Hyrule’s Bloody History

HanyouDecember 1st, 2012 by Hanyou

“Shadow Temple…
Here is gathered Hyrule’s bloody history of greed and hatred…”

This quote carries with it a good deal of weight, and events throughout Ocarina of Time hint that Hyrule is far from an idyllic wonderland sans Ganondorf. What’s surprising to me is that few Zelda games seem to have explored this possibility, and even in Ocarina of Time, it’s ambiguous; in the majority of games, Link protects Hyrule from a foreign threat, and threats from within are explored only in sidequests. Furthermore, they are usually hinted to be the result of interference from sinister outside forces.

However, Ocarina of Time suggested something far more dangerous from inside Hyrule. For the first few years I played Ocarina of Time, I assumed, based on the quotes in the Shadow Temple, the death of the royal composers, and the nature of the catacombs beneath the well, that the Royal Family–the same Royal Family that Link would put back into power–had betrayed those who served them most closely. There’s little to back this up in the game, but the question does remain, what is Hyrule’s “bloody history of greed and hatred?”

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a Zelda title in which the Royal Family, instead of being benevolent or merely incompetent, actually posed a threat to the welfare of the kingdom? They wouldn’t need to be Link’s chief adversaries, but they could hinder his quest throughout. There’s no reason to believe that a few members of the Royal Family would not get greedy with their unbridled power. Armed with the goddesses’ favor and the power of the Triforce, it would only take one corrupt king to plunge the kingdom into darkness, even without Ganon’s help.

The timeline that appears in Hyrule Historia at least provides an opportunity for this. In the “downfall” timeline which hosts the original games, there is a blank era–noted as “The Gold Era”–which mentions “The Triforce-using Monarchy” and “The Tragedy of Princess Zelda I.” These precede the original games at the end of the timeline, and at least suggest that the Royal Family’s use of the Triforce may not always have the best results.

Nintendo has not been afraid to try new angles with its stories. A Link to the Past hosted the sinister Dark World and an origin story for the main villain, establishing lore that would come to influence subsequent games. Ocarina of Time, through its use of time travel, opened up new opportunities and deepened the lore. The Wind Waker saw a postapocalyptic Hyrule that changed the nature of the timeline. Even Skyward Sword has established rich origins for the Royal Family and Zelda herself.

A dangerous internal threat may just be another step, another wrinkle to add to the series’ rich lore. It would be fun to see it in a future game.

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  • Bryce Gorch

    now that’s a game.

  • Me

    They need to make a game that would use our new found information of Skyward Sword and we can connect it all.

    • Rob

      But then fans won’t have any more theories!

  • http://twitter.com/jubileegirl06 Mandy

    I always love a little political intrigue in my role playing games.

  • Yareyous

    Also Remember the wars that killed Link’s father in Oot. Could a game be about those>

    • DementedAvenger27

      the Zelda series is ripe for spin-offs. there needs to be more.

      • Midnafan

        i don’t even think you could make a spinoff out of that. not enough material, it’s really only good for a backstory.

        • DieNowGamer

          I think Nintendo should make games about the little unanswered questions in the Zelda games. Make a game telling the story behind the “original hero” Zelda talks about having when giving link the sailcloth in SS. Make one about what happens to Navi after OOT in one of the three timelines. The war in the back-story of OOT. More about Termina and it’s myths As long as they’re quality Zelda games and not Call of Duty meets crossbows, I’m fine. BTW there needs to be fully automated crossbows in the next zelda, lol.

          • Midnafan

            while i don’t know about the “original hero”, since it kinda seems that’s what link in SS was intended to be anyways, i just don’t know about all that stuff. it really seems like you couldn’t get enough content out of them. it seems to me that even if they explored them more in future games, they would still serve as nothing more than they currently are: backstory. all that would make great subjects of fanfiction though.

