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TimothyDecember 7th, 2012 by Timothy

Our general gaming counterpart site–GenGAME–has written an article stating why Nintendo needs to reveal a new Zelda title for the 3DS soon and the ways a Zelda 3DS title could be an excellent game. There are some very interesting points reflecting on the type of control system, graphic design, and aspect of gameplay needed to create a memorable experience for the player of this upcoming 3DS Zelda title.

You can view a summary of GenGAME’s thoughts on a Zelda 3DS title after the jump!

GenGAME emphasizes that we have no idea what the future Zelda 3DS title will look like because of Nintendo’s reluctance to reveal any trailer or even screenshots, for that matter, and they believe the time has come for the gaming giant to pop the lock and unveil its much anticipated development for Zelda 3DS. They start their thoughts on a Zelda 3DS title by stating that the touch screen implementation used in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks needs to be thrown out and must have a similar setup to Ocarina of Time 3D. Because of the higher resolution known to display on the top screen of the 3DS, the touch screen needs to be left for the map and inventory.

GenGAME also wants the upcoming Zelda 3DS title to replicate the older titles in the series by engineering a classical top-down overworld display because of the development team’s interest to find inspiration from A Link to the Past. GenGAME makes the point that just because it will be released on the 3DS doesn’t mean that the title needs to implement a 3D model like Ocarina of Time 3D’s visuals. A 2D top-down overworld could still create an enjoyable experience by adding immense depth like the “3D Classics” available on the 3DS eShop.

The last point GenGAME talks about is a handheld Zelda with improved gameplay and narrative features. GenGAME thinks the new Zelda 3DS title should be similar to Link’s Awakening; most noticeably meaning sidequests should be discarded from this title. The narrative needs to be a lot less complex and all this 3DS Zelda title needs is Link, his sword and a massive overworld to explore. GenGAME finishes by claiming that Nintendo needs to focus on adding greater content to the dungeons, greater ideas for bosses, and greater designing for regions in the overworld.

GenGAME’s article on Zelda 3DS is a worthwhile read so click here to take a better glance at what they’re saying!

Do you agree with GenGAME’s thoughts regarding the next Zelda 3DS title? Does it matter whether sidequests are included in Zelda titles? Should Zelda 3DS include a top-down overworld view? Please be sure to share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below.

Source: GenGAME

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  • ChuckNorrisLoZ


    • frgovo

      Your comment invaded the space under “5 comments”. Please don’t do this again or I’ll ask mods to trap you in Koridai.

      • Blackbaldrik

        The top of the comment section seems to be covered in repeated “3D3D3D3D3D-“.
        This is truly a powerful troll.

  • Roedburn

    I loved the touch screen controls on Phantom Hourglass! They felt natural to me and of all the games I’ve played, not just Zelda, Phantom was one of the most fun. Not the best, just most fun.

    • Veronica Wheeler

      I hadn’t really noticed this before, but I realized at one point that it was similal to 2d. it had that perspective to it so that you would be able to see a phantom around the corner, but at the same time it wasn’t. A more defined 2D really.

  • HeroofTime123

    While I liked the old games that were top down, I would really prefer that they continue using a 3D world like OOT. I feel like there is more options and ideas available for a 3D world that can’t be achieved in a 2D game. The 3D games allow for puzzles, gameplay styles, and environments with more variety and a wider appeal. Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoyed the 2D top down games, but I still think that there is so much more they can do with the 3D ones.

    • frgovo

      On the other hand, 2d games allow for perspective tricks, which are perfect for a 3ds game. Not to mention these days a 2d game can use more 3d elements than in the past (say, a top-down Zelda with first person view added for the hookshot? Quite like Metroid Other M, just not developed by an external team).

