GenGAME: Why Majora’s Mask 3D Matters

JohnDecember 24th, 2012 by John

Majora’s Mask 3D and Operation Moonfall are two concepts which have been floating around the internet for a while now. What with the most recent “end of the world” claims receiving much media attention around the world, interest in a Majora’s Mask remake has been piqued once again, the most recent claim being that Nintendo is planning to announce such a game on the 21st of December; the day which the world is supposedly said to end, according to the Mayans. While many may dismiss the remake as just another attempt to get Nintendo to remake games in order to please fans for the sake of nostalgia, our sister site, GenGAME, have written an article which explains just why a Majora’s Mask 3D would be beneficial to the series. Hit the jump to find out more!

GenGAME raise a lot of interesting points in favor of a Majora’s Mask remake. The writer, Alex Plant, first establishes that by advocating a Majora’s Mask remake, he is not saying that he doesn’t want new Zelda games; by remaking Majora’s Mask, Nintendo are allowing us to “rediscover” the game just like the community did with Ocarina of Time on the 3DS. Essentially, by updating the game with new graphics and features, fans would be playing what is effectively an entire new game, despite the fact that the items, storyline and core gameplay are still retained from the original.

Alex then goes on to point out something intriguing – of the three Zelda games which have been re-releases or updates to previous games (Link’s Awakening DX on the Game Boy Color, A Link to the Past on the Game Boy Advance, and Ocarina of Time 3D on the 3DS), two of them have been accompanied with original Zelda games released later on for the same console. Although Oracle of Seasons and Ages, along with The Minish Cap, came with a sense of newness and originality which was distinctly absent in the two previous releases, Link’s Awakening DX and A Link to the Past still outsold their respective original counterparts on the consoles which they appeared in. If this pattern continues, then the next original Zelda game on the 3DS will never sell as much as Ocarina of Time 3D will. This shows that when given the choice between an old game and a new game, the old games almost always seem to prevail over the new games.

In addition to this, Alex compares the Zelda series to the Metroid series, citing the successes of Metroid Prime Trilogy and Metroid: Other M to shape his argument. Similar to the Zelda handheld games, Metroid Prime Trilogy was subject to, and still is, under very high demand, with copies now selling upwards of $75 online; whereas Metroid: Other M, while having a very large budget in terms of production and advertising, became a common sight in bargain bins across the country, sporting prices as low as $10. Even with the Metroid series, it is evident that it is the old which brings in the fans far more than the new.

The rest of the article is devoted to explaining the reasoning behind this phenomenon. According to Alex, the reason why so many people favour remakes so much is because not only does playing remakes often offer new experiences separate from playing the original, but playing older games allows people to experience a certain quality which has been missing from the more recent Zelda games, which speaks volumes concerning what people want from new titles.

Arguably, Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask are still the epitome of the Zelda experience. It has transpired, therefore, that because of the lack of replacements for the best games ever created, remakes allow the catalogue of Zelda games to pave the way once again for potential experiences which would dethrone the N64 games, something which should have happened soon after the original releases of these games. Just as Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask served as turning points in the series, fans yearn for that decisive switch into something bolder and greater than anything else done before; to innovate and to change the way we see and experience games, which is something which the Zelda series does better than any other franchise but is unfortunately seldom seen ever since the N64 days.

Alex certainly raises a good argument for a Majora’s Mask remake. The fate of future games is certainly something which I myself never associated with the making of older games; the fact that we would be getting an update of one of the best games in the series and the possibility for more ground-breaking games in the future in one package is killing two birds with one stone, in my opinion.

You can read the full article on GenGAME here.

But what do you think? Are you a supporter of Operation Moonfall at all? Do you agree that remakes truly pave the way for great games in the future? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Gengame

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  • gamer2332

    No, cause I suck w/ the 3 day time limit!

    • Korbio

      It’s actually not that bad when you play the song of reversed time, which gives you almost triple the original time (original time is appr. 54 minutes).

