IGN Interview with Lindsey Stirling

Many of you may already know who Lindsey Stirling is, an exciting violinist who achieved huge popularity within the gaming community after doing numerous video game medleys. Some of her her most popular videos include a violinist’s take on the Skyrim music, and of course, a Zelda medley. Due to her popularity, IGN recently was able to snag a short interview with her. Hit the jump to see the interview!

Firstly, for a little bit of context, here is Stirling’s Zelda medley video from November 26th of last year. In the video, she adorns a blue tunic, equally appropriate to the green variety. The music selection for the medley is familiar, thought the violin interpretation is all but typical.

Next, the short IGN interview gives some insight to the reasoning behind the style of Stirling’s videos, such as how she will create an original composition only if she can dance with the tune. The video is not the most informative, though it is interesting, and may perhaps answer some lingering questions long time fans had.

Did you know Lindsey Stirling before this? Tell us in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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