Zelda Races: Kikwi

HanyouNovember 3rd, 2012 by Hanyou

The Kikwi are the first race you encounter in Skyward Sword, and in a lot of ways, they set the tone for the races throughout the game. They don’t seem particularly intelligent, they’re not graceful, and they look like a primitive version of indeterminate species from subsequent games.

This also lends them a sort of dignity by default, though, as they’re an ancient, probably extinct race, grandparents of countless important successors. Their willingness to help Link–after he does a few favors for them, of course–also makes them an important part of the game’s story, inseparable from its beautiful landscape. More than any other race in Skyward Sword, they seem to define, and are defined by, their region, but they have clear limitations, too.

They’re undeniably cute, of course, with hedgehog-like traits and a close visual association with the forest. Unfortunately, their role is mostly forgettable, acting mostly as item dispensers. The story could probably function without them. They’re somewhat lazy, maybe by choice, but probably due to physical limitations. With no means to defend themselves and limited mobility, they come across as helpless. They’re easily crippled in the wrong type of climate, and this might be their defining characteristic. Characters like the leader Bucha undergo no real development over the course of the game, but they are willing to help however they can in the first place, an honorable trait.

If the Kikwi ever show up with an increased role in future games (unlikely given their place in the timeline), perhaps their physiology or personality could be used to greater effect. As things stand, they’re simply part of the rich landscape, an essential pitstop at key points in the game, and a nice distraction from more serious or difficult elements of the environment.

What do you think of the Kikwi? Do you think their role is too limited, or is it perfect for the game? Share your thoughts below.

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    • Skull Kid 57

      You know, no one really enjoys people who say first so please stop.

    • Linkfan99

      wow, 5 dislikes in 34 minutes. These people need to learn when to stop.

      • Rob

        And 16 in three hours…

    • H37I

      with a username like that, the blue shell will always hunt you down. may they have mercy on your poor soul…

  • Skull Kid 57

    I think the kikwis were underdeveloped. I think if they did more with Faron Woods in general than they would be more well done and finished but after the Ancient Cistern, I never really returned except for the Song of the Hero. However, what was done with them and a good evolutionary start to the forest races in Zelda.

  • VikzeLink

    I think that the Kikwi is actually Deku Tree Seeds that will grow up to Deku Trees in the future

    • Skull Kid 57

      A good theory, but remember that Deku Tree seeds were seen in Windwaker so most likely the Kikwis are not seeds.

  • Guest

    Half of the new races in SS were underdeveloped and underutilized. The Mogmas and Ancient Robots were used to great effect, but the Kikwi and especially the Parella were given such little importance that they felt unnecessary. It’s a shame, because before the game was released I kept thinking of all the potential these new character designs might hold for plot depth or gameplay mechanics, but they largely fell flat.

    • Darkgreyfire

      I agree. It seemed like nintendo just wanted to create new races, instead of bringing back the Zora and Kokiri. But if you’re going to do that, you have to give them a background, or at least give them some point in the story, other than to progress it. They could have just stayed with past races, and it would have worked out better. Because we already know their history.

      • Skull Kid 57

        Yeah I think the way they introduced the Ikana people was excellent and a good thing to compare to. They were extremely fleshed out, major importance to the plot, interesting backstory, and a great area to live. Nintendo has done well introducing some races and if they plan to do more, they need to do it right.

      • Imnotinsane0312

        Now, well, this game – Skyward Sword – was told to go behind OOT in TLoZ-timeline, so my theory, maybe, would be that the Kikwi race has somehow connection to the Kokiri, and then on and on. But think on the timeline before you say “we already know their history” TRUE! By all means, that’s 100% true! But what I’m trying to say is that SS is set before everything, and that should delete our memory while we play SS.
        …. I mean.. I’m just sayin’

        • Philip Kunhardt

          Hyrule Historia says the Parella become the Zora, which makes perfect sense to me – unlike other tribes, they’ve sworn allegiance to all three Golden Goddesses over the timelines: as Parage/Parella, they worshipped Farore through Faron, the Water Dragon. As Zora, they gained electrical abilities, as they switched over their allegiance to Nayru via Lanayru the Thunder Dragon, and then to Jabu-Jabu (another water/electric entity); the Zora emblem is also clearly tied to Nayru’s Symbol. As Rito, they switched over allegiance to the Sky Dragon Valoo, and thus to Din through Valoo (Din’s Pearl is a key clue, as is Valoo’s fire breath and the Rito’s connection with the Earth Temple, where Din is worshipped).

          Also, Kyuei/Kikwi are in my personal canon the ancestors of the Kokiri. Great Tree? Check. Elder has big mustache? Check. Cute and whimsical forest spirits connected with wood? Check. Also, it would make sense that they all donned the Green of fields and modeled their tunics off of Skyward Sword Link’s outfit, since he saved them time and time again. ;)

    • http://www.facebook.com/jahchild101 Seth Taylor Moore

      I agree. Though the Ancient Robots and Parella annoyed me more than the rest. The Kikwis likely became the Kokiri and then the Koroks, so they are *technically* around in other games, just in different forms. And I think the Mogmas bear a lot of resemblance to the hooded folks of Subrosia, perhaps suggesting that they migrated their and donned hoods sometime after Skyward Sword.