    • mwc1985

      I’m with you gamer2332. I personally did not care for Majora’s Mask.

      1) The three day time limit. Yeah you have the song of inverted time that makes it pass slower, but that doesn’t change the fact that you have a time limit of impending doom looming over your head. Maybe some of you like that, but I get stressed out with time limits. My ACT and GRE scores reflected that :). When I play a video game I don’t want to be under constant stress.

      2) The lack of dungeons. There were 4. They were big and expansive and cool, but still only 4. I’ve heard the expression that less is more, but in Zelda more is more. If you cut out the sidequests it’s a really short game.

      3) The sidequests. Here we have the filler to expand the time of the game. Most of them are boring and/or frustrating. It also doesn’t help that many of them are on a strict time table. You have to complete a certain event on a certain day at a certain time. If you miss it or mess up you have to start all over, because that’s fun.The only reason I was able to complete the Anju & Kafei sidequests was because I used a glitch in the game to get past the stone door (I missed the time deadline). Granted you don’t have to do all the sidequests and collect all the masks, but I was doing a 100% completion run.

      4) The saving mechanisms. Oh boy did I love those (that’s sarcasm). Here you have one of two options: bad and worse. You have the owl statue which is a one time deal. The first time I played through I lost my save data after completing the first two dungeons. Hooray! The other option is to play the song of time and start all over again. So there’s no saving in the middle of the sidequests and dungeons, because if you do you have to start all over again. Yippee!

      These are just my criticisms and explanations why I personally didn’t care for Majora’s Mask. I’m guessing that I’m going to get a lot of hate responses for this, but I’m just being honest.

      • 10DS

        See your one of those people who aren’t an avid gamer who enjoys games and thinks about them. Frankly I find the criticisms against Zelda were fixed in Majora’s Mask. The time limit gave you something to work to, and not only the rushed feeling was the INTENT of the creators, and also different time periods. There were many small areas which could be called dungeons, even that Axle guy said that. About the sidequests, than DON’T MESS UP. It’s not filler time, if you say that than people could call the Bottom of the Well or other small dungeons “filler” time. The save was fine, why do you think other games like Paper Mario and FFXII did the same? So someone doesn’t overextend themselves? Unlike others, where it was for the weary traveler not to be to unprepared, but that the person would actually be on schedule. You had as many Song of Times as you wanted. If it was so much of a big deal than you could do a dungeon, maybe a small sidequests, than go back. You have all the time you needed. It’s not hate though, it’s simply you don’t use your time wisely in the game. You’re trying to rush to much that you end up with no time. Yes it is possible to complete the game in 6 days, but if you’re going to complain about the time than actually use the song of time. That’s why it was in the game. If the Song of Inverted Time was not enough still than just do less each 3 day period. There isn’t a limit to how many times you can go back.

      • 10DS

        No I wasn’t criticizing you at the start I just realized that I didn’t say what I meant that well. You’re one of those people who wants to rush to finish when put under a time limit. If you thought your game out as in a very thoughtful manner than you wouldn’t think badly upon what you think is problems.

        • mwc1985

          I’m thankful that you posted this response to your previous comment, othertwise I would have interpreted it as criticism. I’m actually not the type of person who wants to rush to the end, quite the opposite in fact. I like to take my time, slow and steady. That’s why I didn’t like the time limit, no matter how slow or fast it progressed. I hate to feel rushed because I like to take my time and explore, and I felt that I couldn’t fully do that in MM.
          I don’t know anyone who can fully think things out and plan ahead in a game that they’ve never played before. Truthfully I have only beaten MM once, my first experience was so bad I never bothered to play it a second time.
          How can you tell someone not to mess up on the sidequests? I’m only human, I’m going to make mistakes from time to time. As for your argument that the sidequests were not filler in MM, I think we will just have to disagree on that. In OoT you could call The Well and Ice Cavern fillers, but both mini-dungeons provided items that were necessary to complete the game, not so with the sidequests in MM. Hence, they were filler for those who wanted to collect all the masks to get the Fierce Diety’s Mask.
          But, as I said to DeaderHand, if the saving feature were fixed I would gladly play it again. I would prefer to see the owl statues removed (they were pretty useless) and the same saving mechanic as in OoT implemented. That way if I needed to stop in the middle of a dungeon or sidequest I could save right then and there without having to restart everything.