      • HeroofTime123

        Well I can understand what you’re saying, but I don’t think Other M is exactly the best example of 2D and 3D combined, considering Other M was all 3D (you could move up, down, left, right, forward, and backward even while in 3rd person) It really is a matter of personal opinion, and I personally see more opportunities with a 3D game, though you are right that 2D games have more potential than before. I’m not trying to say you’re wrong or anything, I guess I’m just saying what I would like to see in the next Zelda games for the WiiU and 3DS (though in this case specifically for the 3DS)

        • frgovo

          I wouldn’t start a flame war if you told me I was wrong ^_^
          I’m not trying to say you’re wrong either, it’s just that now 3d and 2d games have equal opportunities, and it’s the different features they can offer what affects our wishes. Which are by no means wrong (unless we wish Tingle was the main character or anything that much kitsch).

  • Aaron hill


  • Ryan F. Hullstrunk

    There is one more thing the 3DS Zelda game needs. It needs ganondorf/Ganon. I want a new game with Ganon. He’s an epic villain and I think it’s about time he makes his return to the series after being excluded from Skyward Sword.

    • korbin

      ganon is used way to much

      • Ryan F. Hullstrunk

        Doesn’t matter. He is the main villain of the series so Him not being there for too many games in a row feels wrong.

      • Timothy

        That’s the exact way as saying Bowser shouldn’t be included in Mario games anymore :/

    • Jray

      i like ganon as well, but i kinda want to see a new villain on the 3ds, and then after not seeing him for a while, it will be even more epic when/if he returns on wii U :D. I always liked creative final bosses like vaati and demise, so it’d be cool to see some more before getting back to ganon… just make sure they’re not like bellum or malladus, those bosses felt kind of wierdly presented to me

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the games are becoming easier. Give us difficulty levels, with additional enemies, new moves on old ones, and more damage, from the very start. Give us harder dungeon puzzles, ones that aren’t solved immediately at a glance.
    While the touchscreen was fun, I agree that the 3DS should use the top screen for the main game. Also, have the X and Y buttons be “shortcut” items, and make the rest of the items available upon using the touch screen. I liked how SS made you have to switch items in real time, and wouldn’t mind seeing it again on the 3DS.
    I’m not sure I agree with top-down gaming. This loses the third dimension for puzzles and ranged weapons.
    While a bigger overworld would be great, I don’t want an empty field or forest with lots of bad guys. I want hidden areas to explore, travelers in need of rescue with rewards/secrets to give the rescuer, etc.

    • Veronica Wheeler

      I agree, but I don’t want to be stuck on one dungeon for an hour trying to figure it out. But other than that, its a marvelous idea

      • Jonathan Edward Davis

        If you don’t want to be stuck in a dungeon trying to figure out how to get out, then you are a contributing factor to why the games have basically become interactive tutorials.

        • npatoray24

          I agree with you completely. Games have practically spoon fed the answers to the players as of late. There is a reason i have yet to beat the original LoZ, although i would never recomend a game to be this ridiculous in difficulty, it offers a sense of unfinished buisiness. I periodically come back to the game and try to figure out what is next.
          You see, im that kid that refuses to look up anything, or ever buy the walkthrough. My first playthrough of MM took me so long to complete. Getting stuck in snowhead, the well, stone tower, and i still have never gotten the fierce deity mask because i never found all the other masks. I love when a game is so difficult i have to take a break from it.
          Anyway, i wouldn’t be completely opposed to another top down zelda, im sure it would be beautiful on the 3ds. Just give me my difficulty back.

        • Veronica Wheeler

          NO no no no no, thats a majority of the reason why I even like play the Legend of Zelda games. Because I enjoy mastering the dungeons secrets and “mazes” so to speak. I’m just saying that they shouldn’t be TOO difficult. Keep in mind there are younger children playng these games. But I still do agree with your assumption

          • Sprinttt

            I was 7 when I got my first Zelda game (A Link to the Past) and I died 228 times going through the game, but I never gave up and never though that it was to difficult. Sure it was hard but, it drove me to finish the game. Even my brother who is 8 now loves the game. He says it’s the hardest game he’s ever played but, he won’t put the thing down. The more recent games are easy, and sometimes get boring to play but, I can always enjoy replaying the older games.

