LEGO Rejects Legend of Zelda Sets

TimothyDecember 23rd, 2012 by Timothy

Plenty of talk among the gaming community reflected on the idea of possible Legend of Zelda-themed LEGO sets becoming available in the near future as a modeller interested in the project carried the thought onto the LEGO Group for consideration. Because of the numerous support, the LEGO Group picked the Legend of Zelda project as one of four different themes to review in an attempt to find the most marketable and profitable for the popular toy company in the summer of 2013. After a long review process, the LEGO Group has given out their verdict and, unfortunately, has decided not to choose the Legend of Zelda theme as the next big LEGO project for 2013.

The LEGO Group has given its reasons for why it rejected the Legend of Zelda theme as well as revealing the overall winner which you can read about after the break!

The LEGO Group has given this statement as to why it has not chosen to produce Legend of Zelda LEGO sets:

“The Legend of Zelda project shows broad support among gaming enthusiasts . This project has provided great inspiration and concept work for what could be a very nice product.

However, multiple new element moulds would be required to create the minifigures for such a product, and the expense of these moulds means that the Legend of Zelda project does not pass the LEGO Review on the basis of the business case.

Please note: If a project does not pass the LEGO Review please do not interpret that as an indication that we will not consider similar projects in the future.”

Also, instead of picking the Legend of Zelda, the LEGO Group intends to create sets based on the popular ’80s and ’90s trilogy Back to the Future. Even though the Back to the Future sets could turn out to be spectacular, nothing would hide the dissatisfaction shown from fans waiting for the Legend of Zelda project to be heralded the green light. Although, LEGO claims that the idea has not been trashed, it may be a very long wait for this Zelda project to ever become reality.

Do you agree with the LEGO Group’s decision to pick Back to the Future over the Legend of Zelda project? If the LEGO Group made Legend of Zelda sets, would you purchase them? Do you agree with the LEGO Group’s reasons why they decided not to create Legend of Zelda sets? Please be sure to display your opinions below!

Source: LEGO CUUSOO (via IGN)

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  • anonymous

    The only reason I would get a Legend of Zelda themed Lego set is to see the face of someone stepping on the Temple of Time or the Master Sword. Nothing, not even choking hazard action figures, beats the games.

  • TwilightOcarina

    I’m kind of relieved, one of the best things about Zelda is that it isn’t hugely over-commercialized, compared to, say, Mario. It’s still very famous and has a huge fan base, but once you start heading in that direction it’s hard to stop. While lego sets would be cool, it seems a bit much to me.

    • Eliwood Stormageddon

      You have a pretty good point. Zelda’s one of those game series that are better not over-advertised.

  • timmy

    the back to the future set looks stupid

  • Gail Auntie Guest Thropp

    I would never buy a back to the future set. How stupid is that? Really? A Michael J. Fox mini figure? Tell me these people are joking, right? Legend of Zelda would have been, could have been, H U G E. wow. really?

  • Shadow Link

    Legend of zelda would’ve been amazing… But Minecraft would be just epic.

    • Eliwood Stormageddon

      They have released some Minecraft sets already. :-)

  • robert

    Legos stupid the zelda sets could launch a all new world for them not only from zelda sets but to mario, donky kong, metroid, etc but the lego vodeo games will be amazing. Imagine plauing a zelda game but with a legotwist

  • Link


  • darthrow

    Screw The other sets L.O.Z would have been fucking AWESOME!

  • Rubek Cube

    Legend of Zelda would be the best Lego sets ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eliwood Stormageddon

    There were two that I personally thought would’ve been better: 1. TLoZ; 2. Eve Online