          • DementedAvenger27

            what about he hero in Minish cap? the original hero. can’t remember his name now. a game about him would be great

    • Midnafan

      wait, what does link’s father have to do with anything? what wars in OoT(the timeline mentions the Hyrule Unification war, but i don’t think the game does:/)? what father in OoT?! i think the only thing ever mentioned was a his mother who died when she brought link to the great deku tree. (and i can’t remember was that in the game or the manga? :/)

  • Darkgreyfire

    Hope the next Zelda on the wii u is as twisted and dark as Ocarina and Majora were back in the day. Skyward made me feel all too happy rainbow unicorny.

    • bluchu

      I hate when I feel unicorny

      • Darkgreyfire

        I think there’s a cream for that….

      • crb

        uum unicorn’s hehe (hides in basement)

      • Darkgreyfire

        For those saying “OOT wasn’t dark and twisted”. All the games have some dark and twisted moments. I just felt that SS was lacking more than other Zelda titles. Not that OOT was nothing but twisted and dark. But more that SS was far from that. Between the bright colors of the game, the little helpless kikwi, collecting cute little music notes, the high school soap opera going on in Skyloft, and Ghirahim being the David Bowie of Zelda villians. Not to mention Groose’s stupid face turning up every two seconds (I consider him the Jar-jar Binks of Zelda). I was left waiting for everyone to bust out in song and dance half the time.

        I know some people don’t agree with me, and consider the kikwi to be unstoppable killing machines. But that’s just how I felt about the game.

        • Me

          LOL, I think I just peed my pants. Picturing the kikwi as unstoppable killing machines.

        • mother groose

          Your really really funny… but your wrong.

          • Me

            Can you explain to me how someone can be wrong about there own opinion?

        • http://www.facebook.com/jahchild101 Seth Taylor Moore

          Ghirahim worked. Maybe they should have made him even creepier than they did, but they were onto something with him. Psychotic villains are better than the ones who are just obviously evil. Villains who kill for pleasure are more engrossing than the ones who just want to conquer and control. Ghirahim started off this way, but I think he did lose a little of that insane mystique as the game went on.

          • Blackbaldrik

            Ghirahim started to get less crazy as the game went on because Link went from ‘Harmless little toy for him to play with’ to ‘Actual threat that must be dealt with’.
            I like that they made him actually change. He was a demon on a mission, not just crazy for the sake of crazy. (=

        • Blackbaldrik

          Groose is not “the Jar-jar Binks of Zelda“.
          For one, people actually like him, and two, he actually helped the hero.

          • buttnaked moblin

            I thought Groose was kinda corny.

          • Blackbaldrik

            I thought so too at the beginning of the game.
            But later he became a very effective character, and the game wouldn’t have been quite as good without him in my opinion.
            He was both comic relief, and a strong character with great development. (=

          • http://www.facebook.com/themouseinator Andeli Pierre-Oranges Tula

            He also had a kickin’ theme.

          • http://www.facebook.com/bobby.coghlan Bobby Coghlan

            i found Groose the second most annoying with Fi in first and Ghirahim in third

          • Blackbaldrik

            To each his own I guess. I personally loved Groose, Ghirahim, and even Fi, even if she was annoying at times.

            (Someone went diving. This article was posted last year.)

        • Silver Shadow

          …I like Jar-jar Binks

          • swornbrother1

            …Me too.

    • Roth

      SS had some of the most effective dark moments of the entire series; I don’t quite get the whole reaction to it being some sort of hopscotch-lucky-charms affair. Sure, a lot of it was on the pretty side, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t serious events and dark ambitions; rather, I think it’s an important contrast, seeing the sheer wonder of nature, as something totally new to the Hylians and therefore provoking awe by its beauty even while there was concrete danger. Meanwhile, Ghirahim is like the serpent in the garden, the presence of something wicked and perverse in an otherwise good world. He was certainly a threatening character regardless of the environment you met him in. I don’t think it’s necessary to be like Ganondorf in LoL and respond to the bright, colorful, cheery factor with “A dark lord can’t have cheery curtains!”

