Z-Talk: The Zelda Dungeon Podcast #27

Din AkeraNovember 24th, 2012 by Din Akera

Welcome back to Z-Talk. We have another podcast for you with the regular assortment of community, mailbag, and Keaton Quiz questions. We also have some Zelda discussion on forms of travel, including through time! Be sure to tell us your thoughts on this podcast in the discussion thread!

1:31 – Community Tip
3:40 – Legendary Reflections: Flying versus Sailing By Colonel-Majora
13:51 – Community Question of the Month
19:00 – Din and Rish’s Mailbag
28:31 – Time Travel Question by Tman77z
35:06 – Rish’s Rant
37:38 – Keaton Quiz: Contestants TatlTails and Trollface Triforce
52:35 – Bloopers

What did you think about the podcast this month? Do you prefer flying or sailing? Why? What is your answer to the community question of the month? How did you answer the questions posed on the mailbag? Do you have an answer to the crazy timeline issues? How do you feel about people having preferences of Zelda games? Could you answer the questions on the Keaton Quiz before our contestants?

Join the conversation! There are a lot of ways that you can get involved with Z-Talk if you would like to take part. First and foremost, you can send in your own submission to Z-Talk. Is there something about Zelda or the Zelda Dungeon Community you want to talk about on the podcast? You should check out the How to Make Your Own Podcast Segment Thread on our forums and get in touch with Rish and I by email, on the ZD forums, or by Skype (contact: din_akera). You can also record your voice and send in a question to Din and Rish’s mailbag, or if you would prefer to have us read your question for you, send it in text to our email. If you would rather have us ask you the questions you can sign up to be a contestant on the Keaton Quiz in our forum sign up! Or if you have a question you want to be asked to a guest on the Keaton Quiz you can email the question and answer to us and listen for your question on upcoming Keaton Quizzes!

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  • JuicieJ

    Both sailing and flying aren’t that great, but at least the flying has actual gameplay. The sailing is just sitting there watching the boat sail along with very little happening. The flying also has very little happening, but you actually have to take action with it to get from place to place. The sailing isn’t stimulating from a gameplay standpoint at all, whereas the flying takes effort, even if not very much. The flying isn’t that great, but it’s infinitely better than the sailing. Flying is mediocre, sailing is god-awful.

  • The Hylian Monolith

    Ogh, isn’ttaht funny. I was going way back and waching podcasts from yearrs ago this morning,wishing a new one would come up… and the next time I check the home page, here you are. Perfect timing, Din and Rish.

    On another note, you don’t actually have to put this on a podcast( I’m sending in a voice question one of these days with my real question), but how do you pronounce Akera? It’s been bothering me for a while now. Flying wins with me, I won’t go into itor I’ll risk ranting.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DIN!!! I don’t have a forum account…I make one and spam the B-day stuff!

  • Clemens909

    how.. do you time these so good? last time I said that I have a deliver job. I deliver every sunday and this week Ill be bizzy all day. again you time it to the morning I am going to start working :)

  • Mystery Piano Man

    Hello? Oh, hi granny!!

    • TrollfaceTriforce

      Now that was an awkward moment for my good self…

  • rulerofyourface

    Haha, in both the first and second segment Dinn’s views are completely polar to that of the fanbase haha

  • TrollfaceTriforce

    Yes, I failed. I was close, but i failed. I could have ascended, but that BLANK MOMENT OF EVIL clouded my mind, those many months ago. I had just completed the game as well, discrace to myself and my family. I also messed up my banter, which was AWFUL, and my phone went off, and my dad was in hospital, and..
    Good Result :-D
    “I’ll be back”

  • baileygirl99

    You guys are great. I couldn’t listen to the entire thing because I was busy, so if you gave me a shoutout….I didn’t hear it. If you didn’t give me a shoutout at all….could you please? Pretty please? Ok now I’m sounding desperate…maybe I sould make a segment for shout outs….that would be kinda strange, but I will look into that. Man this is an embarrassing comment :-)

  • mastersword427

    thanks for answering my question din and rish. also happy birthday din. and trollface, YOU HAD IT MAN!!! WHAT HAPPENED?

  • OOW

    So I have an account on the forums but how do i use my account in the comments above/below posts?

  • MetroAndroid

    I can’t even remember the Sky flying theme while I can sing the Wind Waker sailing theme easily

  • MetroAndroid

    Do you dislike Wind Waker’s cel shading because of personal preference or actual reasons?
    Also, the pig mask is the mask of scents~

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