zelda, nor should they be. I would like to maintain the image of Link wielding the master sword and defeating evil, not Link wielding a tennis racket defeating Ganon in a tennis match.

    • john

      i remember that comment. i still wan’t a Zelda racing game

      • mwc1985

        Lon Lon Ranch Racing, where you can race…horses…of different colors…and that’s all.

        • john

          and dodgondos and all those other creatures whose name i never practiced spelling

    • john

      a spin-off that is appropriate for Mario is not necessarily appropriate for The Legend of Zelda. while a Mario spin-off is all fun and games mostly a The Legend of Zelda Spin-off is going to be Zelda like if nintendo wants to make money off of it

  • andrew almer

    im done with a link to the past. now at ganon on ocorina of time.

  • itsameluigi1290

    I made a topic about this on the forums, actually, although it was more about if Zelda needed anymore spinoffs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cameron.lilly.37 Cameron Lilly

    The Legend of Zelda: The Great Flood ~ A Game taking Place before Wind Waker
    The Legend of Zelda: The Great War ~ An Assasin’s Creed Style Game where link fights on both lines of the War Preceeding Ocerina (Maybe even meets The Hero of Time’s Mom)
    The Legend of Zelda: The Great Invasion ~ Raiders from other countries come and invade Hyrule, begin to pilige the land. Mayhaps even add in a plague to sweep through the land. Zelda and the King of Hyrule could fall prey to it half way through and Hyrule could fall
    The Legend of Zelda: The Dark Tribe ~ An Eplaination and history of Majora her mask, the Happy Mask Salesman, ect
    The Legend of Zelda: The Legendary Sword ~ A Hero after Spirit tracks rediscovers the Triforce and the Master Sword, and in the process accidently revives Gannondorf in order to restart the Demise Cycle, almost quenched by his time. This could be triggered by one of His followers trying to use Link to revive Gannon.

  • Never

    If they ever make a Zelda MMO you can wave goodbye to the lore and any cohesiveness it may have had.

    • john

      you don’t understand the idea of spin-offs do you

      • Never

        Yes, because they’re going to go to all that trouble creating an expansive MMO all to lump it next to the CDi games.
        “Didn’t happen!”

        And I was more making a stab at WoW than anything else but you don’t need me to tell you that do you? Out of everyone I’m sure you, at the very least, understood that.

        • john

          actually i didn’t understand the WoW stabbyness and i do read the dictionary. it is quite interesting. also it wouldn’t HAVE to be canon

          • Never

            Heeeh, so I was getting upset over nothing.
            The dictionary is quite riveting isn’t it. Like poetry without rhyme or rhythm.
            Depends, if they draw from the current lore at all (aka mentioning the Hero of Time or something similar) that gives it a time/place in the canon line.

          • john

            i think if they were to draw from current lore they wouldn’t get far as the entire series really only has three Truly relevant characters, not that the other characters shouldn’t be there. A MMO of The Legend of Zelda would have to be rather devoid of the lore to allow for more than a couple of players to be special. It would just be fun to roam the lands of Hyrule, Termania etc. with friends to senselessly slaying of multitudes of enemy’s.

    • bob

      I think a zelda board game would be cool.

  • john

    we need a spin-off game like Shining Force: Legacy of Great Intention or Fire Emblem

  • http://www.facebook.com/CheatMasterK Adam Miller

    A spinoff that’s KINDA like God of War, but not really. See, you’d play as Ganondorf, and it would detail his rise to power and why he’s so evil and power-hungry. This would not only be something completely new to the series, it would also add a LOT of depth to our favorite villain. Maybe something happened between him and the royal family personally? It’s an idea that’s so broad that they could literally do anything with it.

    • c.w.

      Well, it’s explained at the end of WW why Ganon decided to go all evol on Hyrule (he wanted a better world for his people but went mad with lust for power). I’ve had an idea for a spinoff with Ganondork in the lead; my idea however was to have Ganon start out at full powered demon mode but then lose his powers to a greater evil and so he goes on a quest to regain his powers. Kind of like that game Cthulhu Saves the World! but instead spoofing Zelda.

    • Hutsuva

      also maby we would get some insight on exactly where Ganondorf came from, you know with his two moms X)

  • Him

    A zelda mmo happening thousands of years later with the players being some kind of adventurers willing to be like Link was in the past would be amazing. Thinking about what is possible to do with a Zelda MMO is mind-blowing

  • Ben

    I’ve never been into online games but a Zelda-themed one sounds awesome! The fighting spinoff was also an excellent idea. I remember the Crash Bandicoot series had a racing spinoff game that was done really well; maybe that could be done with Zelda too.

  • Ghirahim


  • http://www.facebook.com/cameron.lilly.37 Cameron Lilly

    A Fourswords Game for the Wii U. Instead of a top down approach, let it be like WW or the other 3D games.

  • Zelda Gamer

    Game Title-Zelda Smash
    Console-Wii U

    Game Details: A Zelda Style Fighting Game similar to Super Smash Bros set in the World of Hyrule with These main characters in Zelda Smash Link, Zelda/Shiek, Ganondorf, Young Link, Toon Link and these area’s Hyrule Castle, Hyrule Temple, Great Bay Bridge of Eldin and Pirate Ship also The Underground Maze is the Zelda series-themed level found in Adventure Mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It is designed like a labyrinth, with branching pathways, and also has Zelda-themed enemies, such as ReDeads, Like Likes, and Octoroks.

