Handmade Zelda Gift for Christmas

KyleDecember 20th, 2012 by Kyle

‘Tis the season to show your Zelda love! Zelda fans have shown themselves to be among the most creative and skilled fans when it comes to making things. Hit the jump to see what one Zelda fan made for her husband this year!

As you can see, the lucky recipient gets a hand-made felt stocking with a felt Hylian shield sewn onto it. Obviously, the shield is the main attention-getter of the stocking, but the row of Triforces at the top is also a nice touch. Now, I haven’t worked with felt since I was a little kid, but I still find myself admiring the precision in the details of the shield.

“I wanted to make a Christmas stocking for my husband that fit his personality. He loves it!” says wnbowen, who posted the image you see on Memebase. I think we can all agree with her husband on that. In fact, I’m hoping that we’ll see more Zelda handiwork from wnbowen.

Have you ever made a Zelda gift, or been on the receiving end of a homemade one? Do you want a stocking like this? Because I’m pretty sure I do! Tell us about it in the comments!

Source: Memebase

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  • MsNerrrrrd

    Aww, that looks neat!

  • Linkfan99

    I like that. Simple, but nice.

    • Hutsuva

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      • Linkfan99

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        • baileygirl99

          I hate how when you try to delete stuff, it just changes the username and posts it anyway ):-(

          • Linkfan99

            yeah… oh well, it’s better than ME having two of the same comment…

  • Linkfan99

    I like that. Simple, but nice.

    • Linkfan99

      Guys, ignore this comment. It was a duplicate accidentally posted by me, and then I tried to delete it and it just changed the username. Sorry about that.

  • Waker of Winds

    I love it, especially the line triforce along the top.

  • baileygirl99

    I want one like this!!! That’s so cool!!

  • Guest

    I would love to have a Zelda stocking like that.

  • Emma Mix

    I want that so much… :’)

  • Haley

    I want one! she should start a buisness

  • Wind waker Link


  • Amber

    I got Link’s hat for Christmas!!! :D