Awkward Zombie: Dedli

What measure is a non-playable character? Are they just as valuable as Link himself, or are they as good as Moblin fodder? For that matter, how important are pictographs? Once again, Katie Tiedrich deconstructs the quirks of the Zelda series in her newest comic. As Tiedrich has noted, she has been playing through Wind Waker, hence the large volume of Wind Waker strips as of late. You can see it if you make like Mario and hit the jump.

“I guess they just need to learn that I have NEEDS and that they include 100% COMPLETION.” Tiedrich says in the blurb below the comic. Does this sound like you? Do you drop the quest at the drop of a hat in order to do a sidequest, or are you a regular determinator? We want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments.

Source: AwkwardZombie

  • starman888

    I don’t get it……. ABRAHAM LINCOLN!

    • wafflegoat

    • Rob

      The Moblin is wearing her skull.

  • Zelda-May

    NOBODY deserves to be grabbed by a floormaster… :o

    • Locke64

      When a floormaster grabs Axle the Beast, Axle takes the floormaster to the END of the dungeon.

      • Hanzilla

        Yeah, forget Chuck Norris jokes! Let’s make Axle the Beast jokes now! :)

        • Austin_NES

          Axle the beast doesn’t praise chuck Norris, chuck Norris praises axle the beast.

        • Hanzilla

          Did you hear about that Big Octo that tried to mess with Axle the Beast? It swims around with a paintbrush in its mouth now.

      • itsameluigi1290

        There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of Pokemon Axle the Beast allows to live.

    • Anonymous

      What about Blind, Oocca, other annoying characters, and difficult enemies whose disappearance unlocks the next door?
      Who’d like to see the enemies fight each other in the next Zelda game? They won’t have to do it all the time, and can switch targets to you if you’re annoying or they’re under orders (Ganon cough cough). Maybe a Deku Baba attacks a Moblin that steps/lands on it, Moblins fight each other over a piece of meat, enemy Zoras and big sea creatures that feed on them, etc. All they’d have to do is add a list of “Predator” and “Prey” or “personal bubble” to each enemy type, then add an “enemy priority” calculator, which considers which enemy is a higher danger number and how much more damage each enemy is giving it. For instance, if Zoras consider a Sea Serpent a danger level of 8 and you a 4, most of them will go after the Serpent. If you attack a Zora that’s fighting the Serpent, it’ll consider you to be slightly more dangerous and consider switching targets. Also, after a day, depending on how many enemies you killed, your base danger level will either increase or decrease (don’t kill Zoras). If it’s low enough, some of the character Zoras will talk to you, but won’t if you’re too high a threat.

  • RubyDragonCat

    Poor medli…

  • littlemissgleek

    That sounds like something I’d do. Middle of a dungeon? Runs away and fuses kinstones XD

    • Joe Joiner

      Me too!

  • VikzeLink

    For those that didn’t notice: Check the necklace of the Moblin

  • triwizard

    too bad for her! i alwys liked the rito. (although a bubble picture was kinda cool!)

  • nicholasgbarbera

    *Link defeats moblin* dun dun dun duuuuuuunnnnn!

    You got the Medli skull necklace!

    …You should probably just throw this in the middle of the ocean and pretend that this never happened…

  • Aaron hill

    whats a picto box and she must be a slow runner

    • baileygirl99

      A picto box is a camera. A very bad one with bad quality, too.

      • Aaron hill

        that makes complete sense good awnser

    • Waker of Winds

      You have never seen the horror of multiple ww stalfos in the same area

      • Aaron hill

        well i have in a game was annoying but not horrible.

  • Shadowknight1

    Ha,, Link saying “Neat” and taking a picture, someone’s been watching Futurama as well as playing Wind Waker.

  • itsameluigi1290

    Thank goodness this doesn’t happen in the actual game…

    • Waker of Winds

      eh use a pictograph statue

    • Triforce Snatcher

      oh god, then what version of the game have i been playing?

  • Charlotte

    Well, guess Link’ll never beat Ganondorf, without Medli’s harp.
    And no, I always beat the dungeon after I start it, and THEN do sidequests.

  • Tehlul

    I bet that moblins gonna be needing a nice pair of wooden shoes to go with those feathers

  • Art0fEspeonage

    Kinda makes you look back at Skull Necklaces…


  • baileygirl99

    Haha. I mean….poor Medli….no, I mean ha. This was funny!

  • Emma Mix

    Omgggggggg XD

  • The Hylian Monolith

    I loved Medli…
    But I loved my Pictograph more…
    Seriously. I have pictograms of every single boss, and all of the enemies. And several of Medli.

  • Mseevers95

    So if the moblin ate Medli and she was a sage does the Movlin become the new because he ate her?

    • Aaron hill

      probably but what about when link kills the moblin

      • Waker of Winds

        what if medlis ghost comes back and kills link?

        • Aaron hill

          that would be a new twist then who would save hyrule.

  • Dark Majora

    whos medli i never played wind waker :(

  • JeredenDonnar

    Poor medli…what an unfortunate predicament. You’d think she’d fly up as most of the bad guys are bound to the floor.

  • Waker of Winds

    Congratulations!!! You have completed you pictograph collection! Medli died, so take this picto statue and hope it fools the gods!!!!

  • lulles

    Oh my god, the skull lol

  • Lev

    (Ultra Mega Facepalm) WHO THE !@$# CAN SOMEONE LEAVE YAR FRIEND ALONE!? you know something? ived passed wind waker 6 times, and i dont even care about what happens to medli or makar… for me makar will be ok.

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