    There are six open spaces in the dungeon, one of which contains a pedestal with the Triforce, which is the stage’s exit. The other five contain a pedestal with a Master Sword, which will summon a Link to fight the player. If all five Links are defeated before the Triforce is reached, the player will receive the Link Master bonus. The location of the Triforce is random and that’s why this stage should be in Zelda Smash.

  • citizenkaneVII

    I think what we need are game that further delve into the mythology of Hyrule. What about a game that goes into the battle between Demise and Hylia? What about something that follows the tribe of Shikah? Link or Impa could be a main character in that. The Twilight Tribe and all the struggles there with Midna as a main character. The Creation of Majora’s Mask. How Termina came to be. Heaven knows there are so many questions we want to ask and don’t know, and future spin of games could answer that. I think that this is the way spin off games should be explored. What will add to the story, not just the franchise.

  • HiddenScrub

    I agree with axle in the idea of a real time strategy Zelda game. Another great idea would to take off of metronidazole prime and make first person adventure. With lots of things to do and explore it would be awesome.

  • HiddenScrub

    I meant metroid prime. (Stupid spelling check!)

  • HiddenScrub

    Speaking of spinoffs Paper Zelda wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    • Gabe Owings

      ya that would be awesome

  • Guy

    I WANT A LOZ MMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Zelda as an MMO: An amazing idea, if it could be something like a Nintendo Universe MMO. Choose to play as a plumber, hylian, zora, goron, bounty hunter (Metroid), or others, and explore dungeons like Bowser’s Castle, or Zelda’s temples. Add in some RPG elements with shops in castle town, toad town (Paper Mario), spells like Din’s Fire and Fayore’s Wind… the possibilities for a Nintendo MMO and nearly endless!

    Zelda as a Strategy Game: I like this idea a lot. The idea I got for this is something like a game set in the war before OoT, and having the major plot twist be that the main character is Link’s dad or something… am I being too crazy here? Anyways, I think that could work really well.

    Zelda as a Fighting Game: Cool idea, I could see the ideas of multiplayer and dungeon crawling working in one game together, and it would be interesting to say the least. It depends on how it is pulled off, and I’m not so sure it would work.

    My Idea is Zelda as an RPG: Just look at The Fallen Sage (a fan project, I didn’t like it that much, but it was OK), and you can see that a Zelda RPG has enormous potential. Personally, I’m thinking 3DS eshop, with a bunch of multiplayer options. I think Nintendo could do it, and if they gave the project to Camelot… I’m just going to leave that there.

    Overall Point: Zelda spinoffs have a lot of potential, but they need to be good, and obviously a spinoff, so that someone doesn’t pick it up and think, “Oh hey, a new Zelda,” buy it, play it, and then complain about how different it is. Zelda could be worked into other genres, but it might be a bit of a challenge for Nintendo’s game deigners. I think it could be pulled off, especially by a second-party company.

    And after this wall of text, I am done.

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  • LoupiTheMightyCucco

    No mmo for zelda please….I’d like a zelda game base on something else then adventure….I’d like to see ne about exploration,fighting,hack n’ slash,rpg but not an mmo simply because zelda does not have enough lore/ressources to create a mmo that would fit well with the franchise.

  • http://twitter.com/ThomaseDurnad Thomas Durand

    I want a Sheik game were you place as Sheik when link is in the Temple of Time

  • dwrayswez

    Spin off/crossover that would be the most amazing game ever made if done correctly. the legend of zelda/ metroid trilogy. omg!!! zelda and samus have a link between them..lol..


    Zelda’s Mansion :P

    • c.w.

      Something like that could be interesting, maybe a way to use the original idea of a hub for Zelda 64. except it’
      s instead playing as Zelda trying to banish an enemy from Hyrule Castle.

  • klawz11

    i would like an online legend of zelda game where you could make servers. It would also be kind of similar to minecraft because you would have to kill enemies or complete dungeons to get components to create weapons and armor. I would also like a Legend of Zelda game where you could customize your character. Such as giving special abilities, weapons, armor and then going against other players in multiplayer mode or killing monsters in story mode. That would be just plain EPIC!!!

  • Guy

    Zelda U should have a co-op option, which can also be an NPC, or turned off entirely. Zelda (possibly in a shiek like form,) would fight along side you, but it’s game over if either die, to keep it more fair and consistent with the game.

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  • Red Link

    A Zelda game as a MMO where you actually create the character, like a character could be a ginjinka or a sekiah or, goron, bemos, ECT, would be a good game

  • http://www.facebook.com/zac.schneider2 Zac David Schneider

    Personally, I want to see a Zelda game where you don’t play as Link. Maybe if Zelda or (and this one’s kinda out there) a heroic iteration of Ganondorf was the protagonist. I just feel like that would be kinda cool.

  • Hutsuva

    what if the next Zelda game had a combat system where enemies spawned much more but you could upgrade your attacks. Also after you obtain items you could obtain more attacks such as grabbing someone with your hook shot and slamming them into the ground into another enemy or use the Pegasus boots to run up the sides of walls? I’m hoping that the next (or a future) Zelda game will have open world exploration like Skyrim and in improved battle mechanics that make the battles more fun (something i feel the Zelda franchise could improve).

  • Zelda Finatic

    A Zelda game in which Link participates in a war between Hyrule and the Gerudo. :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.cybolsky Matt Cybolsky

    There have been some pretty interesting spinoffs recently. I keep thinking most recently to Metal Gear Rising, where it took elements from Metal Gear Solid and turned it into a really strong hack and slash. I’d love to dash around as Link and chain together combos with his weapons against baddies.