      • 10DS

        Dark moments as in….. where? There wasn’t someone going to crush the world out of existence. Or even fight you for goodness sakes. You could go forward in time in Skyward Sword and he’d just sit there. He wasn’t going to do anything. He’s not even a good fighter.

        • Roth


          Ghirahim is as active as any other villain in the series, outside Majora. You can’t blame him for “sitting there” when Ganon has done the same thing on multiple occasions. In fact, he’s probably a bit more active than ordinary, even though it may be scripted. See: running into him at the end of dungeons and witnessing his side of the race to get to Zelda.

          He’s confrontational as heck, it’s just built into the story, so the linearity is what makes him seem at all passive. In context though, it gets quite tense. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJBMUyekvhk

          He may be easy to fight, but that’s really the easiness due to the new dynamic combat formula, snapping us out of the follow-the-steps-and-deal-four-blows routine that was really just as easy, it only took longer by necessity. If his battles were going to be tough even when you were doing it right, you’d be looking at Zelda II toughness—-not something to test out the new system with, as everyone would be whining about the poor balance.

          Your mission was also urgent enough, seeing as Ghirahim was trying to revive Demise, the scourge of the world responsible for Hylia’s last-resort isolation of her people in the prologue. And his imprisoned spirit was stirring in its seal to boot. So yes, something was indeed looming over the world.

          You want an example of real dark, try when he steals Zelda away, right when you thought you’d won: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbqkWtFlfBk And after that, he’s performing a dark ritual on her and throwing endless foes at you to keep you busy, for crying out loud.

          Besides all that, darkness isn’t everything; we should really be talking about depth. The most powerful, emotional scene I’ve ever witnessed in the entire franchise comes 2/3 through this game, when you finally reunite with Zelda, hear details which blow your mind, and then are separated from her as she seals herself away, asking Link simply to wake her when he’s accomplished his destiny. Just look at Link’s face at 11:35 in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WfLojq2BBQ

          Have I backed up my statement yet?

          • Me

            Ghirahim + Roth = 4ever

          • Roth

            Should I change my name to Ghirothim?

          • Nadaph

            I agree with you, and how I would sum it up would be like WW, appears lighthearted, but is dark on the inside (Link getting tossed out into the sea 3 times to be left for dead seems pretty dark)

          • Roth

            WW gets second place for powerful scenes in my book. The climax is unbeatable, with a sympathetic-yet-sinister Ganondorf almost winning when suddenly the king snatches the Triforce from in front of him, and he just loses it as the water crashes down… That part is epic on so many levels, because you feel a really wild mixture of things: you’re thrilled to see the king claim the Triforce, relieved that Ganondorf gets beat, heartbroken to see him come apart after all his efforts, tense at the sight of them facing each other atop the tower, restless as you wait to see the Triforce respond, and perhaps even shocked at the king’s wish to flood Hyrule forever.

            I love that scene so much I put Inception music to it just to make it more perfect.

            You’re welcome.

          • http://twitter.com/mikejcsauer Mike Sauer

            Oh so sad. When they reunite. That’s the most moving cutscene I think I’ve experienced in a Zelda game.

        • Midnafan

          totally, the world wasn’t in danger at all. link just went on a quest to collect bugs and get creeped out by some majorly underdressed demon lord. oh, but who was that guy whose ass you had to kick at the end? you know, the god of hate who threatened to destroy the world? what was his name again? oh, yeah DEMISE. totally no threat there. -_-

        • CourageBringsSuccess

          Actually, the Imprisoned fights were to prevent that EXACT scenario from happening. Not to mention the fact that Ghirahim threatens to beat Link within an inch of his life.. or have you forgotten? That’s dark, if you ask me.

