13 Ways to Die in Zelda

TimothyDecember 25th, 2012 by Timothy

Video gaming site Machinima has uploaded a YouTube video detailing the original Legend of Zelda by showing 13 unrealistic ways in which you could die in the game. This specially designed video also implements a classic retro twist to it and you may notice certain Nintendo and arcade characters make a cameo appearance fighting against our hero, Link.

You can view these unique never-before-seen 13 ways to die in the original Legend of Zelda after the jump!

Source: YouTube

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  • JuicieJ

    Saw this a few days ago and lol’d hard. XD

    • firecrb

      Well ya ZE made this. He’s good at dyeing

    • MsNerrrrrd

      Who wouldn’t XD?

  • linkypete

    And the heroes fought day and night, never noticing that zelda’s face was ripped off by an angry group of lemmings…

  • hcpaki95

    Lol at Sonic’s failed attempt xD
    AHAHAHA omg I died when Alltp’s Link fought with the original Link for Zelda xD
    …and Zelda’s face was ripped off by an angry group of lemmings. :D

  • Debora


  • Vaati101

    The video is on the right hand side because of the picture’s size. Shrink it down so I can see all of the video please.

  • Amber

    I thought this was going to be literal, kind of disappointing…

  • ThePieOfTruth

    i like the combination of nes and snes music at the end. it worked out quite well!

  • spidertiger7


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