      • DeaderHand

        MM is one of the hardest Zelda titles out there (Zelda 2 is much more frustrating in my opinion). It doesn’t offer many hints, which pushes many players into a fit of stressed confusion, often killing newbies before they can even get their ocarina back. Most people need to resort to a guidebook if they want to beat it, assuming that they have the tolerance for the game’s constant creepy, rushed gameplay. Despite all this, I would love to see it remade for the 3ds., for it is possibly my favorite installment in the Zelda franchise. Maybe it would build up a denser fan base if players would simply stick with it and give it a chance.

        *This is not a hate comment btw*

        • mwc1985

          I fully agree, Majora’s Mask is an exceedingly difficult game if you have never played it before. I am the type of person who doesn’t like to use guides if I can avoid it; I like to figure things out on my own. With MM I did find myself dying a lot at the beginning and that was pretty frustrating, but that paled in comparison to losing my save data. I just don’t understand why Nintendo couldn’t have left the save feature the same as it was in Ocarina of Time. That is my biggest criticism. If that was fixed I would be more than happy to play Majora’s Mask.

        • itsameluigi1290

          Honestly, it was one of the easiest for me. After Woodfall Temple I shot through the game, with every mask, too!

      • hcpaki95

        I completely agree with you! You just summed up most of my gripes in the game. I’m not completely with you on the sidequests, because those didn’t bother me as much, but like you, I like to take my time to explore every nook and cranny and don’t like to worry about a clock or time running out.

        With that said, I do understand that the clock had its own merit – the feeling of impending doom with the world ending, the ability to allow changes in side quests with time, and so on and so forth. However, for me the cons outweighed the pros in terms of the clock. Mostly, the clock coupled with the save point problem was what I didn’t like (I agree about that owl save point thing, it annoyed me a LOT). I’m a person who wants to save my game with finality – I don’t want to grapple with the possibility that I’ll make progress, do a quick save with the owl statue, come back the next day, and the power goes out as soon as I start playing. Worrying about that happening puts a damper on the experience for me because I have two options: save with the owl statue and then worry and worry and worry about losing my progress until I next play the song of Time, or just play the Song of Time every time I save, which of course has its own annoyances because of course, everything gets..reset….
        I didn’t mind the lack of dungeons as much because there was so much other content in the game, and I absolutely loved the ability to transform into other races, especially the Zora :D. Basically, bottom line is I’m not saying this was a bad game, and I could have put aside my annoyance with having the clock there if it hadn’t been for the quick saves on top of that.
        Despite all this, however, I did play the game (while dealing with my individual annoyances with it as best as I could) and other than that, it was a good game with good content and decent difficulty. I just… the saves just kind of made the clock all that much more annoying for me because I often had to save with the Song of Time and start over just to give myself peace of mind…

  • Vaati101

    I’ve been supporting Operation Moonfall since day one and I know Nintendo will eventually make Majora’s Mask 3D. It doesn’t mean I don’t want a New Zelda game far from it, it’s just that this particular remake need fan support in order for it to happen, whereas a New Zelda game is 100% guaranteed. I’ve been constantly saying that I don’t mind when Majora’s Mask 3D is released at all long as it gets confirmed which is the primary goal of Operation Moonfall. That’s all I cry for, not to get in the way of a new Zelda title and I wish Haters of Operation Moonfall and Majora’s Mask 3D understand this.