        • bluchu

          All these people that feel SS is dark, need to go back and play MM. Every Zelda has at least a few dark moments. But, MM was just flat out twisted, even with something as simple as putting on a mask.

          • http://medlismessages.blogspot.com/ Heroine of Time

            Who exactly are you saying that to? I don’t see anyone who’s said SS is darker than MM. Majora’s Mask is definitely “twisted” and depressing and dark. However, most people here are just arguing against those who are saying SS isn’t dark at all.

          • bluchu

            Im agreeing with 10DS about Roth’s top comment.

          • bluchu

            If you look at the arrow next to people’s name it shows who they are talking to. My comment just showed at the bottom because it had no votes.

        • pizzaman

          What about the Bottom of the Ancient Cistern? That was pretty dark.

      • HunterP

        Ghirahim was more strange for than dark. His moments were not as dark as they were just wierd. Demise’s presence and curse was the only real dark thing I found in SS and he only was around for the last fight of the game. They even had a chance with the demon that wanted to be human, but he ended up being more comedy relief. I feel like SS wasn’t able to take a colorful game and feel evil and dark the way MM, OOT, or even LttP was able to do. I liked SS, just like I liked WW, witch also lacked in overall darkness. I just lean toward the darker themes myself.

        • Midnafan

          yeah, i gave up on ghirahim when he started praising his pure form in the second fight. that scene was almost as gay as Tucker from Pokemon Emerald (still blind after that one :'() and then Ghirahim gets naked for the last fight. totally a serious character o.O his exit really sucked though. and yeah, the first time i met Batreaux, i was staring at him for 20 minutes wondering “What the hell am i looking at exactly?” :/

        • tarquil

          Demise’s darkness is increased however, If you consider all historical info gained from all other games while playing this one

        • Roth

          It certainly didn’t accomplish it in the same way; OoT, MM, WW, etc. have different very feels to them. I just don’t think the game can be labeled as happy and colorful alone when it boasted a unique degree of plot and character depth as well. The people of Skyloft felt more real to me than those in TP, even if Batreaux was overcooked.

      • Midnafan

        while i totally agree with you, it’s really hard to see Ghirahim as threatening when he’s busy being an overly emotional, narcissistic pretty boy. :/

        • Roth

          That’s part of what makes him dangerous, in my mind. He’s got that happy-crazy element that makes him seem like a stuck-up fool, but then he’ll show just how serious he is with a truly rage-filled outburst. He’s like Kefka or The Master; you’re not sure when he’s going to snap.

    • Midnafan

      i didn’t really feel that way about SS. while there were parts intended to be light and comical, there were alot of parts that made me feel like crap, especially after Zelda seals herself in the past. i didn’t cry, but that part just made feel like life really sucks for these poor teenagers. also made me really hate Hylia for not thinking what her so-well-thought-out-plan would do when she (quite literally) ripped them their happy place in the sky. :(

    • crb

      I personally wouldn’t mind a darker zelda game

    • Linkfan99

      I didn’t find Ocarina dark.

      • HunterP

        A childs mother was killed in a war, and left her child to a tree (thats pretty messed up). Did you forget what the world looked like as adult Link. Castle town was destroyed and covered with re-deads. Zora’s domain was frozen solid.The entire well mini dungeon and your fight with dead hand. The shadow temple in the graveyard where the “Bloody Greed of Hyrule’s past” was found. It may not be as dark as MM or even TP, but it blows SS out of the water.

        • Linkfan99

          There is almost always something slightly sad in almost every video game (the mother leaving Link.) I personally didn’t find this sad, as we never knew (much less saw) his mother anyway. It was just a story. Also, the Castle Town scene would have been darker if all of Hyrule was like that (I mean with no people). When you go to Kakariko, you find some people who fled from Hyrule town, indicating that some just fled, and that not everyone died. Zora’s Domain would have been sadder if you actually saw the frozen Zoras beneath the ice. How it actually is, it just gives me the impression that they left when it froze. Now the well and Shadow Temple were meant to be dark (Hence the names: “Dark, Scary, Narrow: Well of Three Features” and “Shadow Temple.”) Those are just one small part of the game, and do not make the whole game dark. But again, this is just my opinion.

