Hyrule Historia’s Manga Available to Preview in English

JohnDecember 13th, 2012 by John

Hyrule Historia is undoubtedly one of the most important things to happen to the Zelda series in a long, long while. Even if the content provided inside the book itself would not be of interest to every fan, the recently announced limited edition has sold like wildfire, with the coveted book selling out in a matter of hour on sites such as Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. For those of you who own the Japanese edition or have otherwise read the translations on sites such as Glitter Berri’s, you will be aware of the exclusive Skyward Sword manga present at the back of Hyrule Historia, drawn by Akira Himekawa, a duo of Japanese artists who have worked on a number of previous Zelda manga. The website Kotaku has recently managed to acquire the entire manga, translated into English, which is now available to preview more than a month before the actual release of the book. Intrested? Hit the jump take a look!

Below are the first few pages of the translated manga, including the title page and the special message from Akira Himekawa themselves.

(click to enlarge)

The entire manga can be viewed here at Kotaku.

Although I have never read any of the Zelda manga or comics, this does look like an interesting piece of work. My knowledge of manga doesn’t stretch very far as I have only read a few but this certainly looks like a top-quality bonus incentive for anyone wishing to purchase Hyrule Historia if they haven’t already done so.

But what do you think? Do you think the manga was an appropriate addition to Hyrule Historia? What do you feel about the Zelda manga series as a whole? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Kotaku, via GoNintendo

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  • lorenzo

    This article is terrible and the writer is obviously a ladies man.

  • Mauro Vannelli


    • Anonymous

      Like to dislike him.
      Why did they have to make non-users unable to thumb down? Besides Troll resistance…

  • Veronica Wheeler


  • Cmaster

    Soooo great I have all of his zelda mangas except minish cap.

    • Delpheas


  • Anonymous

    So, if this manga is somewhat canon, it wasn’t Demise who cursed the trio into a reincarnation cycle of hatred, but Hylia who saw that the sword will only respond to the spirit of its creator, and blessed Hyrule with Link’s and her protection. If she hadn’t done that out of her love for both Link and the Hylians, nobody would be able to wield the sword of evil’s bane, and a new darkness would destroy Hyrule.

    I LOVE IT! Please make this into canon! I want to play a Zelda game during this time of the Demon War and see this ultimate sacrifice of an ending! Sure it’s a tragedy, but I would eat it up!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe, at the end of such a game, instead of ending with their deaths, it would end after seeing them reborn together on Skyloft, sharing a cradle and holding hands. Or are they 2 different ages? If they are, then Ms. Link/Zelda can visit Ms. Zelda/Link after the birth and introduce each other’s children.

    • HeyListen!

      Nintendo wouldnt just limit its possible places where it can add another story into the timeline(s). This would be the definite very first Link in existance, a complete no-go.

      • Anonymous

        Well, the timeline says that only 2 eras came before Skyward Sword. Creation, and Hylia. So it stands to reason there are 2 possible Links before Skyward Sword. A Link that helped the three goddesses seal Demise below the ground before the Era of Hylia, and the one that helped Hylia fight Demise during her Era. I doubt, however, there was a Link during the Creation Era. Therefore, the manga’s Link is the most accurate, and most likely, theory as to who the first Link is.

        It’s possible to have Link be in the Creation Era. He could actually be a god that decides to reincarnate himself, or have the three goddesses decide to reincarnate him into the guardian of Hyrule. But I want Hylia to be there, in the Creation Era, so that she can develop feelings for him. When he’s reincarnated during her Era, she recognizes him, tells him his past, and gives him the Skyward Sword. After their relationship goes even further than in the first game and he passes on, Hylia decides to forfeit most of her godly power to seal Demise, then use the rest to reincarnate alongside Link.

        • Anonymous

          Just imagine if Link was a deity reincarnate. We’d start with possibly rival god and goddess that insult each other and have “I’m better” contests. Then Demise appears, alongside possibly Majora. Link and Hylia team up to seal them, and become just friends. Sealing Majora into a mask, however, took it’s toll on Link, who decides to reincarnate himself. He seals his godly power into a mask (guess which one! Hehehe), then descends to a reincarnating human form.

          Link is reincarnated in time for Demise’s return, and Hylia, after an intense battle Link fights, recognises him. She gives him his old sword, which has lost it’s power, and tells him to restore it. After they become good friends, Hylia reveals his past, and decides to grant him his lost mask. Hylia and Link face off against Demise once more. While Hylia protects Skyloft, Link protects her and successfully seals Demise with his sword. However, he dies due to his wounds. Hylia admits to loving him, and decides to reincarnate herself alongside him, to stay with him forever. So she seals her power into Link’s seal to strengthen it, and passes out as well.

          Skyward Sword happens as usual. The true reason that the Imprisoned’s seal is failing is that Zelda is not just recalling her past, but gaining back her lost power, which Demise promptly drained from her, leaving her a mortal reincarnater. Zelda remembers both Hylia and Link, and loves him this time as well. This would be a great Origin Trilogy game for the Legend of Zelda to do! They can even have the trilogy start with SS Zelda in her Amber jewel, and have her intro and close each part of the 2 games!