          • Landini

            This whole thing would be solved if there were just difficulty levels.
            EVERYBODY’S HAPPY.

          • Veronica Wheeler

            Just up them up a little in difficulty then right?

  • JuicieJ

    I want a true 3D game for the first original title to showcase the power of the 3DS. However, I do want another top-down game in the future. Interestingly enough, I don’t want the stylus controls for that kind of game to die completely. By that I mean I still want to use the stylus to attack enemies and use items.

    Using the stylus to move around was a bit annoying at times, so I often found myself wishing I could just use the D-pad to move Link around. However, I really liked swiping at and tapping enemies to attack them with the sword, as well as doing things like drawing a path for the Boomerang to follow. These kept the gameplay interesting, and leaving them behind would be a bad move in my opinion.

    I would also like to see the targeting system implemented into the top-down styled Zelda. With the circle pad, strafing around enemies wouldn’t be a problem at all, and it would be extremely interesting to see how combat situations would evolve with the mechanic. I know Nintendo will most likely not do this, but I would REALLY like to see it happen. It’s a big hope of mine.

    Anyway, as far as the first Zelda 3DS goes, just give us back the non-linear exploration elements we’ve dearly missed for over a decade. By all means, keep the refinements to the combat seen in Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, as well as the improved dungeon-like overworld features from SS, but give us the freedom to explore an open world and complete dungeons in (mostly) any order we choose. At the very least, just give us back the open world. I wouldn’t mind a linear plot so long as the overworld was relatively non-linear. But Zelda’s an Adventure series. It’s not so adventurous when we’re restricted to a designated path.

  • Anonymous

    Hey! Maybe like how Motion+ controls were used for Skyward Sword, the touchscreen can be used. Imagine that the touchscreen was always angled to face directly in front of Link/the item being used, then using the touchscreen like Motion+. The sword will always be in ready position until you move or slash it. The Beetle can be guided by the touchscreen, but (optional) the motion gyros can allow you to rotate your view around the beetle without changing its flight pattern. The bow and arrow can require drawing back straight and using the Gyros to find your angle, or just change the angle by using the touchscreen.

    • JuicieJ

      We wouldn’t be able to jump or anything by using the stylus to attack. As much as I would love to do the sort of thing you suggested, it’s not tactical.

      • Anonymous

        I added how to do this, and more, in Veronica Weeler’s response.’
        We rolled in the DS games by rolling the stylus. Why not use a double-tap, where the top of the screen is forward?

        • JuicieJ

          Wouldn’t tapping be stabbing, though?

          • Anonymous

            Stab, thrust, same thing. The difference is whether or not you hit the target. Since SS Link could only stab straight forward, I thought we can double-tap an edge to jump.

            To clarify whether the spin attack is horizontal or vertical, there are two ways. You can actually draw an oval, where the wider side tells which way it will spin (Left-right iis horizontal, up-down is vertical). OR you can start the spin attack from an edge or side, and which edge/side tells you if it’s vertical or horizontal. Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise are easily, which way are you drawing the circle?

            NEW IDEA! Have you played Kingdom Hearts 3D, and used their Reality Shifts? What if Link’s Reaction commands were like KH3D’s Reality Shifts, where the controls (single-tap button, doulble-tap buttons, slash lines/curves/circles, etc) to use them appear when the command becomes available.

            For examples, mostly from Twilight Princess (every move will flash the commands in order if you can use them):

            Ending Blow: Target a downed enemy and have your sword out to activate (reveal the commands), then double-tap the top of the screen.

            Shield Attack: The Shield attack will be a Shield shaped button that appears in a corner. Tap it to bring your shield out and Shield Attack.

            Back Slice: Double-Tap a side to jump and activate this command. Perform a roll (circle the same edge once) that continues (unbroken line) into a horizontal slash.

            Helm Splitter: Use a successful Shield Attack to activate this command. Single-tap the top screen then quickly tap/slide a top-down slash.

            Mortal Draw: Have your sword sheathed, don’t lock on, and be close to an enemy in front of you to activate. Make a spiral that starts at the top and ends in the center, and only makes 360 degrees.