          • Roth

            The fate of the Zoras loses its seriousness when you discover you can’t do squat about the ice. Then you just feel ripped off and forget about them.

    • Unicorn Hanger-outer

      Hanging out with unicorns is FUN! They can make cupcake rain! They also have big horns!

    • BlackRaven6695

      Ocarina was twisted and dark?

      • Darkgreyfire

        SS wasn’t

        • BlackRaven6695

          Indeed. It’s “happy rainbow unicorny”, apparently.

    • Guest


  • Dwight

    There’s so much history never told… So much information omitted… I wish Nintendo could put all this information in a book like Hyrule Historia, but way more detailed.

  • Tehlul

    I,d like to see a Zelda game where Link unknowingly serves the will of those who want to do harm to hyrule, but believes that they want the best for it.
    Something like link moving the rock and giving the seeds to Veran in OOA or opening the door for Ganondorf in OOT, except on a more scaled out level.

    • Midnafan

      that would be awesome! would make for a great twist in the middle of the game :)

    • Tarquil

      sort of like what you get in some of the FF series? I completely agree

  • Tehlul

    I like this article.
    It would be nice to see a Zelda game breakaway from the traditional
    Kill the bad guy save the princess cliche and explore some use of political corruption.

  • jojo

    Hey guys, go over to ew.com and vote zelda for best game this decade!!!
    Oh, and if you run this site post about it please.

    • anti-tingle

      here’s a direct link to the pole, so you don’t have to look for it.


      • Midnafan

        which one, north or south? :P

        • baileygirl99

          Haha. I see what you did there…

          • Midnafan

            i know it probably made me look like an ass, but i couldn’t help myself… :P

          • baileygirl99

            I don’t blame you, it humored me and probably a few others. :-D Heh. I’m still giggling :-)

  • Emma Mix

    I think it’s a good idea, but a risky one. Like, if Princess Zelda’s part of the Royal Family, would she have to be evil too? That would ruin the entire series! They’d have to do it just right– no overdosage!

    • Midnafan

      you know how in OoT, Zelda secretly has Link help her find a way to stop Ganondorf cause she’s the only one who sees him for what he really is? take out ganondorf, insert Zelda’s father, brother, other family member, and you’ve got yourself a whole new game (heh heh) :)

      • Emma Mix

        Yeah, an evil brother would be cool. But if they ever made Zelda evil, that’d suck. And I don’t mean like a Ganondorf-is-possessing-me-with-magic evil. I mean like… Evil evil. Because if they made her evil it’d be like:

        “Oh yeah. Not only is the game not named after the main character, it’s named after the psycho princess trying to kill him!”

  • BiggestZeldaFanEver

    Cant wait for Wii U Zelda!

  • Roth

    While I do like the idea of exploring the Triforce-using Monarchy preceeding the original games, I really want to see some of Axle’s theories on the Dark Tribe and the Sheika fleshed out in the future. There’s a wealth of detail about the evolution of Hyrule’s societal groups just waiting to be tapped; all we need are a couple games set between SS and MC, preferably with a less linear and auto-polished progression. Throw some Skyrim or something into the spots where we need a lot of detail and a troubled era, one of those wars we keep hearing about. I’m not saying I would prefer a “darker” Zelda, just that it doesn’t have to be so neatly self-spawned and executed as recent games, which haven’t so much explored the lore as laterally expanded it. Don’t keep adding chapters without them making the existing ones fuller, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

    • anti-tingle

      I’m surprised with all the games that the Sheika are in, they have never really touched on their history or tribe in detail.

      • DementedAvenger27

        i know the most we know is that they served the royal family and built Kakariko Village. The Ocarina Anime goes into it some but I don’t believe its canon.