  • Michael Philliber

    hats what the song of time is for lol and slowing down time.

  • sportpak

    MM best game ever. I would love to have it on the 3DS.
    I wouldn’t mind if they took that game design/engine and made a new game from it. A good game is a good game. The way it was isn’t always “less.”

  • Ratchet25

    I personally think that Majora’s Mask needed a port to the 3DS more than Ocarina of Time, I mean, Ocarina of Time has sort of been advertised in pretty much every Zelda game, and even had it’s own port to the Gamecube and it is also on Virtual Console, Majora’s Mask just had a mere port to the Virtual Console cause pretty much every console Zelda game that came out before 2001 were there. Even then, if you compare the numbers of Majora’s Mask to Ocarina of Time’s, it’s a big difference. Majora’s Mask could really benefit from a port to the 3DS. It could appeal to recent Zelda fans like myself, who never played Majora’s Mask before (Think of it like Okami, it was a really underrated game, but it had a recent HD port to the PS3 and now it is a really good selling game). Not to mention that it could also have DLC like some Bomber’s Notebook Sidequests. And even make a Master Quest version of Majora’s Mask. Anyway, those were only my thoughts, yours could be completely different

    • Tarquil

      Majora’s Mask was on the GC…That is the first system I got to play it on.

      • Ratchet25

        It wasn’t alone, it had Zelda 1, Zelda 2, and Ocarina of Time (again). I’m talking about giving Majora’s Mask the same treatment as Ocarina of Time

        • ϟ King the Hylian™

          I would love to see Majora’s Mask in 3DS but I personally think that Ocarina of Time was given that Treatment because it is where the Timeline focuses. It is one of the most important games in the Series and Nintendo would like to see many people seeing it with different consoles. This is just my Thought! :)

          • Ratchet25

            That’s actually a pretty valid point, but I think Ocarina of Time gets too much praise. I mean, why would you port a game TWICE in the same console? I mean, yeah Ocarina of Time revolutionized gaming, but Majora’s Mask takes everything from Ocarina of Time and makes it better that should make it good enough, at least make it DLC content in OoT 3D. Wouldn’t be very difficult since there are only four Dungeons.

    • 10DS

      What I wanted was a OoT/MM remake together for Wii U or 3DS. Having it one game, or instead just have it able for a Oracle’s link. Because it would be cool after beating both games to mow people down with the Goron mask in Hyrule.

    • avalpsychicguy

      Remake, not port. ^_^

      • Ratchet25

        I know, but Majora’s Mask got neither except for Virtual Console and that Special Compilation thingy.

      • Vink

        Ocarina of time on the Wii and GC were not remakes. If they were remakes, the game would be upcscaled to at least 480p, better textures and smoother gameplay. OoT3D is a remake though.

  • ????

    Nintendo should make Majora’s Mask 3D because we have been waiting for about a year and a half (almost 2 years) since a zelda game was released, And Operation Moonfall has passed his goal of 50,000 signatures. Nintendo should make this.

    • Serbaayuu

      Skyward Sword was just over a year ago, friend.

  • Krishna Moorthy

    i hope its released in wii/wiiu
    it would be good for wii u because no wii u zelda gome is comeing till 2014

  • toonlinkuser

    I want at least 2 new Zelda’s 1st. The only way the Franchise will get better is if it tries new things and doesn’t focus too much on being OoT 2.

    • Tarqiul

      The problem currently is that even if they released an incredible new game it would not be likely to get as much attention because the series has been falling behind. But, as with the releaese of OoT3D, a remake of MM on the 3DS could help rekindle the once unquenchable desire for more.

  • twilightlover

    I think they should remake if for the Wii U instead of the 3ds

    • Tarqiul

      I second that

    • joostyboy

      I think it should be for 3ds considering it already has oot. or if it’s going to be for the wii U, they should make both oot and mm for it.