      But the Parella don’t fit at all. They are too different from Zora to be Zora, and besides, the Zora appear to be immigrants from Labrynna. But what happened to the Parella? They were so useless that they could go extinct or evolve into fish or… go feral and become Octorocks? Except that the Octorocks already exist on land, whey they could have easily been Deku. Grrrr… This lack of continuity is frustrating.

      And then the robots, where do they come into play? They fit in the past, as they were obviously part of a great Human civilization that fell into ruin and then disappeared into the heavens entirely, but they aren’t really a race. I guess I don’t like their Battle Droid-esque personalities, where they acted like sentient organisms and yet were machines. Nintendo should have brought out the machineness a lot more with them to make them distinct.

      • canyonheatblast

        i think a parella and a hylian uh “married” and gave birth to a parella/hylian hybrid called a zora.

      • Philip Kunhardt

        Hyrule Historia confirmed Parage/Parella became the Zora. Obviously the Zora in Labrynna evolved from Parella prior to Queen Ambi’s rule. The Past timeline was only 400 years prior to A Link to the Past, remember, which had to be centuries ahead, still from Ocarina of Time, even in the Downfall Timeline. I believe A Link to the Past is supposed to be on timeline par with Four Swords Adventures; which post-dates Twilight Princess, and that happens centuries after Ocarina of Time.

        So, turn back the centuries, and Queen Ambi ruled well after Skyward Sword, giving plenty of time for the Parella to turn into Zora in time for both Oracle of Ages and Ocarina of Time.

  • Darkgreyfire

    I really didn’t care for them as the main race you deal with in the forest area. They got annoying after a while because they were basically helpless idiots. Although having them live along side another race like the Kokiri, and playing more of a minor role, I would gladly welcome them back into another game.

    • demonkikwi

      I agree. The kikwi got on my nerves more than navi. I would rather have a forest full of Tingles, than have Zelda bring the kikwi back.

      • Darkgreyfire

        “forest full of Tingles” now that’s more creepy than annoying.

  • Ninty

    lmao Omg… that Kikwi… He just looks like a big pair of balls to me.

    Anyway, I hope there’ll be more depth to the main races next game, or a variety for each region instead of the enemies only being more various. According to this one RUMOR article I read, the next big Zelda game will be really huge, so I hope the world is more developed as well as the races, but it’s hard to say given Nintendo considers story last.

    Here’s the RUMOR article: http://wiiudaily.com/2012/09/wii-u-zelda-game-coming-2014/

    • Blackbaldrik

      Ah, Zelda rumors…
      More abundant than sand on a beach.

    • OcarinistOfTime

      OMG OMG OMG!!! This sounds AMAZING!! Thank you, Ninty! I just hope they aren’t dreaming too big and end up taking all the best stuff out like TP, WW, MM…. OoT… oh this is bad.

      • Ninty

        hehe Well, remember it’s a rumor. We won’t know what to expect for sure ’till Nintendo shows us themselves. ..Or until artwork is leaked like with Skyward Sword before they decided to go with an impressionist art style.

  • JuicieJ

    Kikwis are the most adorable Zelda race ever. I love those guys.

    • machi

      kwee thank you

    • blueocarina

      IKR, I wish they sold kikwi plushies. I’d buy all of them.

      • crb

        they do just look on ebay, amazon, or google you’ll find something

    • The Dark Lord Demise

      Yep love them :)


    Machi: Kwee

  • triforce

    Kikwis are the Ewoks of the zelda series and I wish I could kick Ewoks off of cliffs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Best/100003863840372 James Best

    Are they plant or are they animal?

    • Zelda4Life

      Flora or fauna?

    • Darkgreyfire


      • H37I

        lol, that answer cleared up so much for me, thanks! :D

  • Zelda4Life

    First time my dad saw the Kikwis get startled from seeing Fi, he couldn’t stop laughing. As for me, I think Kikwis are hilarious and adorable. The leader, Bucha….. well….. I thought he was just strange.

  • DarkMachi

    Hmm, DarkMachi thought you meet Mr. Gorko (Goron) just before meeting the Kikwis, but DarkMachi might be being a bit nit picky. . . hehe :3
    DarkMachi loves the Kikwis! Favorite being Machi of course, hehe.

  • The Hylian Monolith

    “I can confirm with only 40% accuracy that this person is a plant…”

    I love you, Fi. And Oolo…I love you, too.

    But I love Yerbal more. Don’t tell Ooloo…It’s a secret to everybody.

  • H37I

    the one line repeated many times by the entire race. “Kew, kew.”

  • Rob

    I love it when they scream! Kweeee!!!

    • Shadow Princess


      • Rob

        They are scared of everything, especially Fi.
        Fi: Master Link, this creature has a strong resemblance of Zelda.
        Every Kikwi’s response: Kweeee!