    • Delpheas

      I can’t imagine they would include it in the book if it wasn’t considered canon…

  • baileygirl99

    Ack! I wanna know WHY LINK IS IN CHAINS!!!!!!!!

    • Irishdragon5

      Apparently, someone framed him, and it was to harden him enough to use the master sword.

  • itsameluigi1290

    Darn you Hylia, and your adorable eyes!

  • MsNerrrrrd

    I love manga in general, but I dislike manga based on videogames, since they are unbelievably canon Dx!

  • HeyListen!

    I actually liked what Himekawa did to the story. I dislike the idea of a relationship between Zelda an Link, I mean in SS Zelda is the human form of Hylia while Link is just a human, but the author captures Hylia’s admiration of Link’s courage without suggesting love. But I also have one point to criticize. I’ll actually first be able to make a real statement once I have Hyrule Historia, since I still have questions regarding Din, Nayru and Farore and their relationship to Hylia. What I thought is that Link is the carrier of the Triforce of courage and with that the embodiment of Farore, but at the same time a servant of the Goddess Hylia. Does this mean there is a hierarchy of gods and Hylia is on top? If the three goddesses created the world and its inhabitants and Hylia only fought Demise, how come she is praised much more than the others? But what bothers me here is that the first Link is described here and that his soul tempered the master sword, which would imply that either this soul is transfered to the next carrier, which isnt the case since future links have proven their courageous spirit, or that the sword is strengthened with each generation, which also isnt the case since you no longer have the skyward strike in older games that are later in the timeline. I’d just really wish that the manga would be canon, so it would include exclusive information about the Zelda universe that only die hard Zelda fans would know of. The Ocarina of Time manga would be a perfect polar example of this one. It stayed true to the game’s story, but thats not necessarily a good thing as well. I mean anyone who gets the manga surely also played the game, so we know the story already, retelling that in a manga is just boring. I rather expect some interpretation and imagination of the author, but in the SS manga, I felt like Himekawa went just a little over the line. But still, better too much interpretation than too little.

  • CourageBringsSuccess

    Well this was actually pretty good. The origins of the Master Sword *(or what I believed to be the Goddess Sword, until SS Link tempered the blade in the three flames) and it’s purpose in comparison to the game’s explanation is a bit misconstrued.. Though I suppose that’s what’s fun about creating a story based on canonical information, you can play around with it and form your own interpretation.

  • ……..

    The manga mentions the Dark Tribe. Hmmmm…….

  • Dabidot

    I am an avid reader of manga and watcher of anime, so I am not simply manga bashing when I say that this was one of the WORST pieces I have read in a long time O__O
    That was actually appallingly bad for something from Nintendo, especially as it’s to do with Zelda. If this canon I will be extremely disillusioned. That was miserably bad.

    • Anonymous

      Bad, or brief? I know it skips a lot, but that’s because of page limitations. Considering how many pages they had, and the fact that this was supposed to be Skyward Sword’s backstory, how did they do?

      • Dabidot

        Dreadfully. The dialogue was atrociously melodramatic and nonsensical. The emotions were stupid. It didn’t make sense. I hate it :( It was so pretentious… just ew..
        I feel bad for saying it but it’s true!!! I can’t be the only one who thinks it, I’m not wrong. The page limit is absolutely no excuse for its problems.

  • Zero Wat

    THe Akira guy said it’s been twelve years since they’ve drawn adult link in a manga, so there wasn’t a TP manga then?

    • Super Smash Sis

      Akira Himekawa is 2 women…

      And no, there wasn’t a TP manga. (Thank god, they would’ve done a horrible job, just they did with their other Zelda manga.)

  • hot apple Fi

    Loving the red cape over Links green tunic. And look how cute little kid Link is….

    • Guest

      I sort of want to see Link with that red cape in an actual game. It’s a good look for him, though (if “The Incredibles” was any indication) capes do have their drawbacks.

  • Naga

    the artwork is beautiful!

  • pizzaman

    This seems like it has very little to do with the actual game.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Akesha.nis Ake Sha

      It is a prequel that happens thousand years before SS.

  • littlemissgleek

    I love zelda manga, so I’m glad they made one for skyward sword :D

  • Hyourinmaru

    Not a fan of their new style personally. I was hoping they’d stick with the OOT and MM style.

  • Linkfan99

    Wait… So there are two Links… existing at the same time??? One in Skyloft and the other on the surface world? Or did I miss something?

    • Delpheas

      This is before SS…

      • Linkfan99

        Oh, ok. My bad.

  • littlemissgleek

    Hyrule Historia is coming out tomorrow! *squee* best christmas present ever <3

  • Irishdragon5

    I… I think I just died of Epicness. Next time I cosplay as Link, I need that cape!!!