GenGAME: Five Reasons Zelda Should Be Handed Over To Retro Studios

TimothyDecember 13th, 2012 by Timothy

A lot of Zelda fans have asked if Retro Studio needs to be the frontrunner in creating a title in the series considering Nintendo may need to change the popular franchise’s direction to better suit the Western appeal. The opposition to this idea think Zelda would be ruined if taken outside of Nintendo EAD’s grasp.

Our sister site-GenGAME-has once again written another Zelda article which should intrigue your interest on the subject being discussed. GenGAME has given five reasons as to why Nintendo’s Western developer, Retro Studios, needs to take over the reins in regard to the Legend of Zelda series and why they should be trusted to develop a fantastic title for the franchise. This is a well-written article not worth missing out on!

Click the jump and read GenGAME’s five reasons on why Zelda needs to land in the hands of Retro Studios!

Here is a brief summary of GenGAME’s five reasons for giving Retro Studios the opportunity to create Zelda:

1. Retro Studios’ developed the Metroid series amazingly well.

GenGAME launches the article by describing Retro Studios’ involvement in the changing of the Metroid series allowing for further innovation from side-scrolling to a full 3D viewpoint and also believes their overworld-designing knowledge would greatly add to a fascinating Zelda environment.

2. Retro’s art department knows how to create visuals.

GenGAME also points out that Nintendo’s art direction has been all over the board and states that Retro Studios graphical design record would greatly influence a Zelda Wii U title.

3. Mainstream gaming has no regard for Zelda’s relevance.

GenGAME uses the example of Skyrim to make a statement that Zelda is no longer the most wanted action adventure on the video game market. They say Skyrim’s massive amount of popularity in parallel to Skyward Sword (which has been on the market for approximately the exact amount of time) is a shame to Nintendo’s credentials. Zelda’s remarkable world is no longer considered the greatest which gives Retro Studios the chance to stamp Zelda’s name back into that category.

4. Retro’s influence a big plus for Zelda’s needed innovation.

GenGAME recognizes that Retro Studios acts on titles similar to Nintendo yet keeps it a little different with a Western influence. Retro clearly wants to extend beyond the required development needed to make a Nintendo title and want to create as close to perfection as possible.

5. Zelda fans want Retro to make a new Zelda title.

The main reason GenGAME thinks Retro should take on Zelda is because of the fan’s desire to see it happen. Most fans do not want Zelda to remain under lock and key in Japan but, instead, be allowed to grow beyond Japanese control and let Retro show its worth by producing a masterpiece title in our beloved series.

You can read the full GenGAME article by clicking here.

Do you agree with GenGAME’s reasons for Retro Studios to take on the role of creating a new Zelda title? Would you like to see Retro Studios develop Zelda? If so, would you want Retro to create a Zelda title for Wii U or 3DS? Let us know your thoughts and opinions below!

Source: GenGAME

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  • GSusanj

    How about 2 Zelda titles a year apart from each other. One by Retro and one by Nintendo. I think that is the only way I could get behind allowing another company to take the reins.

  • AngryZeldaFan

    Ugh! Where to begin… First off, you people obviously don’t know what an FPS is, “FPS” stands for “First-Person Shooter” anyone with half a brain knows that Skyrim is a First-Person RPG or “Role-Playing Game” their is a HUGE difference!

    The reason people love Skyrim is NOT because of its graphics; they love it because it presents them with a massive, meticulously detailed world and gives them the freedom to interact with it however they want (an idea Zelda could benefit from) whether that be doing random favors for townsfolk, slaying monsters in dungeons, following any of the many story-driven questlines available, reading up on the world’s extensive lore, or just admiring the breathtaking scenery.

    You complain that Retro would turn Zelda into a first-person game yet you forget that it was not Retro but MIYAMOTO who came up with the idea of making Metroid Prime first-person.

    While I agree that the Zelda series should ultimately remain in the hands of Nintendo, I see absolutely no problem in letting Retro develop a game or two; After all, they did do a great job with Metroid and Donkey Kong, plus they seem much more qualified to handle the series than Capcom (who Nintendo trusted with THREE Zelda games)

    IMHO the Zelda series has been going steadily downhill with the recent games (TP, PH, ST, SS). A steady decline in difficulty and lack of player freedom are just a few of my gripes. I link this problem to the series’ current management, Mr. Aonuma has stated that he hates games that require “traditional gaming skills” and that he never wants to make a game like the original LoZ. I think letting Retro have a go at developing a Zelda game would help inject some life and fresh ideas into a series that desperately needs them.

    Ultimately, when Retro got Metroid they gave us Metroid Prime; when Nintendo got Metroid back… they gave us Other M.