  • nicholasgbarbera

    I’m sorry if I sound like a noob, but what is operation moonfall?

    • Vaati101

      Operation Moonfall is a campaign to give Majora’s Mask the same treatment as Ocarina of Time for the 3DS.

      • nicholasgbarbera

        Thank you! that makes much more since.

  • Gaseous Snake

    The only reason I wouldn’t want an MM 3D is because I beat it on the wii shop a few months ago.

  • linkypete

    I’ve never played MM, and I am probably getting a 3ds for christmas or buying one a few days after, so I would love to have it out.

  • SwornBrother

    Just leave the development to Grezzo and give us what we want, Nintendo! It’s all about making us happy, isnt it?

  • Poppy

    Please please please please PLEASE Nintendo! I reeeaaaallyyy want Majora’s Mask 3D that would be the awesomest thing ever. I would pay so much money.

  • erikingvoldsen

    Sorry, but Nintendo won’t do it. Majora’s Mask just doesn’t sell. It’s not that popular to the general public.

    • hcpaki95

      Haha…do you really think so? From what I know, Majora’s Mask ranks up there next to Ocarina of Time in most peoples’ favorite Zelda titles… and think about how much Ocarina 3D sold.

      • erikingvoldsen

        Look, I’d love to see an MM 3D but MM itself sold less than half of OoT. OoT 3D sold a measly 2m. MM 3D isn’t likely to sell any more. Nintendo is a business and it’s all about sales.

    • itsameluigi1290

      Nuh-uh. < Most valid argument ever

  • HG

    Bad argument there. The difference between Metroid Prime Trilogy and Other M’s prices aren’t because the Trilogy is a remake. The Prime Games were all great games and the Trilogy obviously has 3 GAMES in it. Other M is 1 GAME and a horrible game at that. In addition to that, the Trilogy was also limited edition, meaning there is a lot less copies of it out there than Other M.

    Also, Link’s Awakening DX and Link to the Past were basically ports, not remakes. There were a few small changes, but the graphics and gameplay were practically identical. It’s nothing like OoT got with the 3DS version.

    With that, I don’t really care if MM got a remake. If there is a remake, I don’t have any interest in it at all. I will say it seems like it’s every week there’s a post about Majora’s Mask on here which is a bit annoying when you’d like to see something about a different game once in a while.

  • Dakota Zouzias

    Majora’s Mask is kind of a cult classic with the gaming community from what I’ve gathered: not many people have played it and the ones who have hold it in high regard. This, added onto the fact that it is so damn hard to find (took me 5 years to get a copy, I finally beat it last month!), are the reasons why I support a Majora’s Mask remake. Remakes make old things available to a new audience. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume this is why DC comics are rebooted every couple of years. “You weren’t around ten years ago to read from the beginning? That’s ok, here’s the beginning revamped so you too can enjoy the story. Enjoy.” They remake movies, they remake comics. Why not revamp games?

    But this does not mean that I think a remake will happen. Unlike it’s Ocarina of Time counterpart, you can’t just walk out into public and find a bunch of people who know what Majora’s Mask is. Ocarina of Time is not just a Zelda game, it is THE Zelda game. I’m not saying it’s the best game, I’m just saying it is definitely the most well known for some reason. Maybe this is just for me because I’m part of the generation whose first Zelda game was Ocarina of Time, but still. Majora’s Mask is not Ocarina of Time. I feel like it’s stuck with that sad stigma that causes many things to fail: “It’s a sequel to Ocarina of Time”. Not only that, but it’s not about the Triforce or Ganon or Zelda or Hyrule, but some random forest Skull Kid in some random land with with a majority of the character models basically taken from Ocarina of Time. It sounds like they haven’t even tried to develop a new game.

    Which, to most of those who played Majora’s Mask, know is absolutely wrong. Majora’s Mask definitely holds up on it’s own.