            Jump Strike: Activate by holding the sword straight up (same as SS beam) until charged. When charged, double-tap the top screen to Jump Strike.

            Hurricane Spin (Wind Waker): Continuously circle the stylus to start this technique, and control how you travel with the nub. If you keep this up too long, you get dizzy, but can cancel simply by not moving/lifting both the stylus and the nub.

          • Anonymous

            If Nintendo wants to do this, they can make the Hurricane Spin vertical as well. It would be similar to what Tenzin did in The Legend of Korra: . This version of the Hurricane Spin will allow him to travel straight forward very quickly, with little left/right control. If it doesn’t travel on the ground, he can use this to traverse larger gaps than normal, or cross while attacking waiting enemies, if he doesn’t get dizzy first.

    • Veronica Wheeler

      Well, slashing the sword around may damage the system (there are those who REALLY get into the games). But the Beetle one was good!! I can see that happening. I feel, as if the motion+ reference with the sword would work in osme cases. Like, completeing certain tasks with it. Ex: Drawing the sword out of the ground as in TP and SS. Or, holding down one of the buttons while using the gyros to attack which ever way you want while still having reasonable flexibility.

      • JuicieJ

        One possibility is they could use the Circle Pad Pro to emulate the MotionPlus. However, I have a feeling not many people are going to want to buy that so quickly.

        • Veronica Wheeler

          I know I would!

      • Anonymous

        By using the sword, I didn’t mean slash the 3Ds for its gyros, but the stylus. Imagine the top of the touchscreen being straight up, the center right in front. Double-tap the center to thrust, slide the stylus quickly (and through the center) to attack, hold to an edge to build a spin attack/Skyward Beam, etc. Double-tap/Circle the Stylus on an edge to jump/roll that way, respectfully. If you jump forward with the sword or other such weapon out, like the hammer, you automatically strike with it.
        The corners of the screen would have menu buttons (quest, item, etc) that expand upon tapping. Tap a corner to get out the map, another for your items. If you tap the items, a scrolling weapon list appears on the side, from which you can pull out a weapon. You can also assign “quick” items to A, X and Y (the sword automatically comes out when locked on or after a certain time of unlocked and not being used, and B is put away items). You can access these menus while Paused, or have the game pause when they’re tapped open.
        For the beetle and arrows, you can use the nub to rotate the screen. However, some people (like me) like being able to move while using ranged items like the arrows, so using gyros or the touchscreen to aim would make sense. I just thought it would be cool to have to draw the Slingshot and/or Arrows and maintain the tension and position. If we move the arrows too much, they could become ?un-nocked?, and the slingshot ammo would come out at an angle.

        • Veronica Wheeler

          That. Is a BRILIANT idea!! I like it. ANd for the arrows and being able to move while shooting: I would say using the gyros to move, and the touch screen to shoot. A tragectory arrow could appear on the top screen to show what path the arrow will take. Or, you can change the settings and take the “helpers” off?

          • Anonymous

            Gyros, as far as I know, can only rotate, meaning aim. The 3DS might be able to move Link, but then you’d need to physically move from where you’re standing. That’s why I said that the nub needs to move Link, and either gyros aim and touchscreen draws the arrow, or the touchscreen aims and fires,

            Taking the helpers off is a GREAT idea! Make it so that they ask a question if you want to learn how to use a new item, and only do their jingle if they have news for you outside of the plotline. Midna and Fi were decent in this way, since Fi told you new things (besides gaining items and a couple terrain/point of interest observances), and Midna’s mandatory remarks showed a slow change in personality.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, you meant trajectory for helpers. hehe.

            Helpers off, I think we saw something like that with the on-screen wiimote options in SS. I think that the arrow trajectory, while helpful, will only be necessary if the arrows can drop in their flight. However, we must ALWAYS have the target visible on the screen, if this weapon ends up like Kid Icarus, Uprising. However, if the bottom screen were to switch to First-Person View for such ranged weapons, and keep the top screen Third-Person, then we won’t need the target icon. We can even insure we don’t accidentally walk off an edge while using the bow!

