Cool Bits – Link is a THIEF!

DaveyDecember 25th, 2012 by Davey

I don’t know how to describe Link’s Awakening. It stands alone as a good Zelda game, but is also a mix of cameos, secrets, and tomfoolery- Nintendo style. In a recent episode of Cool Bits by GameXplain, a somewhat complicated and involved secret from Link’s Awakening is shown off which might be one of the only examples where Link isn’t shown in the hero’s light.

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The developers of Link’s Awakening must have had a good laugh or two at Nintendo EAD. We see easter eggs and other secrets in video games all the time, but this THIEF secret in Link’s Awakening is on a different level. It would be very easy to code the game in such a way that it’s impossible to steal from the shop- most games do. But the amount creativity of the development team must be pretty high to implement a way to steal an item of choice.

The only other big Zelda secret I can think of off the top of my head is the Chris Houlihan Room from A Link to the Past. It’s a little bit more secret, but to me, not nearly as clever.

What other Zelda or video game secrets can you think of? Do they trump this secret found in the Game Boy Zelda title? Tell us in the comments!

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  • YA MEH

    IM GOD

  • Heroine of Time

    …Oh. When you said it was a complicated secret, I thought it was going to be something new. I thought the THIEF “secret” was pretty well-known. I wasn’t even aware it was a secret.

    But, yes, it is creative, but I’ve never been able to bring myself to actually do it. I mean, I’ve done it before, but never saved afterward. My strict morality is the only reason I’m not 100% in Link’s Awakening DX, because I don’t have the photo that goes along with it. XD

    • Tehlul

      You mean you’ve never broken a pot in someone’s house and taken the money?
      You must be a saint!

      • Heroine of Time



        Maybe I DID steal, then… a little… okay, a lot…

        • Gaseous Snake

          Join the extreme cheepskakes club!!

  • Tryuee

    This was the first Zelda game I ever beat. Good memories. They don’t make zelda games like this anymore. Ahh the nostalgia

  • MiniJen

    When I think of Zelda secrets, the first thing I think of is the dying soldier from Ocarina of Time, and of course all of the various references to “its a secret to everyone” :)

  • hcpaki95

    Haha yeah I did this before and was like woaaahhh… angrryyyy shopkeeper.. :D

    I didn’t save after the steal, needless to say.

    • gamer2332

      I did that, too, because I wanted to try it out without everyone calling me THIEF!

  • thief

    I always steal the bow. You never need to go back into the shop again anyway. It is really annoying though, that you’re called THIEF. If they were so against it why put it in the game at all? Like already mentioned; Link going into every home and smashing pots is okay, if this isn’t? I think you should be rewarded for pulling off a trick like that, not reprimanded.

  • Naga

    dont you always steal from people in the games? wen you break teh pots? teh people dont yelll at you for breaking pots!

    • Gaseous Snake

      There are some exceptions. Like the lady in SS who makes you pay 20 rupees for breaking her stuff

    • Ryan Rodrigue

      and in wind waker the rich guy makes you pay and in MM the zora “minigame”

    • dungeonmaster

      In Skyward Sword, there’s a lady who screams at you when you do just about ANYTHING in her house. Breaking anything results in you paying what I think is a random price. She lives in Syloft and is married to that UNUSUALLY happy shopkeeper. Hmm…

  • Regent909

    There is so much money in the game, there isn’t really a need to steal anything. I can buy the the shovel before the first dungeon and the bow after the fourth. Wart’s song after the fifth and after the sixth my account is maxed out until the end of the game.

    • Linkfan99

      The main reason people do that is to get the picture that goes along with it for the side quest… Not to save money…

      • Regent909

        Hmm, I see. I must say I don’t care for the pictures. I do not even visit that stupid mouse. Also I completely ignore the color dungeon. Probably because I grew up with Link’s Awakening and not with Link’s Awakening DX.

        • littlemissgleek

          You know, if you had bothered to do the colour dungeon you could’ve gotten a coloured tunic. Red for double damage on enemies and blue for half damage on you. I think I can say it’s worth it.

          • Regent909

            Oh, but I did the color dungeon. Twice! And I say, naah, not needed. The red tunic is useless when you get the Level-2-Sword. And the blue tunic is also useless for me cos I rarely get hit. I play the game like 3 or 4 times in a year cos it’s one of my favorite games of all time. But the color dungeon? The pictures? Nah. xD

  • Hero of Time

    That shopkeeper must be REALLY steamed to kill Link for taking a bow…Insane angry shopkeeper…

  • Amber

    Penalty for stealing: DEATH!!!

    • Gaseous Snake

      Got your nose!

  • L Lawliet

    Damn, that shopkeeper is powerful! (Not to mention nasty!)

    Could this shopkeeper’s dark powers be as bad as Majora?


  • nicholasgbarbera

    Breaking into homes and breaking peoples pots and stealing their belongings. Your not a thief.
    Open other peoples treasure chests and steal their belongings.Your not a thief
    Steal ONE overpriced bow and arrow.You are a thief and your penalty, death my laser blast.
    How does this make sense?

    • Hero of Time

      Yeah, how in Hyrule does THAT make sense?

      • The Hylian Monolith

        How in Hyrule does anything make sense these days?

  • Princess Zelda


  • Rin Okumura

    It would be funny if real thieves were called “THIEF” for the rest of their lives. nah just kidding. :B

  • Dart

    I never steal it because the first time I did, while going around the village trying to avoid the shop, I managed to wander in the shop. If some of the other shopkeepers had death lasers, then Link could just get Ganon to steal from the shop and Link would win the game.

  • Link Hyrule

    OK guys, getting the something you need in Link’s Awakening: 1. go to the trendy game and whatever. 2. make sure you have 980 or 980+ rupee. 3. go to the clerk, ask him while holding a bow. 4. when the desicion: “Buy Don’t Buy” come press A, B, Start, Select, all at the same time and then a desicion to “continue or save and quit” comes up, press Quit, skip the start screens and go to your file and check your inventory, you will have whatever you wanted from the shop.

  • Triforce of Awesome

    I stole the hearts thinking it was worth it…

  • gygus

    I wonder what happens if you name your self thief will they still call you that or something elses ?

  • Legend of Zelda

    I do not have this game, so i was laughing hysterically most of the time, especially at the end when the shop-keeper kills you if you go back in.
    I’m glad Beetle doesn’t do that to you, but how many of you have ever just browsed his store in Skyward Sword and then tried to walk out?