    I don’t understand why Majora’s Mask would benefit from being remade, though. I’ve been seeing this phrase being tossed around the Zelda fandom and I’m just not getting why. I also do not think Nintendo would benefit from a Majora’s Mask remake. To me, a Majora’s Mask remake would be the equivalent of the Four Swords getting another remake. It didn’t sell well. It’s not going to sell well. There is actually a sales history post on this site: ( ).

    But then we do have that beautiful advantage, the fact that Ocarina of Time was just released to a whole new public. One that just was not around during the original release. Perhaps if Nintendo marketed it well, Majora’s Mask would have a chance getting sales. I still feel like Nintendo would see that more as a long shot than a sure thing.

    Basically, I want a Majora’s Mask remake but I don’t think Nintendo would want to make it.

    As always, I apologize if this makes no sense.

    • hcpaki95

      I definitely agree. Ocarina was good because it was extremely famous, and so was going to sell with both people who had played it previously and with new fans.
      I often talk to random people who say things like “Oh, you like video games? Have you ever played Zelda?”
      So I get all excited and ask, “Oh, I love that series! Which ones have you played?”
      Then they get confused and respond, “Wait, series? I thought there was only one, Ocarina of Time.”

  • Just your average Zelda fan…

    There hasn’t been much innovation in the Zelda series since the N64 came out? Yeah, If Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, and Skyward Sword don’t count…

    • joostyboy

      Twilight princess! PWOH! Amazing game. I like spirit tracks a bit better than Phantom hourglass though. and I haven’t played wind waker or skyward sword yet. well I’ve just started skyward sword.

  • itsameluigi1290

    “Why Majora’s Mask 3D matters”

    It matters because I want it. THAT’S THE ONLY REASON.

  • radioactivehylian

    There are some good arguments in this article, but I have one….
    OBJECTION !!! (Phoenix Wright FTW xD)

    The main reason why LA DX and ALttP GBA sold better than the oracles and the MC lies in the release date. Lets look at some (US) release dates of the games and their consoles….

    Gameboy Color: 1998
    LA DX: 1998
    Oracles: 2001
    GBA: 2001
    ALttP GBA: 2003
    MC: 2005
    DS: 2004

    It’s a common known fact that, most of the time, video games that are released well in the console’s lifespan (or even near launch, like LA DX) sell better than games that are released near the end of a console’s lifespan, like MC or the oracles (Heck, the DS was already released when the Minish Cap came out, in the US that is). This little rant doesn’t mean I’m against MM3D, I just wanted to point out a mistake in the article. I’m just bored xD

  • Darmani

    Personally, I’m in favor of the remake, mainly because this is my #1 game in the series. I know everyone has their own reasons for wanting a remake, but for me, I just don’t want Nintendo to make the Mask-Loving-Fans feel neglected, all thanks to OoT 3D being made, leaving us in the metaphorical dark.
    Okay, first off, the Mayan Calendar didn’t exactly end on the 21st of December. In fact, for us, it would of ended approximately 7 months earlier.
    Now the 2nd thing is that MM came out late in the N64’s lifetime, restricting the love and care that it could of received, causing people to “hate” it. Regardless, I absolutely loved it, for it had a beautiful feeling, and it just gave this relaxing feeling to my life, and whenever I played it (if it didn’t crash!), I felt a lot more relaxed. Although my personal feelings may be irrelevant, another 100,000 people may share those feelings, causing this to be of greater importance.
    And finally, MM still has time left to shine, but the longer Nintendo takes to decide, the higher the chance that MM will get neglected all over again, bringing little satisfaction to us gamers that have waited too long for, mainly because it will come out late in the 3DS’s lifetime, as with the N64.
    So to sum this up, I would really like to have MM come out on 3DS, but I’d like Nintendo to hurry up with their decision, whether or not their doing a remake, because if they bring it out late in the 3DS’s lifetime, as with the N64, it may not reach its full potential.
    -Darmani, 30/03/13