    • Midnafan

      the problem with developing what’s already there, is that it wasn’t until recently that Nintedo really tried to connect anything. alot of the older games really conflict because they weren’t exactly intended to be connected. so it would be pretty hard to find a way to fully explore and connect them without changing or dropping certain ideas or things mentioned, which might tick off the fans of the older games.

  • Aki Okami

    Oh oh! Another fanfiction idea! If I may…?

  • Rinku

    i wouldn’t mind playing as links father lol, just like in AC3

  • ZeldaTeacher

    Good article, this sounds like an interesting idea!

  • Layla

    I hope the next zelda is as dark twilight princess~~!! TP was amazing!!! the plot, bosses, and LINK and Midna were amazing!!!

  • Big Jake

    I know that WiiU Zelda isn’t supposed to look like the demo did, but the whole atmosphere of it seems made for this kind of story.

  • Iron_Knuckle_Nabooru

    Every time I play through OoT, I’m always intrigued by the references to Hyrule’s “bloody history of greed and hatred”; a future game that explored this motif would definitely be worth it! In addition to the potential for a political corruption theme, the specific roles of the composer brothers, Sharp and Flat, might come into focus. Maybe the game could draw a connection to Ikana Canyon in MM, which is reminiscent of a similar, ominous past (Plus, the Poe brothers are make an appearance there, as well). ^_^
    On a different note, no, I don’t think Zelda would have to be evil for the Royal- Family-antagonist plot to work; it could be as simple as jealousy (perhaps between brothers/heirs to the throne) or lust for power among lesser figureheads that battle the higher-ups, even. Regardless, would absolutely make for a gripping game.

    • Midnafan

      could pull a good old fashion “snow white” style rivalry, and link could be the huntsman. :P

    • Tarquil

      Im thinking its the King…or maybe a prince?

  • Kirb Stomp`

    They should do a game before OoT about the war that happened previous of game events.

  • npatoray24

    i wish they would bring back the hover boots

    • Midnafan

      well, that kind of came out of nowhere :/

  • Midnafan

    As for the dark history of Hyrule, we already know what that is. TP had a whole (slightly confusing) cutscene about it. There were entire wars over the triforce. The Twili arose from the dark interlopers who tried to take it. the whole idea behind Lanayru’s explanation was that even though the goddesses left a haven for humans, their greed took over, and they all started killing each other over the triforce. similar backstories have been mentioned and hinted at throughout the series. as for treason within the royal family, i suppose ST tried to do that a little with Chancellor Cole, but i think it would be cool if in a future game, Zelda was going against her father or something. having the king of a kingdom against you would definitely provide a big obstacle (which OoT did sort of). You know, the “Tragedy of Princess Zelda 1″ makes really no sense anymore. yeah, it explains why every single princess is Zelda, but that Zelda would actually be like Zelda 6. :/ the only way she could be first was if she was from a new dynasty, but then how would that dynasty have the blood of Hylia or the Triforce of Wisdom? if they were a family related to the original, wouldn’t she still be Zelda 6 or something? man, it sucks trying to make sense of a backstory that wasn’t intended to match what we have now… :/

  • Mseevers95

    Zelda 2 got into that a little. The prince ended up getting the original Zelda cursed into eternal sleep.

  • http://twitter.com/GarrisonRoller Garrison Roller

    when is there going to be another Zelda Battle Quest live stream?

  • erikingvoldsen

    Overthinking this.

  • Demon Lord Link

    The next game will probably be after Twilight Princess,and the main villain is Vaati who is trying to revive Ganondorf.(Child Era) end of timeline.

  • Zelda4Life

    I’m surprised Twilight Princess didn’t have any blood in it…

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dr.Skystorm Glenn Farron

    I hope the creepyness of Majora’s Mask is combined with an even more sinister look than Twilight Princess. I might actually have those nightmare I never got from Ocarina of Time when I was 4. Or I might just cry in sheer awe.