        • Shadow Princess

          I know. And it is cute, but saying you like the sound of screaming? It disturbs me.

    • demomkikwi

      I feel the same way about your mom.

  • http://twitter.com/Driorianos Kirsten

    I think either their cowardice made them run from the humans settling, or they didn’t make past the skyloft age. :/

  • iKhan

    I hate Kikwi’s. They are the embodiment of everything wrong with the quests in Skyward Sword. They are ALL fetch quests. Unlike in every other Zelda games, the Kikwi’s and many other races in Skyward Sword are incredibly tongue-in-cheek, and don’t really have legitimate problems that a hero would fix. Instead, they have simple chores for Link to do.

    • Calanekeeps

      Not all the quests in SS are fetch quests (Pipit and Karane, Cleaning Pipit’s Mom’s House, Lumpy Pumpkin Quest, Bug Island quest, Saving Kukiel, Peatrice quest, and probably something else I’m not thinking of) and I think the “they don’t really have legitimate problems that a hero would fix” speaks more about Link’s character in the game. He’s a really helpful and nice dude. He’ll help even if it’s something trivial and insignificant. I think you’re overreacting, good sir.

    • OcarinistOfTime

      “legitimate problems that a hero would fix.” Have you ever played a Zelda game? To my knowledge side quests in LoZ have never been truly significant endeavors. I mean, help my chickens ran away, I need eye drops, and my son wants a mask like that. Aren’t those all things normal people would do on their own? Link’s quests have never all been legendary chronicles of the Hero’s preparations to face evil, most of them are just there for heart pieces and empty bottles.

      • iKhan

        Thats why I didn’t say side quest. I’m referring to required quests in the main story. Link’s main quests have always been chronicles of a Hero’s preparations to face evil. Consider why he enters most dungeons: to save someone or something, or to fix a huge problem to society. Same with other main quests like awakening and protecting new Earth and wind sages, or saving a Zora prince’s life.

  • Kikwi Link


  • BlackRaven6695

    I love the Kikwi Elder’s laugh. Hoh, hoh, hoh!

  • Silver Arrowz

    I much preferred the kikwi over the parella, mostly becauseof their inclusion in sidequests. If there was one conserning the parella, then I’d like them better.
    The Ancient Robots and Mogma absolutely MUST appear in another game. I love their attitudes.

    • joshcv11

      for some reason all of the new races in SS dissapointed me. there wasnt much depth to them as there was in past games. there were only 5 kikwi’s, not like a whole race or city of them.

  • Mseevers95

    Really I think that the Kikwi might have been an early form of the Kokiri. Like how the Parella were probably an early form of Zora.

    • soulofstorms

      The kokiri actually have more of a resemblance to the hylian race

    • canyonheatblast

      i think somehow a sentient deku tree sprouted and used its power to transform the kikwi into the kokiri to blend in as the hylians to save the kikwi’s disadvantages such as in the article like less mobility and other stuff.

  • Lady Midna


  • PoeSoulFeelers

    I love Kikwis. When I first played this and saw them, I was like “AWWWWWW”. And then when i met the bigger Kikwi, i thought it ws odd. Have you also nooced that the big Kikwi has like. A butt?

  • Legend of Zelda

    GEW GEW!!!!

  • Legend of Zelda

    The first time i ever saw the elder kikwi, the first thought that went through my head was “OMG IT”S A GIANT BUTT!!!”

  • TwilightMirror11

    Thank god Link’s there in that picture covering up his… um…

  • Amber Evans

    I think their adorableness makes up for what they lack.

    They should bring them back – Link doesn’t always stay in the same place.

    They should have them by almost exstinct, but in hiding so Link finds them and helps them live again.

    They could be like the Kokiri, I mean, in WW the Korok were the Kokiri, or became them or something like that.
    The Kikwi could be the first version of them….?

  • Link-The-Chosen-Hero-Of-Time

    I liked them.

  • ganons death

    the kikwi’s aren’t the first race shown in skyward sword
    it goes skyloftians, then the gorons, then the kikwi

  • adumb

    i liked the mogmas more, one thing i would like to know though, is how the gorons settled on death mountain? in a few games such as skyward sword, and windwaker the are kinda nomads and you find them in random enviroments. another thought is, where are the zoras? anyways, since the gorons are the only reaccuring race in skyward sword they must be a very ancient and resiliant race

  • adumb

    i went a wee bit off the topic there…. sorry =P

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001178580022 Silje Haugli

    They’re the cutest race ever!! And Bucha is just awesome

  • Omega

    my father thought these kikwi were so ridiculous, that he could hardly stop laughing at the sight of them. I think they’re pretty nice and weird and very funny. somewhat adorable-except bucha and fit their roles

  • Yerbal


  • Neutopia

    There roll is definitely limited, but not as much as the water tribe in the game, seems like the races in Skyward Sword didn’t do to well compared to the other games, they were much less memorable.