Legend of Zelda Quilt

Chelsea G.December 31st, 2012 by Chelsea G.

Everyone enjoys a relaxing night at home once in awhile where they can curl up on the couch with a good movie and a warm blanket (especially during the colder months). Now, one Zelda fan has created a quilt that will give these calm nights a little more adventure.

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Etsy seller, McFrogling has created a queen-size Legend of Zelda quilt. This item features a large image of Link and recovery hearts in the center bordered by several iconic Zelda items including the Triforce, Boss Key, and Hyrule Castle. The detail of the quilt completely captures The Legend of Zelda from the digitized appearance of Link to the vivid colors in all of the items. This quilt is available to be custom made to the buyer’s preference in a few different sizes. Right now, this item is selling for $290. This is one of the most incredible pieces of Zelda merchandise I have seen, and although the price is higher, it appears to be fair due to the quality and time taken to create this product.

How do you feel about this quilt? Would you purchase it? Do you think the price is fair? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Etsy

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  • Sheyne Clancy

    I really like this :) Cant say im not jealous right now..
    oh and.. (insert clever first joke here..) :P

  • LinksFanGirl231

    Brb goin’ to cut grass to get more Rupees

  • Turtles!

    Is the thing that’s right above the chest Hyrule Castle? I can’t really tell what that is.

    • Princess Zelda

      Yes, I believe so.

  • herooftime127

    Maybe there’s some Rupees in my mom’s flower pots.

  • MSspirit

    Hmm… I think I have over 200 Rupees stored in the cookie jar downstairs. *Pulls out sword* Be back in a few!

  • baileygirl99

    i love this quilt! must have taken quite a long time to make too.

  • Waker of Winds

    I have 5499 rupees in the bank. Can I go get them?
    Note: (Majora’s Mask)

  • zombie_eat_flesh

    $300….for a quilt….

  • TwilightPrincess

    Bombs, chests, and Zelda! Oh-My! I’m in love! <3

  • serialmom1964

    Wow, 290.00 for a handmade queen quilt is dirt cheap! I’ve seen them go for over 500.00!

  • bobthecow769

    cool quilt really want it

  • bobthecow769

    300 rupees THAT’S CHEAP!!!

  • Hector

    Cool quilt…I think I have enough ruppes.

  • Daniel


  • Daniel


  • Daniel


  • Daniel

  • Daniel

    I’m a Troller heh heh

  • The Troller 117

    bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha so cHEaP >:3

  • Time’s Champion

    This is gorgeous.

  • Hannah Cartwright

    My heart just melted..