    • npatoray24

      too bad you didnt get the ben version of MM then you would of had nightmares

  • Hanzilla

    I think Hyrule’s “bloody history of greed and hatred” refers to the Unification War, and I also think there’s a strong possibilty the Interloper War was part of the Unification War. If that’s so, then it’s probably referring to the greed for the Triforce and the hatred among the tribes of Hyrule that this greed caused. Maybe the Royal Family tried to steal the Triforce for themselves instead for their tribe–the Hylians.

  • daniel


  • links 2 life

    the quote never says anything about the royal family the only idea we have about that is it was too there tomb and we know gannon had tampered with the items inside because of all the monsters plus even if you made a temple for a tomb you would still have graves in it and we never learn anything about the royal family so we don’t know were they are and there are no more doors to enter after bongo-bongo so it is likely gannon destroyed them or if they even exist.
    also it is clear already about Hyrules bloody past in past games because I wouldn’t say that going around and killing monsters isn’t bloody and history also can mean more recent history like after Gannon took over so maby it might be referring to him and the greed could be for the throne so other races maby like the gerudo.
    i would also like to comment that the dark style had come mostly from a certain color pallet that you normally wouldn’t consider dark in any way with yellows and reds it seems that it might be the style to make things dark and of coarse every game has to have dark and light aspects because they all have parts that are darker like i found the sand temple in SS darker than some of the ones in twilight princess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SpiritReika Scott Reika Ripberger

    Whatever idea they come up with to do this (which I believe they will; they’ve become obsessed with filling in the holes fans are finding in their “overarching history”) they’ll have to find a way to work around the Triforce of Wisdom. Having that, the Royal Family of Hyrule would have no chance to make an unwise decision like sedition or treason. This means that either the triangle needs to be stolen, lost, or somehow corrupted. It will be interesting indeed to see how they accomplish that. This is, after all, the least easily corrupted third. Power corrupts and courage may be unwise at times, but wisdom?…

  • Gaseous Snake

    I think that Nintendo should make a zelda game that features link battling back and forth with Ganondorf and a corrupt monarchy. A game that had alliances constantly changing similar to how in pokemon, your rival will fight against you one day, but fight with you another.

    This would also give zelda a richer story

  • Pokalink

    I’d like to see a secret plot in The Royal Family, kinda like how Chancellor Cole was influencing Zelda, except more of a secret cult.

  • Michael Bayruns

    I tend to like it when the legend of zelda is a mixed bag of darker and lighter story lines, like oot.
    It gives a more…i guess a magical feeling. Twilight princess, kinda felt unsophisticated to me(compared to other zelda games) because there were a lot less lighter aspects to the game. I don’t think it should a tangent shouldn’t stray too far from the main storyline. As long as nintendo is in charge of I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. They haven’t let me down yet.

  • HeroLink98

    I have heart Alot of people saying that they really dont know what makes Majoras mask such a good game, im not 100% sure either but, im gonna try to explain My thoughts: majoras mask has a story that is dark, twisted,wierd, shocking and even things that can scare you for a long time, the surroundings, the music, the characters… Alot of stuff in the game, its just, i mean… I cant even explain the feelings i have when i play it, its such a good game! Now im not just saying that everything in majoras mask is dark, it has Alot of happy moments to, some examples: the meeting with anju and kafei, the mummy father thats turn normal and meets his daughter agian, the mutter gorman that realizes that his life isent all worthless after all, and Alot of other things that happens aswell… But… There is also Alot of things, even when you have cleared the game, everything doesent turn out happy.

    There is so much i would like to say about majoras mask, i have Alot of theories and thougts about it :) Majoras mask is My favorite game forever! :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/kido.repre Kido Repre

    I wish the next Zelda game is about links parents and history

  • Elliott Chiasson

    If skyward sword were dark it would’ve sucked