  • person

    Many will agree with me but I think all this clamouring for ‘a return of 2d gaming’ is rubbish. Ocarina of time 3D has shown that the 3ds can output very good graphics with 3d gameplay so a new 3ds zelda game should follow this! Perhaps they could even re-use the same graphics engine of OoT 3d.

    • person

      Sorry, I meant many will disagree with me

      • Landini

        Well, either way, I agree.

    • Guest

      Thank you! I was hoping that I wasn’t the only one who thinks the whole “back to the basics” mentality is counter productive.

  • Furypenguins

    I believe the next Zelda game for 3DS, will look and play like wind waker with maybe a different mode of transport :D

  • Moriarty!!!!

    If they are going to rerelease A Link to the Past I think that should remodel it like Ocarina of Time 3DS. I understand that people like the top down games, but if you wanted a top down version of A Link To The Past the original is far from broken. I still think it looks and plays very well.

  • marill

    No…. I don’t like having to do everything with the touch screen.

    • JuicieJ

      They said that’s what it shouldn’t do in the article. They don’t want touch-screen focus.

  • mjennaro

    I think the top down, although nostalgic and important to the history of gaming, is a thing of the past. Nintendo should be developing “new” Zelda titles for the 3DS that are on the same priority as the WiiU. The 3DS has the perfect controls and graphics capabilities to make an amazing 3d Zelda title. Honestly if Nintendo were develop a new high priority Zelda title for the handheld system there sales for the 3DS would most likely skyrocket. I know I would buy one

  • Mseevers95

    “They should do another game like Zelda II or Wand of Gamelon”

    Now then I am going to hide from angry nerds that want to slice off my head with their replica Master Swords.

    • ???

      Zelda 17: Wand of the Adventure of Zelda

    • Landini

      HOW DARE YOU lump Zelda II with Wand of Gamelon !? I agree that there could be another side-scrolling game, but don’t even talk about Wand of Gamelon.

    • Ryan F. Hullstrunk

      just a fare warning, Although I’m sure you already know this, the fanbase as well as Nintendo do not consider the 3 CDI games a part of the Zelda franchise. we like to pretend they don’t exist.

  • Michael Philliber

    everyone keeps saying “games today are too easy” well there are two reasons for that. old games were made hard just to make them seem longer than they really were. and now we have npc’s to talk to, signs to read, etc. think how much easier it would be in the first LoZ if you had a few NPCs to interact with, but because of limitations they could only have the mock ups of characters. games today seem easier because we have places in them such as NPCs to find out where to go next, while older games could not have them. and no game devs base a gameplay around a story to be told instead of blank things to complete that have a story outside of the game. yes it should have levels of dificulty you can choose, but it is tiring hearing people complain about “todays” game. you want pointlessly hard, go play older games that only used it as an extension of gameplay instead of actual gameplay.

    • DekuMask

      Are you trying to say the only thing that was hard about the LoZ was trying to find the games dungeons? IMO you could use a map of the LoZ and it would still be a lot harder than Skyward sword’s hero mode.

      • Michael Philliber

        i was using it as an example lol. and by the time you get the first ring and the second sword, the game is easy as cake for me. nothing can kill me and all enemies die in one or two hits.

  • Flamebolt91

    i don’t know about the top down. i mean i prefer both 3d and top down, but i do like OoT 3D alot. i think spirit tracks needs a sequel (it’s my favorite part of the timeline) and cell-shading might look nice on the 3ds. but aside from those things i think everything here is correct. Though they probably are waiting til E3 to announce it. I wish the towns were huge. like an actually down (not really), but make it so where it could take 4 mins to traverse the town-but the objective wouldn’t take long to reach.

  • DekuMask

    They need to make a Zelda game that is mad for the hardcore Zelda fans and than add stuff for the people who want an easy game. i really wish they would stop doing it the opposite way. :/
    Zelda for life!